Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Technician (DHT) training course

I recently finished all 19 sessions of Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Technician (DHT) course (downloadable from here) and I’ve been so impressed by what I learned (I finished it in just over a week) that I’ve decided to go through the series again and share some notes and reflections.

Let me give you a bit of context as an introduction to this series. God first changed my life in around 1995 in an Assembly of God church and I remember that I started to read and watch Kathryn Kuhlman (I bought some old videos of her miracle crusades) and Benny Hinn and was simply amazed at how God used them to heal people in their meetings. Benny Hinn and Kathryn Kuhlman conducted mass healing crusades. In their healing services, they preach the Word to build up faith and worship till the “anointing” comes then pray for healing from the platform. People get healed and come up to the platform to testify of God’s miraculous healing. Many people also “fall under the power” as they pray for people on stage. Around this time, the Toronto Blessing came to Singapore and I was again amazed at the manifestations (falling, laughter, etc.) I saw (I never experienced any personally) during that time – especially when Rodney Howard-Browne came to Singapore.

While interest in these charismatic leaders and phenomena slowly faded as I explored the world of the Reformed faith (Calvinism), social justice and then more progressive and post-evangelical (not liberal) theology, I never ceased to be a charismatic at heart. I would occasionally speak in tongues, but I never thought I could move in healing or prophecy or the power of the Spirit or the anointing of the Spirit like those big shot charismatics. I’m just not gifted in this area, I thought.

About 2 years ago, I was introduced to Bill Johnson’s ministry and that’s transformed my thinking. He’s teaching people to do the stuff Jesus did – to go out to the streets and heal the sick. It’s not only for the elite Christians (the Benny Hinns and Kathryn Kuhlmans) to do this, but for every Christian. Learning from him was instrumental in changing my mind to think that maybe I don’t need to be a superstar Christian to do all this. You and I could do it too. After all, so many people who’s been trained under him and his church people have been doing the stuff on the streets!

The conference I attended recently has also furthered my interest in healing and renewed my interest in the Vineyard heritage. John Wimber, a founder of the Vineyard movement/churches, was probably one of the first prominent leaders of recent times (the last 20-30 years) to teach that every Christian can do the stuff and heal – that’s one of the distinctives of Vineyard.  Bill Johnson is probably the successor to Wimber in the sense of his great influence today in equipping the church (lay people) to heal.

An even earlier pioneer of this view of equipping the saints to do the stuff Jesus did was John G Lake (1870 – 1935). In 1915, Lake started training Christians to heal – he called them Divine Healing Technicians (DHTs). From 1915 to 1920, Lake and his DHTs reported over 100,000 confirmed healings. He also started the first Healing Rooms which inspired the later formation of hundreds of Healing Rooms all over the world, four of which are located in Singapore (these healing rooms are not affiliated with the John G. Lake Ministries and actually operate according to a slightly different healing philosophy from them – they’re more in line with say Bill Johnson’s view on healing).

Let me just say that it is a big deal when you have people like Lake, Wimber and Johnson believing in equipping the church to do the stuff Jesus did. There are many great men and women of God who moved in the miraculous, but it’s something else for these leaders to be able to teach others to do the same things they do and the same things Jesus did. John G Lake reproduced himself, unlike many great men of God. When I see Benny Hinn, I stand in awe of him (yes, there are lots of flaws in him but God uses him mightily). You hear wonderful things about Smith Wigglesworth too. But these people take center stage and don’t teach others to do what they do. And you get the feeling (at least I did and I think many people do) that you’re just not anointed and gifted like they are and probably would never be able to do what they do – and that somehow the promises of Jesus of healing the sick and all are for people like them, and not ordinary people like you and me. You also get the feeling that such wonderful miracles would only take place in an atmosphere for healing where the anointing is strong and all – it probably wouldn’t happen without such an atmosphere like on the streets or in the supermarket! But when I look at Lake, Wimber and Johnson’s ministry, it’s so different. Your perspective changes. When I look at the impact they have had on other normal Christians like me, I begin to have hope that I don’t have to be a big shot to be used mightily of God.

So what about Curry Blake? Well, he is the overseer of the John G. Lake Ministries and he’s one of the foremost authorities on John G. Lake. He is also the successor to Lake that Lake prophesied about. Now, I don’t really care about all this except that if John G. Lake was one guy used so mightily of God to recover the vision that every Christian can heal and Blake is his prophesied successor carrying out the same vision (Blake has trained tens of thousands of DHTs who are seeing tens of thousands of healings per month), I think Blake would have something to teach us. Furthermore, if it’s true that he has one of the highest success rates of healings (this is what I read about – I always take things with a pinch of salt, yet am open), then maybe he has some important insights to share that I want to know.

Bill Johnson’s hero is also John G. Lake – unsurprisingly since Bill Johnson’s ministry also involves training people to heal. The very interesting thing for me is that Curry Blake actually teaches certain things on healing that are different from Bill Johnson. I’ve learned a lot from Johnson and will continue to do so but I feel Blake has taken me to another level of faith through just one week of listening to him and recognizing where he differs from Johnson and how I can learn from such differences.

A bit on New Creation Church here. I think New Creation’s view (theology) of healing is actually closer to Blake than it is to Johnson. The difference I see between Blake and New Creation is twofold. Firstly, Blake equips members to practice healing which New Creation doesn’t really do, as I’ve mentioned here. Secondly, from my observation, I don’t see a lot of healings in New Creation for a huge mega-church of 20,000 – as compared to the reported tens of thousands of healings by DHTs. I guess the low numbers are not surprising because members aren’t taught to heal. Even in their healing meetings, you don’t see many being healed. Now, I know what I just said is going to get me in trouble. But that’s my honest assessment and observation. It’s not an indictment upon New Creation because I love the church and the church is gifted in other areas like the teaching of grace. I don’t see the prophecy supposedly given to Pastor Prince that the church would be a miracle/healing center fulfilled just yet – but I hope it does in future and I hope we see all Christians in New Creation being equipped to do healing because New Creation has a fantastic foundation (the message of grace) to build on for people to start moving out in healing. Having said that, I do note that most churches don’t see a lot of healing anyway so it’s not as though New Creation is odd. But I’m not going to pretend that I don’t wonder why I see so few healings in New Creation (for a church of 20,000, I stress). Bill Johnson and Curry Blake grew in their healing ministry because they first acknowledged that the results they were seeing wasn’t good enough – it wasn’t up to the standard they saw in the Bible. If we want to learn, improve and grow in any area, I think the first thing is to be dissatisfied with status-quo, not be comfortable with it. I want to be honest enough to acknowledge that if Jesus said we all can heal the sick like Lake, Wimber, Blake, Johnson (and even Pastor Joseph Prince) believe, then surely there ought to be more healings than I’ve been seeing in the past 2 years in New Creation and in the church in general. In Blake’s and even Johnson’s ministry, healings are taking place like nobody’s business. I’m here to learn from people like them and find out why there’s such a difference between what’s proclaimed that can happen because of Christ and His finished work and what actually happens.

My thinking is very simple. If the Bible says that we shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, if we’re called to go out and heal the sick, if Jesus says we can do his works – and even greater works because He goes to the Father and He’s given the Holy Spirit to us – if it says all this, then something is wrong in Christianity today because we’re simply not seeing the kind of results that the Bible says we can see or should be seeing. It’s very simple. It’s either that there’s something wrong with the Scriptures or with our interpretation of it or with us – our faith or unbelief or whatever.

And so I’m on this journey and open to learn from different people on healing – especially those that see results and train people to see results. That’s why I’m very attracted to Blake’s take on healing and that’s what I hope to share in future posts.

PS: Curry Blake’s teachings on healing can be found on this healing resources page.

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  1. I also went through the 16+ hour, 170MB, 19 part audio teaching series Divine Healing Training, by Blake. I have done a 47 pg. analysis on his teaching, including transcriptions, portions and excerpts, as well as some of my own notes and studies relating to the teaching. As he makes some significant claims, if what he is saying may be validated, there is much to be learned from this ministry in the area of divine healing.

    The only thing I would like to see, that I have yet to hear or see, is a great deal of proof verifying his claims OUTSIDE of those coming from his own mouth or ministry. Usually (I would think), if over 70,000 people were healed in a 5 year time span, and 30,000 were being healed monthly through that same ministry now (through those who have been trained, the DHTs [such is his claim]), that we would hear or be able to read more about it. It was actually in searching for independent sources as proof verifying these claims that I stumbled across your post. Thus far online I haven’t been able to find any testimonies outside of those given by Blake himself and those found coming from his own ministry, or those websites/ministries simply recirculating Blake and his ministry’s materials, testimonies, etc. to validate his claims. There are a whole lot of “discernment ministries” criticizing him (of which I am not a supporter), but I have been unable to find any positive healing testimonies published as independent of his ministry. If you can find any, I bet there are quite a few out there (like myself) who would be interested in reading them, because it would significantly help to validate (at least as far as the online community goes) his claims in regards healings. (The scripture says [2 Corinthians 13:1], “In mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses shall every word be established.”)

      1. Will, I agree with you. you are wise. If you are willing would you kindly send me an e-mail of your 47 pg. report? I’m also Interested to know more about DHT. I believe there is much to be learned from this ministry in the area of divine healing. Hope to here from you. Thanks.
        My e-mail is

    1. I would love to receive your analysis on Blake Curry’s Healing teachings if possible. I would really appreciate it. I have a heart to pray for the sick & see them recover & know Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, & forever! His power remains in us believers via our precious Holy Spirit which empowers us to lay hands on the sick in Jesus’ name (Jesus said we would do & see even greater things than He) & see them recover & be made well & whole for God’s glory & a testimony to Him & what Jesus already did at the whipping post & the cross! Thank you Lord!!! May God continue to get all of the glory for all healings that occur in His name as long as they line up with The Holy Word of God!

    2. Hey man I’d like to get this analysis also, could you send to macolnmail *at* yahoo *doot* ca

      Thanks so much!

    3. hi bro.
      i have been following the teachings of bill johnson for almost an year now. and i am seeing miracles and healing happening in every meetings. However, i am hungry for more as people are in bondage. Now i started hearing curry blake. Kindly forward me the analysis that u have made on his teachings to my mail

    4. Will, I would also like to receive your 47 pg. analysis on Curry Blake’s teaching. I recently discovered and have started on Divine Healing Technician Training, Tape 1/2/3/4 John G Lake Ministries. The rest of the tapes can be found thru this one. I guess it’s the same course as you did? My email address is marliek at live dot nl. Thank you very much.

    5. HI, I read your reflection and would be also interested to get your report! It will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    6. Yes, we need to have more introspection asto why some succeed and others do not and if there are ways to improve (I am sure there are lots) since John’s gospel says that there would not be enough places or books to write all that Yeshua/Jesus did and we are left with much unsaid; the legacy Yeshua handed orally and through tradition has been diluted or misplaced etc over the years.
      We are however guided by God’s Spirit and we who seek will find. If we love our brother as we love ourselves, then we must be prepared to share the good news.
      Praise God for all the people with many gifts of the Holy Spirit He chooses to bring grace upon grace to us all. He is so great and generous and gracious to us all. In thanksgiving we choose to operate in His Kingdom and for its growth.

