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Healing, Miracles, Signs and Wonders:

Hearing God’s Voice and the Prophetic:


28/06/06 – God Calling More Christians to the Third World?
30/6/06 – Spare Time, Spare Change…
02/07/06 – Jesus Came Not To Make Us Comfortable
04/07/06 – A Radical Message from a Radical Preacher
10/07/06 – Josef Tson and the Christian’s Call to Suffer and Sacrifice for Christ
12/07/06 – Following Jesus = Leaving Behind = Suffering

Politics & Social Justice (Poverty, Homosexuality, etc.):
12/06/06 – The Motorcycle Diaries and the Making of a Revolutionary

06/07/06 – The Lucky Sperm Club
27//07/06 – Hating Singapore’s Pragmatism
03/08/06 – The Hypocrisy of International Development Practitioners

TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages):

01/06/06 – My Very First Post – Youthful Idealism…

04/06/06 – Global Day Of Prayer 2006 and Unity
08/06/06 – Respecting Your Elders and Submitting to Authorities
19/07/06 – The Outsider

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  1. Recently we hosted a Joan Hunter healing school in our home and saw healings by practicing what she instructed on her DVD’s.
    Then we invited her to our church for 3 days of teaching and miracles. The healings were authenticate 3 days later by testimony. She stresses that ‘We” are to lay hands on the sick and pray over them and we should do that every where we go.

    Check out Joan

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