      I would love your 47 page comment/report if you would so kind to share it. my id is

      Thanking you in advance.

    7. Why do you have to wait for a validation of Blake’s assertions and teaching before believing what the Bible says? He is only doing what Jesus commands us to do? Do you believe the Bible? Do you believe Jesus? If you do then go out and touch others with His Spirit residing in you. You don’t need to read a report or validation of someone about another Christian obeying the commandments of Jesus before you step out in faith. Believe Jesus! Take His word for it and just do it!
      (in childlike simplicity!)

    8. Hi Will,
      I did all three DHTs by Curry Blake (Doncaster, Seattle, Denver) and actually listening portions of these more than once. With an AOG background, I stumbled upon the Grace message thru Andrew Womack Ministries Int’l (AWMI). I heard about AW’s book, “God Wants You Well.” All of Andrew’s teaching are free to listen to online at So, I started listening & got healed of a bad back & an issue of blood. I started laying hands in others! Clearly A.W. got me off to a good start (40%), but I just didn’t see the results I desired for others. After the 3 DHTs I have seen 70-80%. I am close to finishing 1st yr DBI online, taught by Curry. DHT is one level, DBI is an entire new level! The man knows his business! My healings are ranging 35-40/month. But that’s prob a bit low, I’m full time 3rd yr ministry student at Charis Bible College, & DBI online. I’m just not out in the marketplace as often as I would like. The key to healing is: just do it. Do it often and the results will increase! Blessings.

    9. Hello,
      I happened to find Blake Curry through Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” program. This teaching that all Christians can and are to be as Jesus was on earth (and even do greater) was such an elevator to my understanding of the power we actually have at our disposal and our duty to use it. I found that Curry’s home base church is in Plano, TX, not far from me. So I started attending and every single service has the invitation for all who need healing to come up and be prayed for. Sometimes there are 50 people who go up, sometimes less. But I am an eyewitness to those healed there who later, on mic, tell of their healing. Every time. I also, not yet a certified DHT, but a listener of the 19 videos on their website teaching this, go out almost daily, and when I see someone sick or crippled in some way, ask them if I can pray for them. I have witnessed healings for many now, and I’m getting better at this. A woman completely bent over in half stood up straight after I commanded healing in Jesus’ name as taught. And much more. I will never have the back-up you seek, but it is true. And whether you get this paperwork or not, the Word of God still works today.

  2. Hi Will,

    Thanks for your sharing :) I think what you’re looking for is good. I know that Bill Johnson said once that there’s one person in his church that records all the healings that take place. Of course this is probably much more feasible for Bethel Church than for JGLM, which doesn’t seem to be a huge or well-funded organization. The JGLM seems very low-key – which can be good because I don’t think Curry is out for attention. I think his strong convictions and views – and his desire to keep the teachings “pure” because of its difference from those of other big names – means he’s probably not invited to big conferences and perhaps isn’t on that great a relationship with other ministers involved in healing. I can understand how in a small organization validating his claims would be difficult. However, I agree with you that it’s important to so to gain more credibility.

  3. Hi, I had the opportunity of attending in person Curry Blake’s DHT when he was drove all the way from Texas to Bellingham, Washington. I live in Vancouver, Canada and read about John G lake and Curry Blake. It was divine intervention that brought me and my husband to the internet searching for healing ministries and learning from people who are walking according to what Jesus commanded. At the DHT training, I happened to sit next to a lady, whose niece was healed through prayers and laying of hands by Curry Blake. She told me that her niece was on her death bed and doctors had told her parents to prepare themselves for it. They heard about the ministry through a neighbour and called him (yes, people call him and he answers and prays with them during break time or even stops halfway just to pray with them). He drove down to their home (remember he does not know them but was willing to go because the Holy Spirit instructed him to do so) which was a few miles away to pray and lay hands on the child. The girl is alive today and the aunt, who is attending the DHT with me, is so filled with love and awe for God through this miracle that she flew to Washington to learn what she needed to be obedient to the Lord’s command “go heal the sick, the blind, cast out demons, raise the dead”

    I have also been learning Bill Johnson’s teachings and one of his student Jason Westerfield, whom I met at another conference “SuperNautural” by Patricia King really amazed me. I have learnt so much from them and like you said brought both my husband and I to a different level. At this point in our journey, we are no longer afraid to pray and lay hands on anyone we meet. We do just what He commanded and leave Him to do the rest.

    It is really encouraging to hear that more and more Christians are awakening to the call of our Lord!

    Praise the Lord!! Keep up the longing and cry for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and be blessed every day.

    1. Hi Magdelene, I read your post. I am looking for people who have done the DHT. I’m hoping to meet with people like you so we can learn and minister. I already have been praying for people in the streets and have seen God move, amazing miracles and healings for over a year! Please reply to my email if you are interested in networking as i live in Vancouver, New West. You can see me at emanueliswithus on youtube and


    2. Hi Magdelen,
      Please could you call me .I live in Vancouver may we talk ,my heart is burning about what Lord told us to do .Thanks 778-855-7897 fatima,be blessed in Jesus

  4. I’ve listened to Curry Blake’s DHT lessons many times over and have been tremendously blessed by them. I still listen to them in my car. Divine healing is my pet topic, and I would really love to be more effective in the area of healing. It’s SOOOOO frustrating just reading and hearing about miracles but never experiencing them in your own life. I may not be a Curry Blake, but at least I want to be effective in my own family and group of friends.

    If you love Curry Blake, then you should also check out Todd White and Don Mohler (Todd’s mentor). They are the “Chris Angels” of God’s kingdom. While Chris does street magic, these 2 brothers do street healing. Look up Todd White’s street healing videos on YouTube. They’re really cool. Also, go to the Neck Ministries website and listen to Dan Mohler’s “It’s a relationship, not a method” teachings on divine healing. I thought they were really insightful, esp. how he proves from the Bible that you don’t need an atmosphere of faith to pray for the sick.

    1. street magic should not be done by a Christian. If you could show me where Jesus done such things I will except what you say about the subject. I understand we are under grace and not under law.

      I am open to learning in this area if I am in the work please correct me.

      1. Hello! I don’t think the poster was implying that these men of God are practicing “street magic”, he was merely pointing out the similarities of their style to “street” illusionists: basically that they go out literally into the street and lay hands on random passers by and pray for their healing. Sweet! :)

  5. BTW, I’m from NCC and agree with what you have said. I’m not putting the church down. I guess it’s just not it’s “calling” to focus more on ministering healing the way Blake and Todd do it.

  6. Dear Magdelene,

    Thanks so much for your sharing. It’s encouraged me. I’m very interested to learn from what others have learned regarding healing so do keep on dropping by to share what you’ve learned here.

    Andrew, thanks for your comments. Yes, I know what you mean about hearing about how healing has come in Christ, yet not seeing your prayers answered. Listening to Blake got me thinking that maybe what I read in the Bible is really true and a possibility in my life! Continue to share your thoughts in my future posts on healing and Blake.


  7. Curry Blake got 90% of his teaching from HEALING THE SICK by T.L. OSBORN You can get the Book on CD 12 hours of Healing and Miracles read by T.L. Himself. It is a great tool to have to pump yourself up and be ready at any time to Heal the Sick. Some of Curry’s stuff is better, but he got most of his stuff here.

    1. I think all teachings of healing come from holy spirit and T.L Osborn and Curry Blake teach similar things and both heal maltitudes of people it means that thye are witnesses to the power of God through us.

    2. False. ALL Of his teachings come from Johh G. Lake’s own manuals that were written back in the 1920’s.

  8. I also just took the training online. I have two very sick kids that have been prayed for by many church leaders in many different situations, and yet they are still ill after many years.
    My conclusions are much like yours–the overall church in America just does not match up to New Testament standards and what Jesus did regarding healing.
    Like Curry Blake, I have been long troubled by the direct tie to giving a “seed of faith” gift–meaning money–to get a healing. Jesus never ever did anything like that, as far as I can see from the Word before a healing. (By the way, we do tithe and give extra gifts–but I don’t see a biblical link to giving a big money gift right as someone is requesting healing.)
    I admire USA pastors in many ways–but I want the truth before my kids lose their youth completely to sickness. I believe God wants them well–but I also do not want any spiritual harm to come to them through more experimentation.
    I hope that this way of healing is really the truth–and am really seeking God on this. Hoping to go to a meeting with Mr. Blake speaking very soon–with eyes & ears open to what God is saying about this. It seems to ring true.

    1. BTW tithing is not the New Covenant Model, loving, giving, supporting the ministry, healing.

      Read Malachi, it is short read it one word at a time… It has no place in Christs body, only giving. Freely you have recieved freely give….
      Whom the son sets free…If you have no money come by and eat!

      Love , Mike

    2. I believe that Curry and Andrew Wommack have similar teaching on healing but I have come to the opinion that Andrew has more comprehensive and complete teachings on healing and other blessings of God.As some one has already mentioned his teachings are free and available here.
      He is a great person and you would be blessed by his teachings.
      Listen to him.Apply what he teaches and experience the healing!

      1. Joe I have heard Andrew Wommack a lot. While I really love his teaching, I think Curry Blake goes a step further. Wommack rightly harps a lot on faith – probably because he presumes that his audience is primarily born-again. But Blake says that the patient does not need to have faith or believe. He even says you don’t need the person to want to be prayed over – what if the patient has a lying spirit in him? So you pray for him, set him free in Jesus’ name, share the Gospel and he may actually stand a better chance to get saved, because now he’s free to choose Jesus.

        I am in touch with a DHT student Jessie Campbell – American living in Australia. You can visit her site at: . She prays over Skype. I recently gave the 19 part series to an elderly couple in my church and they said some of the things Bro. Curry teaches they have never heard – it’s so awesome! I am also a big fan of Andrew Wommack and currently listening to the Prayer Series from his site. My church does not lay hands and pray much and in fact, they seem to even believe that God allows sickness for His glory – a theory that has no evidence in the Bible so far as I know.

        I have a Christian blog and recently ran a series on healing. I got an encouraging response on LinkedIn but was surprised to see just how many born-again Christians even in this day believe that God can allow sickness. Actually the Bible clearly says in 3 John 1:2 that “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

        Thanks to the author of this blog – why is the name of your blog ‘stillhaventfoundit’? I suggest you change it. You have already found it – everlasting life! :)

        1. I wish to add that some people cite the instance in John 9:2 where Jesus is asked whether who sinned: the blind man or his parents. “Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.
          I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” (So how could the light not heal blindness when the patient stood in front of him? Jesus had to and wanted to heal him.)

          They fail to understand that the blind man and his parents were under the Old Covenant. True, that instance took place in Jesus’ earthly lifetime, but they did not have the superior Covenent we have, because JESUS had not yet died then and risen again! Hallelujah! That’s the good news for us! That’s why 3 John 1:2 is addressed to us by the Triune God Himself. :)

        2. I have listened many teachings on TV by A.Wommack, but sorry NOT ALL what he teaches is right and acc. to the Scriptures!!! We have to discern very carefuly. In his Book “Better Way to Pray” he writes e.g. that we don´t need to pray in Lord´s prayer “Forgive us our trespasses … lead us not into temptation…) although Jesus taught this personally after apostle´s enquire. There are more differences like this. Similar notice to C.Blake. Here I have heard on Internet 2 of his teachings. e.g. He said in Russia that nowhere in the Bible was written that we should pray for people which were ill. That´s lie!!! (e.g.Jk 5:15,16). Many cunning deceivers, false prophets and teachers living in these last days in order to confuse millions of hearers and mix truth with a lie before Jesus´second coming.
          It´s very popular to be a healer, but why they don´t dare to visit hospitals regularly when they are so successful? Thousands patients are waiting.

          1. Actually, Jesus never prayed for the sick. He healed them.In other words He never prayed to the Father to heal them. This is what Curry was talking about. James says to pray OVER them, not FOR them…you’re not praying FOR THEM; you’re praying THE PRAYER OF FAITH over them. Again, jesus never prayed for people…He usually laid His hands on them, or else spoke to them or the devil/sickness and HEALED THEM.

    3. Hi Julie,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am a mom in the UK. My son Luan is a very unwell child. I too am currently looking into what Curry Blake is saying regarding healing. I am also aware of spiritual harm coming to Luan through experimentation. I am praying and asking God to lead me. Can I ask you a favour? would you mind sharing your experience of Mr. Blakes mtg when you have been? I would be so grateful. The UK ‘healing rooms’ are only just starting here. Any feedback you were able to give, I would be so grateful.

      God bless,


    4. Julie, I am a certified DHT and have been ordained by Curry. If you’d like to connect for prayer email me at (email removed by author’s request), I’d be more than willing to help you out.

    5. Give Andrew Wommack Min.a try. ( WWW. AWMI.NET).You can listen online or download teachings for free.I sugest God Want You Well;You Already Got It and Spirit Soul &Body.

    6. Julie, 2 years have passed since your post. I hope that by now your children are healed. I have benefited greatly from the marvelous website of Andrew Wommack Ministries. I first found this at the beginning of his series on “God Wants You Well”. I have since been through most of his studies, some several times. It has been life changing for me in many ways including physical healing on numerous ocassions. Nobody has ever laid hands on me. I believe and receive. Several serious problems were healed by holding the affected area and reading applicable Bible scripture over it. Sometimes this has taken several hours but I got results. I think it is much better to be in God’s Word and in relationship with the Healer for yourself. Andrew Wommack says the same thing.
      Andrew Wommack’s Charis Bible College started a School of Healing a little over a year ago. There is a lot of really fine ministry coming out of there. They meet Thur. afternoon at 3pm EST if you want to watch live. But everything is archived. A few months ago I suddenly received a tremendous healing of a problem of 55 year duration just listening to a Barry Bennett study on MP3 for about the 10th time. I had never even prayed about it. Boom!, it just happened. My spirit said No! to a problem that has always been there. At the same time a spider bite 10 days prior that had gone into something really painful and ulcerating started reversing and was healed in 2 days. I think it may have been that “flesh eating disease” . I was planning to speak over that problem but it apparently could not withstand my sure knowledge that By His stripes I WAS already healed.

    7. Hi Julie, I also am very interrested in healing as I have been fighting multiple myeloma[ bone cancer ] for almost 3 years. For over 20 years I have always asked why we don’t see the healings of the gospels happening today, but al I ever got were excuses such as ” Oh that was the early rain and we’ll see all that when the latter rain falls”. In my heart the excuses never answered my longings for truth. God has lead me wonderfully over the past 3 years and we were wonderfully blessed by the teachings of Joseph Prince and studied his books for at least a year and read them many times, but still something missing. A friend dropped the name of Curry Blake so I looked him up and slowly started to see experience hope and peace in my heart by his teachings. I have watched him on You Tube for about 80 hours or more and have just received the DHT DVD training set with manual. I believe we must always measure people’s messages against scripture and not the opinions of other men as did the Bereans. So far I have such peace in my spirit when I study with Curry and feel my faith growing every day. I encourage you to keep studying eagerly with the scriptures and you will experience healing for your precious children. I declare a blessing and release and complete healing over them with this e-mail in Jesus name. Bless you Julie and your family in Jesus name, and I too identified so strongly with your letter, I just had to reply and encourage you to keep searching, for He is such a wonderful Father and Lord. Yours sincerely, Don Whitaker [ Brisbane, Australia ]

  9. I have a dog whose life depends on me learning blake’s teachings. I love this little guy like a son. he will live and not die – and i will tell you all about it.

    1. I am recently (Thurs.befor memorial day) and currently attending meetings watching Curry Blakes teaching on line. I myself have been delivered from high blood pressure; five moles have come off of my body ( I’m expecting more to come off); neuroapathy in my feet was like walking on rocks and at night it was like they were on fire. Some symtoms are lingering but not nearly as severe. Now I want to tell you about my son’s 13 yr. old dog that had quit eating and had gotten to be skin and bones. Look into all we have domion over! I commanded the spirit of infirmity to leave her body, in the name of Jesus! Then I commanded her body to eat and get strong. There was food down for her, so I went to bed. I still tell her body it is healthy and strong. In less than a month, vet says she is healthy! All the glory to God! I know God wants your little guy, Be healed! In the Name of Jesus!!! God really is awsome.

  10. @Will

    As a Dutchman it is a hard job to listen to all the Curry Blake material.
    Are you willing to share your 47 page analysis.?

    Kind regards, Ron

  11. Like you, I am also trying to understand why there is so little healing taking place in modern times. During my research I stumbled upon Andrew Wommack. Check out Some really good teaching coming from there.

  12. This is good interaction. Thank you all for sharing. I just found out about Curry Blake and just finished listening to the 19 teachings this week.

    I have been involved with and around healing starting 1973. I read Healing the Sick by T.L. Osborn and later books by the Hunters, Wigglesworth, Hagin, Copeland, etc. and of course the Word. I got involved with the full gospel businessmen in 1974 and just started praying for everyone in the choir at college checking their legs and commanding them to lengthen, to become even with the other, most having one shorter. I didn’t know that much. It had happened to me and I watched it come out.

    A friend in the choir who was a Baptist asked me to go to his house and pray for his Mom and I agreed to go. That Sunday I went there for dinner. When I got there he told me that she was getting ready to go in for an operation and she had to wear a pad on her hip. I didn’t know it was that serious. When I held her legs up to check, one was about 6 inches shorter than the other. I was shocked. All I said was “Jesus,” and the short leg immediately came out 5 or 6 inches past the other one, then back in 5 inches, out 4 inches, in 3 inches, out 2 inches, and back even, just that fast. All I did was hold them.

    What Curry says about just going and doing it reminded me of that time in college. I want to live like that again, it was awesome. After I had been doing that for a couple of weeks I asked God to heal me of the flu and fever while I was lying in bed. I had been praying for people in choir that day. A warm sensation ran over my body and I was whole. Then I said, “Lord, and heal my back too.” I had had back problems for 2 and a half years since a bad car accident and it was in constant pain. In an instant a warm sensation went down my spine and I was completely whole.

    I have prayed many times for healing for myself and others since then. Like others I have been frustrated with not seeing consistant results every time. Jesus said, “The works that I do shall you do also and greater works than these shall you do.” I’m going to start putting to use what I have learned in Curry’s teaching from John G. Lake and reread the Gospels.

    Something a mentor in the Lord always used to say to me is, “If it works, don’t fix it.” I would be very interested in the transcripts that you printed out also Will, if you wouldn”t mind. “The world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.” A key is relationship. To be a son we have to know our Father. The Greek word “Sozo,” is translated as saved, healed, and delivered in the Gospels. It’s all the same work. It’s already paid for. It’s already completed. It’s already given. You don’t have to ask for something that is already given, you just have to apprehend it from the one who has stolen it or witholds it. You have to command it to be loosed. Jesus said, “Whatsoever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven.” “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers. Freely you have recieved, freely give.”

  13. I’ve started listening to Curry Blake’s traininig videos. At this time, my wife and I both wear glasses. We are working on having our own sight restored 100%…our way of building courage in the whole healing field. I will keep everyone who reads this post updated on the progress.


  14. Hey guys,

    I really enjoy reading what you all are saying. I met Curry and listened to him and saw here and there some little healings in my life, but not much. I am truly descouraged bc I do believe Christ has done everything already, yet I cannot produce even when I try. I have been so descouraged that I feel like God just ignores me. I laid hands on the sick yet still nothing. My doubt is not in what Christ has done, but that nothing will be manifested even though I lay hands. I thought faith as a mustarseed is enough…isnt that a mustarseed of faith to lay hands? If I did not have faith I would not lay hands…I am tired of blaming myself. If I am the proble I feel like then forget it bc evidently I am always the problem…and then why should Ieven try if no matter what I do, I cant produce. And I am not a playing games with God kinda Christian…sometimes I feel like it is not only faith we need, but also walking in the Spirit. Bill Johnson’s church do not get 100% healings either and Kris Valloton said that he has no clue why…tak about a church full of faith. Maybe David Hogan is right: it is the Spirit of God…any help?

    1. Dear Csilla, please go and visit and listen to Spirit soul and body. then u understand that it takes time for manifestation into the physical world from the spiritual world and with much undertsanding and revlation your faith will grow like mine. i was like you a few years back. so dont give up ok . Andrew Wommack has over 265 free sermons to download. i have listen to almost all of them and my son over 90 sermons and it has transformed both of us into miracle victorious christians in our daily lives – we can hear from God and know Him amen Gbu I bless you above all things that you prosper and be in Good health even as your souls prsopers and your faith in Him grows 100 million times better amen gbu n family amen

    2. Csilla,
      It’s not complicated and you don’t have to wait years. A friend of Curry’s prayed for a little girl to be saved in Kenya and then had her pray and command healing for 4 people in the church. They were all healed. It is simple. The church has made it complicated. Jesus said,”Unless you become as little children, you won’t enter the kingdom of heaven.” The key thing about children is they trust and are dependent. We have to depend on the Lord for everything. Psalm 37 says, “Trust in the Lord and do good, dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness.” It doesn’t depend on our faith in our faith, but faith that He is faithful. Eat this teaching below by Curry until you are filled and it becomes a part of you. The same Holy Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead DWELLS IN YOU! The same exact Holy Spirit, the one that was present with Jesus to raise Him from the dead is the same Holy Spirit that lives in you. You don’t have to earn anything or accomplish anything, just dwell in Him. He’s the one that does the works. The works are already done, Jesus paid the price, He is resting from His works because they are done. We just command what has been given already to be loosed after binding the enemy who is hindering or binding the spirit of the disease. All disease is from the enemy and all disease is unlawful to dwell in us. “The Son of God appeared for this purpose, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” 1 John 3:8 Healing is just like salvation, Jesus did it. It’s not a reward it’s a free gift. We don’t have to earn it. We have to, “Bind the strong man first and then plunder his house.” Mark 3:27 “The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy.” He is a lier. We cannot listen to the lie or he will be able to steal from us. We have to feed our mind with the word of God so that it is renewed. Then we will be able to recognize the lie when it comes. When it comes we have to speak to it and say “Go, in the name of Jesus.” We have authority in Christ. Everything is in Christ. He loves you, He has provided for you, He will make it available to you. Seek Him first and His kingdom.

      God bless you, Jesus is for you.

      Here are some later DHT teachings from Australia that are really good.
      I think the information is even better than earlier teachings I have listened to. if you want to watch on the computer, use this one:

      or to download for an ipod, use this one:

      Filmed at Doncaster City Church, Melbourne

    3. Hey Csilla, I think we might have met at the 2009 JGLM conference. Let’s connect and talk about your comment, ok? (email removed by author’s request) Even if we haven’t previously met the offers still open.

    4. Hi Csilla, I just read your message from 2010 and identified strongly with it. I feel there is nothing particularly wrong with your frustration, as I have been searching the scriptures for at least 25 years, but in the past 3 years I have been fighting Bone Cancer and so have been very focused on Healing. It has been a wonderful journey and God has sustained me so wonderfully throughout it. My wife and I discovered Joseph Prince and were wonderfully blessed by his teaching on grace, but I felt there was more, and about 3 months ago the name of Curry Blake crossed my path.
      I investigated him on the net and have slowly but surely been drawn into his teachings and have never felt so much hope of finding the answers to all those aching questions I have carried for the past 25 years. I find that he takes me through the scriptures in such a way that I have seen depths in scripture that I have never seen before even after hundreds of readings of the same passage. He has also taught me how to study the scriptures for myself through which I have also found greater clarity than ever before. All I would say is: 1. God is good and His word is true. 2. He loves you and wants to teach you the truth. 3. We need to humble ourselves and let Him show us His way. and 4. NEVER GIVE UP because He loves us in spite of our opinion of ourselves, and whosoever desires to know Him and seeks Him, The true shepherd will find him. Bless you in your search my brother. I speak peace and blessing and understanding into your life in Jesus name amen. Yours sincerely, Don Whitaker. Brisbane, Australia.

    5. Hello Csilla and Hello to All of You,

      I am always hungry for the truth of the Lord and I always do research deeper and deeper. The Lord gave me lot’s of supernatural experiences it would take long pages to tell you all.
      Still I am seeking just as you do.
      There are few people I found they do incredible ministry and they have quiet a results.
      One of them called Art Thomas, he says he has 100% results on healing each time.
      He was on Sid Roths show, if you google you must find materials.
      Another one I wish to tell you called Pete Cabrera Jr. Now this guy goes out on the streets anywhere and records healing live on camera. If you google on youtube you will find incredible footages, even legs growing out. He has very good teachings on healing.
      I will soon make a website and I put my research up there then I will let you know people coz if you notice more and more censuring is happening and they do their best to hide Christian material.
      Csilla, if you read this I think you are a Hungarian or that origin… I was born in Hungary that’s why I write. Its nice to know a sister in the Lord who is from the same nation. (If you are…)

      You are already blessed,
      so take it all!!!

      Love in Christ,

  15. i remember someone told me Todd White, i think had to pray for 500 ppl before he experienced the 1st healing manifestation.
    i must salute him for his perseverance, i’ve not really prayed for ppl much , maybe abt 10 plus ppl but i think i have abt 50% instant healings, 1 through e-mail even :-) Praise God! very encouraging!
    But those healings were mainly pain gone instantly, n 1 case an unexplained case of heaviness like a blanket over her head .
    Dont give up! You are doing the Great Commission! Shalom!

  16. I had a snow tobogganing accident back in 1984 which resulted in near paralysing of my lower body.

    The accident caused a diagonal split across one of my upper vertebra (T5 I think) which was clear on an Xray taken about 2 weeks later. (there’s a funny story why it took 2 weeks to get an Xray).

    In 1992 an old (really old) preacher (Handl Price I think his name was) came to our church . ( It was a big deal as apparently?? he had some association with Smith Wigglesworth and I’m sure if I have given his correct name)

    He asked all those who had back problems to come down to the front and face the congregation.

    I went down.

    He ran his finger up my spine and prayed for healing.

    I felt a warm sensation as as he ran his finger up my spine.

    Later I had another Xray; no evidence of a split and no symptoms.

    Thus, I’m not alien to Curry Blake’s teaching.

    I’m now trying to find those old Xrays!!

  17. Hi Guys, stimulating discussions. I too was frustrated with the Church’s apparent lack of power/authority regarding the very few healings I was seeing at my local church and observations of the Church (Western) in general. I’ve devoured all the Andrew Murray, T L Osborne, E W Kenyon, Catherine Khoolman, Smith Wigg…etc. that I could find. It was only a matter of time before I found Curry Blake. I’ve studied all the DHT material and am very impressed yet still to see any major changes in either my health (Multiple Sclerosis) or others through using his ” methodology” (which Curry maintains isn’t) but I’ve had few opportunities since finishing the study. I should point out that I have already seen some mundane but significant results through “command/rather than prayer” ministry. I haven’t been ill for 2.5 years (flu or colds) because I “cast” it before it gets a hold (mind you, I am writing from a wheelchair which gives one little credibility). God has raised someone from a raging fever through a command in Jesus’ name. Headaches and flu/sickness in half a dozen other people as well as a breast lump. God is good but I’m eager nay, desperate to see more healings.
    I’ve been told Curry Blake is coming here (Tasmania) in about six months, I’ll keep you all updated (regarding getting out of this blasted wheelchair).

      1. Yeah, still in the w/chair. I’ve had many brethren command/cast since the DHT course including a visiting healing Argentinian evangelist and doing a VMTC (Victorious Ministries Through Christ) school and ministry time. But…”here I stand I can do nought else.” Getting a little jaded with all the promises yet no delivery.
        Job certainly went through much but his trial was only about 9 months long…this has been sixteen long years. I’m tired. At least I have not…”curse[d] God and die[d].” Steve

      1. Awesome testimonies, just watching these 2 videos has brought some tingling sensations to my
        left thigh which had been numb for a year after an operation to remove a cancerous endometrium. Drs had accidentley severed some nerves while removing 47 lymph nodes in the below the lower part of the abdomen.
        We serve a mighty God,whom we cannot out give, and love.
        Thank you Jesus, and Marli


  18. I must say I like what you wrote. very brave very bold but dare to put what one observes in any church in writing- not to criticise for the sake of criticising but for further improvements and moving to greater heights- we all need feedback – as objective as possible but without malice and hidden agenda or motives. I am also like that and I pray for my pastors church leaders that they may see also what God has revealed to us amen and move on too. Thank you for your insight i enjoy reading it . Keep up the good work . The fear of man or woman is a snare in God we trust or love all others we audit amen take care gbu all. amen

  19. Hi there, my name is Emily and i am a 19 year old girl from australia. I really want to learn how to heal like this. I want results and i want to go out into the streets and heal the sick. If anyone has anything that can help me, please email me at

    thanks and God Bless

  20. Hi there,

    on March 28th 2004 I had a supernatural encounter with God what changed my life completely after being an atheist for nearly 37 years.
    All I experienced there was that God is all good and that He did not hide anything, but want to reveal himself more than we want him to be revealed.
    After these 6 weeks the feelings wore off and I needed to renew my mind, which was kinda hard with people around my claiming to be Christians withouth any evidence for me. I always was asking people so what about John 14:12, but everyone just ignored my qestions. The Lord led me to various teachers outside (internet) and a couple of days ago I was hearing Curry for the first time. I am not able to write a big anlysises, but I know that He is talking about the same God I commited my life completely. I know it out of my spirit; He is my brother and what He tells is truth the way God was able to reveal to him. Mike

    1. Hallelujah, glory to God in the highest. Welcome to the family Mike. If you need any help with Currys message just elf me know. I’ve been through his bible school and was JGLM Prayer Warrior.

    2. Mike (October 21, 2010 at 9:43 pm),
      Thank you so much for sharing your Godly encounter. That “…God is all good and that He did not hide anything, but wants to reveal Himself more than we want Him to be revealed.” That God wants to reveal Himself more than we want Him to be revealed, really went straight into my heart. I felt enormous compassion (?!) and love for Him.

  21. Ok, we recently had TODD WHITE come to our church and talk about Love and the power behind love. He is a very active humble street healer. You can do a youtube search for Todd White and see his style. I have been amazingly touched by his ministry. His “dad” is a preacher also and his name is DAN MOHLER. Their ministry is Neck Ministries. Listen to their preaching too. It is amazing and helped clear up a lot of misconceptions on healing. They are sooo full of love for the body, it is amazing.

    Anyway, after listening to their preaching, we came across Curry Blakes teaching and we are now going through them. I can tell Todd and Dan both have listen to these teachings as well.

    The other night, my back was bothing me and I was ready to ice it. I decided to see if one of my legs was shorter than the other. And to my surprise it was. My husband came home and we commanded it to grow out in the Name of Jesus. I didn’t feel a thing and neither did my husband. I got up and started walking around and my back was better. We checked my legs again and they were completely even. Trust me, I am an engineer and I tried to make my legs even by myself before praying because I didn’t want a false reading. My back has been great for a week now…Praise God.

    Since then we have prayed for our cousins leg and it grew out and we prayed for a guys arm that was in a brace at a kids play place we were at with my son. He felt the power of God and started confessing things to my husband and his arm felt better. We told him God loves him and his past didn’t matter. It was amazing.

    So Get BOLD and start sharing. Who cares what people think. If God is for us who can be against us.

    Also do a youtube search for Street Healing. There are some awesome examples out there.

    Love ya

  22. I am happy at what God is doing through these men, women, and ministries. Its long overdue, the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers are supposed to train the saints/believers to do the same works Jesus did and even greater (Ephesians 4:11-13 & John 14:12). Thanks God for these who are now focusing on this assignment.

    In the ministry I am a part of in Nairobi, Kenya (The Joshua generation trust), this is the focus of the leaders and entire ministry. They seek to perfect us all as Priests, Sons, and kings in Christ and for God, so that we can all establish God’s Kingdom over our different geographical and professional worlds (Government, business, arts, sports, education, family, religion,etc).

    They prepare us through various specialized forums. Ome of these forums is a school of ministry called the Kingdom accademy. I tell youit is aamazing to see the transformation that we all go through during the two years of school. They use:
    Diet-teaching of Kingdom principles
    Exercise-practical demonstration on everything taught (gifts of the spirit, faith, leadership, etc)
    environment-keeping us and teaching us to create and stay in a right spiritual, soulical, and physical environment that will mould and strength us in Christ

    The results are fantastic, every one must demonstrate God’s power in class, then we go out to hospitals (even the stentch in the hospital can make you vomit), and minister love and healing to the patients. Its amazing to see the patient healed instantly as they are prayed for by the student. In this years class 35 people got saved, patients were dischareged, and love filled the wards of this government hospital. You can imagine hospitals were there are no drugs. There was the case of a patient who had just died, some time before the students got there, though prayed for him to rise, but it he didnt to the surprise of the students. But you should have seen our faith and expectation. we are getting there, very soon.

    Lets all keep at it, its just a matter of patience and time and i tell you it shall be a revolution that shall shake the geographical and professional nations of the earth.

    You can check out the school at Its called the Kingdom Academy.


  23. A had a number of family members attend a Curry Blake seminar. Prior to the seminar a number of them had completed the online course to become “DHT”. I was very interested to see the fruit of this ministry. The outcome was that no one was healed. The deaf could not hear, those with glasses could not see without them, and the sick (lupus) we still sick. Curry prayed for them at a break with no results. He told them sometimes it wasn’t instantaneous and that it could happen soon. 6 months later there has been no progress. I can only speak to what I have seen but would be very interested in any 3rd party .

    1. John G. Lake had great success at his healing rooms, yet he required that people attend for 30 days. All were healed after 30 days of teaching and mind renewal over a ten year period. Most people today want things instantaneously as is their right to expect as all were healed within the hour when Jeaus prayed. And most of the others He healed hung out with Him and listened to Him teach for probay days on end. When people don’t get healed immediately they think it wasn’t Gods will. I’ve heard it explained like this; it’s like planting a seed. You plant it and wait for the fruit thereof. But if you keep throwing soil on top of the seed it takes longer and longer for that palnt to even sprout. I think that is why good teaching and mind renewal, basically knowing God’s word and taking it as fact is so important. Some people are easier to get healed than others. Even Jesus had to pray/ minister to the blind man twice. Faith is believing God’s word above all we hear, see, smell or feel. It is the only truth we believe.

    2. i went years ago to a curry blake healing service at church on the rise in westlake, ohio for healing of obsessive compulsive disorder, curry prayed for me and some elders of church on the rise did, i still have obsessive compulsive disorder today, people their told me god healed me, if he did then why years later was i suffering in 2011 with a severe case of it,ande still have it today, they are full of shit, i used to watch benny hinn where people were told god healed them, dateline nbc investigated benny hinn ministries and the people that were told god healed them, many of they people i saw at the healing crusades on tv when i used to watch benny hinn everyday, still today are suffering from the same sicknesses and diseases they were told by employees of benny hinn mininstries and fake ass , fake healer benny hinn himself that god healed them and he told one black lady god healed her of hiv (aides) dateline nbc had a blood test done on this lady and she still has HIV and is still HIV positive, many of the people that were told they were healed by benny hinn and his minstries died months later from the same sicknesses and diseases they were duped into believing god healed them of by benny hinn, benny hinn live in a 10 million dollar home, has an ontourage of body guards and tell people god will punish them and curse them if they dare question him and his anionting and he mis qoutes the dont touch gods anionted scripture in the old testament, i used to like him because he made god sounds like a genie, santa claus and the easter bunny who gives you everything you want, he is false prophet with a history of false prophecies that did not come to pass, and just recently the pastor of church on the rise in westlake ohio pastor paul endrei was arrested on sexual battery charges and gross sexual imposition and his adopted daughter has accused him of this, the church on the rise is standing by him and not his adopted daughter, many people have left that church because they got sick of pastor paul endrei going overboard preaching about money and trying to milk the living crap out of them financially, he told people who went tthere he wanted to see their tax returns to make sure they were giving their ten percent, he has invited televangelist steve munsey who acts like a wolve in sheeps clothing constantly preaching about money and munsey owes over $700,000 in back taxes on his church in munster, indiana, you can google benny hinn on dateline nbc to see this for yourself and the stuff about pastor steve munsey oweing over $700,000 in back taxes on his church in munster, IN. by doing a google search on

      1. Dear Robbie,
        As I am reading your words I feel sorry for the experience you had. There is much truth in what you say and when there is lie spoken in God’s name is a very ugly thing. Let me apologize to you in their names for God is love and His message never changed, it is still about love.
        I might know how you can receive your healing… I claim to know why your healing did not happen yet…
        Kenneth Hagin was a prophet of God, in one of his teaching he clearly uncovers why Christians don’t get healed. The answer is too simple and it is again too simple to fix it.
        His teaching are usually very thorough thus long. You can search on youtube and you will find and it will help you. I can also write here what you should do… Should I?
        Please take heed of my words and don’t get offended. I talk to you with love. I don’t mean to offend you by any means.
        Our God want us to become strong in faith and step out. There are stages (ages if you like) in a Christian’s life. At some point God wants you to use what you have, what you learned. Kenneth Hagin tells about a woman who was so sick and back in the days all the big shoots prayed for her to be healed. He says she was standing in the raw waiting to be prayed for.
        When Hagin was to lay hands suddenly the Lord stopped him and he was given word of knowledge.
        So he told the woman; Oral Roberts, William Branham and even A.A Allan prayed for you yet you are still sick. Right?
        Woman said; yes.
        Hagin says; I can not pray for you.
        The Lord thinks you are big enough already in your faith, He wants you to pray for yourself and exercise your faith.
        Lay hands on yourself and command the sickness go.
        She did and she was healed…
        This might be the same case with you.
        Sometimes you need to fight through all the way and use your faith to be healed. This means, you look and focus completely on the Word of God which says Jesus paid it all, then you don’t look at all on the visible world.
        Keep saying Jesus paid it all for your healing and tell the sickness to go in Jesus name. Don’t stop saying until the result. If you do it like this, sickness eventually goes. Todd White says; The Word of God is like a hammer. You keep hitting the enemy with it.
        Please check out on google and youtube these guys: Art Thomas, Pete Cabrera Jr, Todd White, Tom Laud, Robby Dawkins.
        Strengthen your faith then keep talking to the sickness, talk to you body.
        Say; Heal in Jesus name! Don’t care even a bit what ever your mind or your flesh says, ignore them and just keep saying the words. Make sure you don’t speak any negative. Usually it can’t take long, not even an hour till it happens.
        I ever got healed instantly and in other cases I had to fight it for couple of days, but I always received my healing eventually.

        You are already blessed,
        now take it all!!!

        With love,

  24. I would like to hear what some third parties have to say about the results they have seen. Yet the word of God is very true. We are seeing these healings taking place where we are, but of cause growing in them.
    The message is true, but remember curry didnt die on the cross, so no matter what happen when he ministers to the sick we should still believe that God will back His word, and therefore keep at it. Its not curry word but God’s.

    Kepp at it, the Holy Ghost can teach us too.

  25. The Lord set me free & began orchestrating my life in Feb of 06, with an amazing testimony that resulted. God has used me in many words of encoragement, words of wisdom & powerful love. I do pray for people and am seeking to be used in healing. Have listened to lots of Curry Blake’s stuff on YouTube-it is encouraging. I have never seen the manifestation of my own healing in several areas after years and it can be frustrating, but I am determined that I want everything God has for me, and I believe healing to be. I know that Christ is in me and I have “God-cidences” constantly where the hand of God is so obviously orchestrating my walk-that is almost daily and amazing. Time for a new thing!

  26. Hello,

    Sitting under this teaching and going through the DHT Training have taught me the following:

    1. Anyone can do this
    2. Our ministry is that of reconciliation
    3. This is not an event to participate in but a life of service lived in thanksgiving to the God of Heaven
    4. The more you practice this lifestyle of being a Son who serves, the stronger you will grow in it and the greater the glory you will bring to God.

  27. Hi everyone. I am currently listening to Curry’s teaching on healing. I have to concur with Jesse Shelby, a great synopsis so far. The focus for the Western Church in particular is to come back to the clear teachings of Scripture. We are strongly influenced by a need to have all our “ducks in a row” before we move out and simply obey the Great Commission. We have no problem sharing our faith with someone interested in becoming a Christian, because we know the Atonement of Christ covers salvation. But the Atonement also covers deliverance and healing as well. This is our spiritual inheritance to be grasped and put into practice. I am a pastor and have been in ministry for 40 years. I was healed instantly as a 3 year old of an incurable blood disease; saved at 8 years old, and have been walking with the Lord for over 50 years. Curry has a way of sharing the Truth that is very refreshing and practical. I love the humility and the commitment to “do the works” that Jesus did.

    I am purposing to get on with the work of the Lord. Just “do it.” The five fold ministries must equip the saints for the work of the ministry. That is part of the restoration of “all things” that will come before Jesus returns.

    We are poised to see the release of a massive healing movement in the body of Christ. Of course the signs are to follow the believers. The signs are simply that. We must focus on giving the Lord all He deserves for His sacrifice for us. We will cast our crowns at His feet, because He alone is worthy to receive the glory, honor, and praise! Selah!

  28. Very near the begining of 2011 I was called back to my mp3s of Curry Blake’s Deluth Minisota DHT. For several days I could barely get out of bed. I just lay there listening over and over. I thought God was preparing me to heal my mother who has diabetes, an amputated foot, a neurological disorder, and several other physical problems. I think I started revisiting his audios on a Saturday. Then around six am on Wed. my 26 year old brother and I were playing ps2 when he had a violent seisure and died (I was a combat life saver in the army back in 2000). I had one hand on his chest and one on his forehead and was commanding him to be healed until his heart stopped (his breathing had already become choking with lips bluing) and he went limp. When that happened I started commanding him to live and not die in the name of Jesus, though I am unsure how I ordered the words each time I said them. I have no strong feeling whatsoever how long this lasted but to guess between 30 seconds and 5 mins. Suddenly he breathed in hard and fast and looked around dumbly for several minutes. The last thing he remembered was going to sleep and then suddenly being on his feet on his way to the bathroom (sorry for crudity). He was a professing Christian with no fruit visible apart from some tatoos he had given himself of a christian nature. I convinced him to come with me to the ER where they said they saw no cause for a seisure. Two days later (Fri. morning) he called me from my mothers near by apt. to say he was caughing up blood. When I arived I told him (as I felt led by the Holy Spirit) that it didn’t matter what I thought of his relationship with God, or even really what HE thought of it, the enemy was trying to kill him, and he needed to turn to God with everything he had. “God LOVES, and God LIKES you, God can save you. The devil doesn’t have to win, God doesn’t want you to suffer or need to teach you with pain and torment. TURN TO GOD NOW! Talk to Him.” That Sunday morning he died again (though he was resusitated the E.M.T.s after about 30 mins. and lived on life support with zero brain function for 5 days in Westley’s Coronary I.C.U in Witchita, KS) dispite all my prayers, calls to every ministry I could find (including several to Curry Blake’s via his website) and the sustained efforts of my local church New Life Equipping Ministry. It is easy to go back and doubt my own testimony, though I have seen other healings by God through me and some other people I know personally. I do not walk in stories like this regularly. I am by no means producing healings regularly. But God is great, and God is even Great in and through ME. His eyes go to and fro over the earth seeking those in whom He may show Himself great. May we all say “PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! HERE I AM LORD, PICK ME!!!

  29. Curry’s teachings have changed my life 100%! I had been saved 28 years before I stumbled across JGLM. Now I too healing the sick and I feel like I am actually walking in and know God’s will. After This teaching I feel like I’ve been born again, again. I can’t say enough about the truth of this message. I keep CD’s with me all the time to give to those I come across and/ or pray for through out my day, with the DHT and the New Man Seminar on it, as well as some good info on true biblical healing. I have many resources in the notes section of my Facebook. And my wall is open if anyone would like to check it out. Just go to (address removed by author’s request) I’ll help you out in anyway I can. I am a new creation. The whole bible makes sense now and I had been in church for years, even got some hit or miss successes in healing and prayers answered but noe it’s all different and better. God bless you all with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

  30. I listen to Curry Blake on Spirit Word Channel every Monday. I would appreciate to receive his teachings. In my country SA a great number of people are affected by this deadly disease HIV. I want God to use me in bring healing to my nation.

  31. Hey there, am going over all of the Curry Blake seminars, I too would like that long (47) pages, am Icelandic and sometimes have a hard time understanding his accent. God bless you for sharing man, know that you get the glory in Heaven for teaching! E-mail is

  32. As far as Curry’s claims are concerned, I believe he is telling the truth about them. I am a DHT myself and can tell you that in the instances of healing that occured in my own experience, they were real authentic healings. Ironically only two of them were actually verified by medical doctors. The reason, I believe, that there doesn’t appear to be so much “proof” of someones’s claims is the fact that…to be honest…most healings are not an extravagant displays to see at the moment. In other words, the experiences themselves have not been “spectacular” in nature, but rather very normal. In many cases I’ve noticed that God healed someone and they didn’t even acknowledge it until after I showed them what He did for them. As I see it, the reason Jesus was so broadcasted around the regions he preached at, was not because He healed one or two here and there, but because he did so much with so many people all the time. One thing that I’ve observed is that even for the Christians who are trained in divine healing, most don’t completely drop everything to just simply preach the gospel all the time. Most of the time, preaching is more of an add-on rather than a way of life. That isn’t to condemn anyone because we all have responsibilities such as paying bills and such. However, that single aspect actually affects the way we approach the entitre ministry.
    Among other things, those who are trained in divine healing tend to focus on the healing aspect more than on the good news itself. Jesus did not focus on healing, but He did focus on bringing the message of the Kingdom by telling people to repent and confirmed His word with signs, wonders, and miracles. If there is to be evidence of believers overall then we need to ask ourselves, “Does the scripture teach that healing is for every believer? Yes or no?” If Yes then it should not matter what Curry’s claims are or anyone else’s for that matter. If the bible does teach that healing is for us today (which it is) then obediance to the word of God should be the focus of our conversation…not asking questions of other people’s claims. We (that’s all of us) should have evidence to show the whole world at any given time and even that isn’t the issue. If we don’t have proof then there is something wrong with our onn witness. The only evidence that the scriptures say we have is our faith…not the healing. However, if you excersize faith which is in Christ, healing will come with the good news you give. Then the Gospel will be good news indeed to those who hear you…who ever they may be.
    There is one more thing I’d like to mention…For the most part, believers in general do the best they can to avoid suffering at any given time. Now I’m not talking about sickness or disease per se. I’m talking about weakness, distresses, persecutions, and such. There is in fact a direct correlation between the consistency in the use and display of the power of the gospel with the willingness and actual suffering a believer goes through for the gospel. In other words the power that Jesus displayed was not without hardship. He was constantly placing Himself in situations where certain people wanted to kill, stone, or beat Him. He never backed away from those confrontational situations. Neither did Paul in his exploits for the kingdom. As a matter of fact, out of all the other apostles Paul did more than any of the others. What I find interesting is that He chose to boast about what he suffered for the gospel more than what he actually did. As a result his life serves as an example of the believers to this day having fully preached the gospel with sign, wonders, and miracles. The lessoned he learned from his own experience as well as the example from Christ was this: that he would rather glory in his weaknesses and suffering so that the power of Christ would rest on him. (2Cor 12:9-10). If we want to have the power be consistent in our life we must go through the trials associated with the preaching of the gospel. The wonderful part of this is that once the power starts to flow freely all the time, the more it does the more willing you are to endure. The more you endure the more you take pleasure in suffering for the sake of Chirst. The pain not only becomes bearable, but even attractive to the person who can see nothing but the cross of Christ and the power of the resurrection that follows.
    You want to see results…live a godly life. Go and preach everywhere, and suffer what is necessary for the gospel, and you will see the power of God consistently without restraint. This is precisely why Jesus commanded us all to count the cost and to deny ourselves. We may not be in a setting where such things appear conducive to raw faith in Christ, but if you live it regardless of where you’re at, you’ll find that people will be more than willing to hurt you for the faith which you proclaim…and if your dead to yourself, the only thing that remains is resurrection. That is where our life resides.

  33. i have listned to the 19 episodes of Curry Blake, may you please send me the 147p manuscripts, they will be of a great value to me. on the question of the aunthecity of healings if they are genuine or not, it will remain questionable as long as the healings are not varified by modern doctors before and after devine healing takes place. it’s not like i am questioning God’s power but being realistic will put all the doubting Thomases to their respectful position.


  34. I just read stillhaventfound’s comments fro last June about Curry Blake. I recently found his teachings on line and have listened to his 19 part seminar from last year in Australia twice taking notes. I also have listened to most of his teaching for DHT from his website. I have followed the same course in many ways as stillhaventfound by listening to Andrew Wommack, Bill Johnson, and Blake. I have done a lot of research into this and still have not reached a definite conclusion on everything. Part of that is because of some very well know and scholarly people who have different opinions. I come back to the point that they seem or claim to be getting amazing results, and with results like that, they deserve to have my attention! But I agree with stillhaventfound that if Blake’s ministry in particular gets the results they claim, just by shear numbers they claim, I would think I would hear about it. If you look at the numbers with any potential multiplication then it becomes exponential and so I would think I would have heard more about Blake’s ministry and the healings when in fact I only have known about him for a couple of weeks and I have been around in these circles for a long time. I looked on their site at the Testimonies and the latest ones posted are for a year ago, August 2010. I e-mailed them asking if they had more current updates, but have not heard back. I can’t believe a ministry like that would not keep there site updated or be a year behind. The testimonies I did read were not all that spectacular. I just don’t think that Blake and Wommack are out right lying, but I also just don’t see the results they claim. I attended one of Andrew Wommak’s conferences of several days and they prayed every day, and I can’t recall a single healing during accomplished during the conference. These guys seem sincere and sure seem to do what they teach and I have nothing to compare with what they seem to experience so I do not want to be critical. I too would love to hear of any current reports of healings from Blake’s ministry especially since they claim 90+ percent success rate. They also say they will stick with a case and pray until they get the healing. Now, that is really sticking your neck out!

    1. I agree with you. Part of their teaching is right, but part is heresy = false. I have watched A.Womack more than 5yrs. We should all what they say discern acc. to H.Bible and our
      indwelling H.Ghost.

  35. Will appreciate if you can share with me your 47pages of findings with regards to Curry Blake.
    My brother, recommended me to listen to his teaching. There’s some parts when I listened to the recordings, I somehow wanted to cry, there’s a lump in my throat and makes me almost want to vomit out. I do not know why.

    Regards, K


  36. I’ve recently been watching Curry Blake on you tube. I thank the wonderful Holy Spirit for leading me to his site in response to my desire for developing in this great gift of healing. I know what it could be like to be attacked with cancer or anything for that matter as I myself have been healed 6 years ago of cancer, having been prayed over by the local church pastor and of course thereafter confessing my healing, giving glory to Jesus, and ever since then many have received their healing from whatever was troubling them, depression, cancer, back troubles,even over the phone, through my laying on of hands in Jesus’ name, Praise God! I cannot say I have had a 100% success rate, nevertheless I continue and press on in faith. I know that I am born again not for nothing and I am determined to obey the great Commander General and take Him seriously
    I have stopped wondering what He meant when He said Go .I just go . I think thats what He meant and thats why we are delegated all the power in His name. I dont think there is a great formula or it is that complicated. Jesus was the simplest teacher though the greatest. He made it so easy, we just struggle for nothing. However I do think Curry keeps it as simple as it should be, he is practical and honest and has a wealth of information and experience to back it. End of the day it is Holy Spirit who is working through him to teach those of us who are yearning for more. God bless him and others like him so eager to share.
    I would love to have the 47 pages of insights on DHT, if that is not too much to ask!
    Agape !

  37. Hi there. I got goosebumps this morning when I received an sms from a friend of a friend (someone I only met once), tellling me that was asked by an elder this morning if she knows about someone that is paralyzed as Curry Blake is in town. It so happen to be that my son is in a wheelchair. The praying will take place on Saturday. Please can I ask all of you to pray for his healing. He is not open to go to the healing meeting himself as he has been there tooooo many times, but I still believe that Curry Blake is in town for a reason. My son is 23 years old and paralized after an accident. Please all pray for his healing. Saturday 9 October 2011

    My appologies that it has taken this long for me to respond to you. I had posted on the site over a year ago, and checked it regularly for a while but saw no responses. At random today, I went back on the site, and found your request along with many others for the analysis. If your email address was listed, you should have received the study today (Oct. 8, 2011). Hope it is of some benefit to you. For those who requested the study but left no email address, I have no easy way currently of getting the study to you. I am in the process of creating a website and plan on making certain studies available through it. For those who did receive the study, again, PLEASE DO NOT POST it on here or anywhere else online!

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Will – I’ve been following the comments here for a while, wasn’t sure if you would be able to respond to all of the requests after this period of time. I am also interested in your analysis, as it appears you are still sending copies. Please send a copy to subienic (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thank you and God bless!

    2. Will,
      I would also like a copy of your 47p analysis. I appreciate all the time and diligence you put into your research. Thank you. (

    3. I did ask for this sometime ago but have not heard about the 47 page analysis that you talk about. I would be grateful if you could mail it to my email or tell me where I could get it from you. Thank you very much for your kind & willing offer

  39. Hi Will, I would love a copy of your 47 pages analysis on DHT as I have a meeting with my pastor next week re the authenticity of Blake and why we should go and command healing rather than just sit back and pray for healing. Thanks. My email is . Thats a zero not an “O”!

  40. Hey Judith. How did it go with your son on Saturday? Was he healed? Was that the Durban New Man Seminar? Michelle

  41. At last! A place on the net free of hype but full of passion! My chronic sore back was healed fifteen yrs ago when a guy prayed for my leg to grow. Since then I have cried out to God to be used this way and am a teacher at a Christian school and we are starting to see a real release! In the last few weeks some wonderful healings including a 17 y.o. boy with major back pain since a young boy – God grew the short leg after we measured it and before we could properly pray! Yes please, would love the summary you have put together! Email Bless you!

  42. Please can you send me a copy of the healing training. I can not find any of Curry Blake’s dvds in our gospel shops. I listen to his teachings while I work in the office online on his website.
    Anything you can send me is fine I just need it.

  43. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    Before you start admiring any teacher or healer or prophet, google his or her name together with “false teacher” or “false prophet”. A lot of thorough research is done in order to prevent others from being deceived. Check it out BEFORE you start following some kind of ‘special’ person.

    1. Hi Marli,

      Thanks for your comment. Indeed we are to not blindly follow any person and always evaluate his/her teachings with the Word of God. It’s also important to evaluate any “claims” or “research” on the internet because there are tons of people accusing people they disagree of being a “false teacher” or “false prophet”. It’s best to check out both sides of the story and most importantly listen to the person in question yourself and pray about it. We have the responsibility to be diligent and not just blindly follow any person or report about a person.

      1. I have listened to Curry Blake’s 19 session DHT three times now, and have thoroughly studied his manual. What he says is totally Scriptural. He is very pedantic even over the exact wording of significant words in the Greek. His teaching has revolutionised my ministry and given me the confidence to minister healing and train others after 30 years of struggling almost to the point of being skeptical. My definition of a fake is someone who gives the impression that they have a special anointing and who advertise themselves in such a grand manner that they look bigger and more effective than Christ Himself! Curry Blake is not like that. He says that he is just a guy from Texas and that anyone can do what he does. This sounds like true humility to me, and although he is dogmatic about what he believes (and why not? Jesus was!), he teaches principles that work. I have seen at least three genuine healings since I started putting his principles into practice.

  44. I am on the start of a new journey into DHT as I feel that I am being told to work on this Ministry and have been left confused about teachings of Healers. Most healers seems to make claims that can not stand to facts. And most healers seems to make claims on their own rather than on what God have done though them. It makes it hard for me to have the faith I need to help others when I do not know who to trust. Those that makes fault claims are doing Christian healing ministry a lot of serious harm and I would not like to be in their shoes when they face their maker in Heaven. I have started studying the Bible myself rather than the teaching of man but have downloaded Blake to try to get more insight. Anyone got any material from anyone else that they would suggest I download and listen to. I would be thankful. Alison

    1. Hi Alison, visit and download Andrews teachings. Indulge yourself. you will grow…. His ministry has been a blessing to me

  45. Hello, Today I still have not recived my copy of Curry Blake’s teaching yet.. I am still waiting.. my email address above.. I am truly interested in receiving it.. thank you .. I can print it out if I get it in my email,, thank you

  46. Interesting to read all of your comments. In regards to testimonies for the healings that Curry Blake states to have done, my veiw is that as christians if our spirutal switch(so to speak) is on then one would be able to discern if what we see, hear is of God. The bible does say to test the spirits and to me it doesn’t mean physically but by our spirit. I am sure that if anyone who claims to be of the Lord doing His work will be found either for Him or against Him. Satan can lead God’s people on a merry little dance looking for supposely truths, which takes our eyes off the direction God is leading us. Just a thought guys, no fingers pointed at anyone.

  47. Melissa,if you are still here,can you please email me at
    badtruck at
    please?I would like to speak with you.
    thank you,Tommy

  48. Hi I am not computer literate but I just read your thoughts on Curry and Johnson. I have major throat and respiratory problems and have had much prayer from all over. I have been to the elders anointed , prayed over. Have had prayer from D.H.T,s and even a visit from one but no complete release from the symptoms . I have some easing of the throat problem when I am in Church but within a short time its back upon me. I obviously have an interest in the healing movement but remember a statement that about 90 % of Kuhlmans “healings” did not last. I believe in JESUS but have been disappointed with religion

    1. Hi Pete

      I understand and also sympathise with you. Receiving from God is one of those things I am also learning to grow in. Let me encourage you that the moment you were prayed for, the healing power of God was released into your body and if you are born again, the healing power of God, the very power that rose Jesus from teh dead dwells in you. Many times, Jesus prayed over sickness by commanding and rebuking and the devil will talk you out of it, telling you it did not happen almost immdiately or sometimes shortly after. i have learnt to resist him and just continue speaking to the symptoms and rebuking them Please visit and download free teachings on God wants you well, the power of faithfilled words and also how to receive a miracle from God. I hope they bless you and provide you with guidance on how to receive and keep your healing. I also learnt from Andrew the difference between a blessing and a miracle and I began to be keen to walk in the blessing because it is Gods best. iw illhold you in the place of faith.

  49. Hi! It’s so awesome to stop by here and see the incredible interest and excitement about the Gospel! My life has been ruined for the ordinary. I love to see people set free from the works of the devil. The greatest expression of love that God gave was sending His Son to set us free. We are one spirit with Christ, united with Him and filled with the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.
    I too have been to Bethel (my son was involved in their School of Supernatural Worship, and I have taken the DHT (becoming certified right now)…but I must say that I confirm ANYONE can do this because scripture says Believers WILL lay hands on the sick, cast out demons etc. I have personally seen tumors leave, addictions leave, pneumonia healed, skin disorders healed, mental and emotional trauma go, legs grow out etc etc. My whole family is involved and my 12 year old son has incredible results…how did we learn this? We simply live believing the gospel. Unbelief has all kinds of excuses why people aren’t healed but belief needs none! I’ve written a book to teach others as well. Just believe…ALL things are possible!!!

  50. Re the comments at the top “I want to be honest enough to acknowledge that if Jesus said we all can heal the sick like Lake, Wimber, Blake, Johnson (and even Pastor Joseph Prince) believe, then surely there ought to be more healings … in the church in general.

    I have searched long and hard and lately been used by the Lord in a couple of wonderful healings, BUT still feel the breakthrough hasn’t been made. Now I have come across what I think is the answer. Hebrew and Greek scholar and Author, T J McCrossan wrote a book in the late 1930s called “The Paralyzed Church X-Rayed”(which has an excellent chapter summarizing his earlier work “Bodily Healing and the Atonement”) in which he points out that in the same way Jesus breathed on the disciples imparting the Holy Spirit, yet He told them to wait in Jerusalem for the power of the Spirit to come, we too have to go through a seeking for an “upon” baptism of power. Jesus Himself had the Holy Spirit (1) at His Baptism, but after the wilderness fasting, He came up in the Power of the Spirit (2). Acts 10:38 says God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit (1) and Power (2). McCrossan gives many scriptural validations of this truth as well as pointing to the lives of men who moved in healings/miracles, detailing this waiting for a breakthrough period. Curry Blake speaks of being told by God not to go and hibernate in the woods seeking Him, but in his case, his single-minded focus over decades would have brought him increasing breakthrough anyway. Bill Johnson speaks of I think 2 or 3 consecutive nights under the power of God after a protracted period of crying out “for more of You” (even in his sleep so desperate was he!) that was like electricity coursing through him from head to foot, after which he had greater healing anointing. The Grace stream of the Church hold that it is already done and we rest in His work and move in His authority. Sounds good in principle, but what about the persistent widow, and the parable of the midnight knock at the door (Luke 11) where Jesus’ commentary is that the person received bread NOT OUT OF RELATIONSHIP, but out of persistence only. We are qualified to knock by relationship, but still must do so (for all who ask shall receive) and “they that earnestly seek me shall find me”. Those who rest solely on Christ’s work are correct legally, and you can still beat the devil knowing your authority to a certain extent, but not having to seek the Lord for more ultimately tickles the ears of those who pander to the flesh…

    1. David,

      Good insights and something to think about. As you mentioned, the Grace stream (of which I consider myself part of) of the church focuses on resting in His work and that everything is done, etc. Surely even that stream has not reached the level of healing we’re meant to see. So what’s wrong? My take at the moment is that the reason for this isn’t that there’s more to get, but that there’s more to “live out”. Just because we have it all in Christ doesn’t mean we can live that out. I think that somehow has to do with faith. Everything is possible for him who believes.

      Knowing that Christ has done it all and other parts of the grace message helps to build faith in us tremendously. However, we’re still not there yet. I don’t think the problem is in seeking God per se as if seeking God would get us more. But seeking God definitely helps. Not to get more, but it helps faith arise. It strengthens our faith – it helps us understand what we have in Christ and that revelation raises our faith. Taking time out to seek God, fasting, pursuing Him, etc., all helps in our faith. It’s not to get more of what we don’t already have, but helps us understand what we already have and rest in that.

      It’s easy to say we have faith and we believe, but the thing is that do we really? We can psycho ourselves to want to believe, but in our hearts do we? Most likely, we’re not going to hear a message or even a DHT and then suddenly have faith always and move like Curry or whoever. To get to that level of consistency in faith, we need to seek God, yes. But I think not to get more, but to understand what we already have.

      So seeking and pursuing God is good. Fasting, etc. – all good. The grace movement is correct to say that it’s all of Christ and what He has done and we add none of our works or efforts to it. But I think they are wrong to think that this understanding that it’s all about Him and His work is easily gotten just like that. Often, to really get it into our hearts, we have to “labor to enter rest”. That’s where the effort and pursuing God comes in. But the important thing is that this is not to earn from God or change God’s mind or get more power – but to get more revelation of what we already have so that we may move in faith.

      That’s my take at the moment.

  51. Yes, thank you for that insight! Yesterday I heard Curry Blake read a letter from John G. Lake, where he described visiting a Bible College that had waited on God fully 9 months for the Holy Spirit and nothing had happened. He admonished them, saying they could wait 10 years and 9 months with the same result, and needed to just get obedient to doing the gospel instead of waiting.

    While I myself am still trying to work out how much of the Kingdom is “now and not yet” vs. “has come upon you”, tonight I was thinking about it and am convinced once more that Bill Johnson’s statement about men building a theology that allows them to be comfortable with their experience (lack of power) so legitimising powerlessness, is true. Curry Blake is particularly blunt, saying that preachers who pray unsuccessfully for healing (or other things requiring power), need to publically save face by presenting a gospel that explains it by casting the onus back on God. In the NT the onus is always on the disciple and the focus is on the readiness of the harvest, not the readiness of the harvesters, but their obedience to the call to spread the gospel.

    I am convinced more and more that if we are to be “Christlike” we should look like Him in what we do and say. His mission statement was “to do the works of Him who sent me” i.e. “to destroy the works of the devil”. What did that look like? Healing, primarily! Sending out the disciples two by two it was “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, and preach the good news of the Kingdom”. We think preaching is the key. Once the disciples had done the first 3 parts of that directive, everyone everywhere wanted to hear what that good news was! True evangelism! So if we are to destroy the devil’s works, then we need to go after healing. There has always been a huge spiritual battle over this – something I have experienced first hand by some of the most godly Christians I know (even missionaries!) who see sickness as the result of physical (pathogens) only and not the underlying spiritual cause – the devil. Curiously, they are willing to pray faithless “if it be thy will” prayers nonetheless, but baulk at anything that denotes true faith in prayer, becoming almost offended should you pray that way.

  52. If I can add something to the above comments… Jesus said many things about believing like “whatsoever you ask for in prayer, believing that you have it, you shall receive” and many more. Notice that He said “whatsoever”- doesn’t that mean what-so-ever? He didn’t say, “except for…” I will tell you something very little known in Christianity by those who still seek for power from on high… It has everything to do with your mind. Yup, that’s why the scriptures say to renew our minds, then we will PROVE (do it and see it manifest) what His good, perfect will is. So, whatever we believe is our limitation we WILL have that manifest. I have heard people pray for “surgery to go well” and for quick “recovery.” Is that wrong? Certainly not but what if we believed that whatsoever we asked for in prayer, believing, we shall have it? Maybe then we would pray for no surgery and for the illness/disease to leave.
    Likewise, if you believe that you will receive backlash in the form of a physical illness because you are preaching the gospel with signs following, then you absolutely get what you believe. I want to encourage you, David, that the Word of God says that we have ALL authority over ALL the power of the enemy and NOTHING shall by any means hurt you. The devil is a legalist. If he sees you are vulnerable in your belief system somewhere he will use it against you.
    Yes, we do receive opposition from the enemy (either directly or indirectly through people) however, he will use your fear of consequences, fear of what people will say, fear of backlash etc. But if we use authority to destroy the work of the devil (even persistently) then eventually he realizes that he has nothing in you. He can’t take advantage of your lack of knowledge or understanding in your identity. You ARE a son of God, with all authority because you have been put into Christ. You are seated with Him in heavenly places far above all principalities, rulers and authorities in the spirit. You have EVERY spiritual blessing already. I’m telling you, if you believe you have NO limits then you will behave without limits and NOTHING will be impossible for you. I encourage you, read the scriptures regarding who you are. Keep doing what you’re doing..that is persistence because you’re sending the enemy the message that you are tenacious. At whatever point you back off is where you allow unbelief to settle in and the enemy knows that he just has to repeat that scenerio the next time. What if there isn’t a next time because you didn’t give up.
    In regards to “laboring to enter His rest” -in context, it is speaking about belief. They couldn’t enter in to His rest (finished work) because of unbelief. What a man thinks in his heart, so is he. (Prov 23:7) Keep going!!!! Never give up!!!

  53. Regarding Curry Blake, he has a lot of teaching out there and makes many claims about the thousands he’s seen healed, but there in not one testimony to be found, not one. You would think that someone who has the camera rolling for his teaching could keep the camera rolling when e prays for people at his meetings. I know a church here in Australia that hosted Curry Blake saw very little in the way of signs and wonders.
    There is a teaching of Blake’s that’s not Biblical. He teaches that believers don’t have any blockages to healing. There are just too many examples in the Bible that show that things such as sin and unforgiveness can invite demons, sickness and death and prevent God from setting you free. Believers also need to repent each time they sin. By Jesus’ stripes we are saved, forgiven and healed, but these things aren’t automatic, they must be appropriated through the tools of prayer, repentance, belief, reading the Bible, etc. There seems to be a growing number of people who follow Blake’s teachings blindly, almost cult like, probably because of his authoritative manner, but they are failing to measure his teachings against what the Bible actually teaches.

    1. One must realise that it is the Holy Spirit who does the actual work of healing. Curry Blake cannot actually heal anyone. But he is being obedient to the Word of God in that he is putting into practice the Scripture, “They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” Curry himself teaches that we don’t work for success as our principal motivation, but to obey what Jesus commanded us to do. (ie: “Heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the Gospel). Once we have obeyed, we have fulfilled our responsibility. It is then God’s business when and how He does the actual work of healing, and He is sovereign. There is no point blaming Curry Blake if there were no observable results of his teaching at his DHT in Australia, because there would have been nothing he could do about it. I would ask anyone who criticises him: “If you are putting him down for getting little or no results, then what results are YOU getting when you are praying for the sick?”

  54. well i email carry he did not respond ..i called the to his team about pray for my son they did but nothing change he still the same we ..what kind of healing it is????? and from who???? and how long i need to pray 10 or 20 years….. well if my belives no to strong why the team pray 2 times and nothing ….. i thing it is just next blah blah blah..and add just gods name many books more money just next business

    1. My email is

      Send me an email, and I will reply and send you some teaching from Curry Blake that assists you to minister healing yourself to those who need it, rather than rely on others to do it for you. Jesus has promised that if YOU believe, YOU can lay hands on sick people and they will recover! I believe it is time for you to prove God’s Word to be true for you.

  55. Hi Lena

    I do not know what is wrong with your son. God has already made healing available for your son. You need to receive. Please visit and download God wants you well and also how to receive a miracle from God and be encouraged. Healing sometimes is instantaneous and sometimes a process…you have to stand your ground and not let the devil talk y ou out of it. I will hold your son in the place of faith

  56. Dear Julie

    I am a student of the bible and I observe your sentiments ‘There are just too many examples in the Bible that show that things such as sin and unforgiveness can invite demons, sickness and death and prevent God from setting you free. Believers also need to repent each time they sin. By Jesus’ stripes we are saved, forgiven and healed, but these things aren’t automatic, they must be appropriated through the tools of prayer, repentance, belief, reading the Bible, etc;

    Nothing can prevent God from doing anything for anyone….God has done everything for us, we, by our sin only open up the door for the devil to attack our soul and body. Sin is no longer an issue with God for them that are born again…Jesus paid the penalty for our sin once and for all and he never has to go back to the cross or shed blood again for any sin. I understand where Curry is coming from. it is true that they must be appropriated but that is only to the extent of receiving what God has already provided for us by Grace

    1. remember we have been given the authority and the power Lk9:1. we are (not Jesus) to go and heal the sick and ekballo devils in His name. e.g. a traffic police officer uses the authority given him by the govnt, he/she simply wave you/me to stop and we do. when we recieve the authority (Lk 9:1) we stop the devil, fact he flees (heb 4:7). the problem is not with God, its with us.

  57. Love all the comments. I have walked with God since 1974 and was baptised in the HS a week after salvation without knowing anything about it. I did know I had received the same power that Jesus had when he did the miracles and healings. I have spent the time
    since learning all that that means. One of the main things I learned was I had met God’s conditions in my heart to receive it without knowing it. The night I surrendered to Jesus I truly wanted Him to be Lord of me. I litterly felt His presence come into my heart and wash my sins away. Through almost 40 years I have learned two main things concerning healing. 1. We must come to the BELIEF that God wants us healthy until He takes us home. 2. We must HUMBLE ourselves as we come to Him. Humility is the one common ingredient that every single person had that Jesus healed. Knowing it IS Gods will to heal us ALWAYS and then come to Him surrenderd and we will always receive.

  58. What about love?
    Jesus told his followers to heal the sick, cast out demons, cleanse the lepers. He also said that without love, all these things are worthless. What is our motivation for doing these things in Jesus name? It must be love. If we do it for any other reason, we are missing the point. We cannot do it to get a high, to feel closer to God, to make ourselves feel worthy, to justify ourselves, to be “holders of the knowledge”, to gain a higher wisdom, to give ourselves a badge of honour or because we have a right.
    God knows our hearts and our motivations, make love your goal and you will line your hearts up with His. Love God above all. Love yourself because He loves you. See the people who need healing and deliverance the way God sees them, through his eyes of love and compassion. God’s love will drive us to action for the right reasons. Heal them because you love them.

  59. Would you please send your 47 pages analysis on Mr. Blake’s teaching including transcription, portions and excerpts i would appreciate it.

  60. Hi Will,

    Could I also please have a copy of your 47 page analysis on Curry Blake sent to the following e-mail address: (truth@medialightministriesDOTcoDOTuk).

    Much love in Jesus

  61. Am richly blessed having to visit this website today.I desire to know more about Curry Blake’s teachings particularly the DHT materials.I desire to know God the more and experience His healing power and anoiting upon my life for the glory and praise of His name.Can you please send me a link where I could download the recent DHT email is

  62. I am one member of a group of 10 dutch people, attending a dht end of april in San Diego.
    Before we heard about Currie and watched the Dht on Youtube.
    I also have questions about the numbers, but at same time we are seeing results
    we had only dreamed about, untill now. Just by stepping out, don,t give up, we see -after the first approx 15 prayers w/o results, results coming with all kind of diseases, from headache till cancer.
    You need a (life) team of people, either phys. or via skype to keep on going. The ennemy will try
    to keep you away from it, but believe me : This is one the best things you can do. Not only giving a testimony, but being able to set people free . We have prayed for non-believers meanwhile, set them free, and have enough to talk about now. So this really works, and works fast, specially if you come from the correct foundation: the gospel of grace.

  63. I have listened to Curry’s teaching many times and was a long time partner of JGLM. I have seen many healings through this teaching. But things picked up to a higher level when taking what i had learned from Curry and then mixed the knowledge with the teaching of Dan Mohler…this is where things have gotten so much more frequent and normal. Dan teaches our value and hence their value, and becoming love. Not just loving but becoming love, and by doing so we are then able to give the love of healing with out the flaw of self. feel free to contact me and or find me on face book. I would again say listen to both these men, they are teaching the simple truth of the gospel…..oh one other thing, just cause you know something doesn’t mean you will now go out and see everyone healed . It will take effort from a sincere heart that desires to allow Holy Spirit to conform your soul in to Christ and that my friends is an awesome thing. You are blessed and are the pearl of great price, and so are they who you will meet every day of your life. I have one goal in this life and that is to become love and to be emptied of self , so that HE can be perfectly represented to the world.

  64. Dear friend in Jesus,

    Please would you send me your 47 pg report and I will give you my feedback as well!

    God bless you and guide you into all truth!

  65. I really respect John G Lake Ministries for allowing their course to be taught to those interested, unlike those preachers who insist that people buy their sermons and dont post online and then reap Profits for their own benefit and not for helping the poor and needy and those without Christ.

  66. Hi

    I have been watching the videos of Curry’s teachings. My observation is that the teaching is based on the Bible, and there is nothing new that I have not heard.
    BUT, Curry operates with tremendous authority and completely knows his position in Christ.
    In watching one of the videos, when he pointed at the camera and said ‘Be healed’, I was sitting at my desk and a jolt of electricity from my face to my chest. Twice he said it, twice I felt it.

  67. Loved all that you wrote.Saved in Oral Roberts meeting in 1956 as small boy healing always on my heart. Seen & experienced personally healing & results for others over many years.
    Now not seeing in the churches looked for supplement teaching.Hit on Andrew Wommack & Bill Johnson then Finally Curry Blake .
    I must say Curry’s way seems the best way (as it is simple) teaching ALL THE SAINTS not just a selected few. How often have you heard you are not healed because of your unbelief,WELL WHEN I WAS A 17 yo BOY I CRUSHED 2 FINGERS THEY WERE GOING TO AMPUTATE THEM.
    Over the year we all have said wrong things about believing all I can say that John G Lake believed in training people so does Curry Blake & something a lot of preachers forget SO DID JESUS Lets get out there & do It . p.s. would also love a copy of your 47p report your brother Crispy.

  68. We are in Nigeria with difficulty in crossing over to US to listen to Curry Blake and others. Send these DHT to me. We can invite Him and also start this movement of divine healings here. Please send
    The materials.

  69. Interesting reading from all of you. I am in South Africa and have been listening to Curry Blake’s teachings. At first I doubted the validity, and even the truth, of what he was saying. But I kept reading the Word and the lights suddenly came on in my spirit. What Jesus said in the gospels is the TRUTH. And He said that the signs would follow those WHO BELEIVE.
    So I prayed first of all for my arthritic pain of more than 5 years. It did not leave instantly, so I continued all day long and within 24 hours, the excruciating pain was GONE.
    My son has schizophrenia, and I started laying hands on him. He is not totally better, but he is VERY much better. So I will continue until he is fully recovered.
    I, however, do believe that fasting should be a part of the preparation of every christian who wants to go in deeper to healing. Curry tends to dismiss fasting, and while I understand that he is just trying to emphasise that it is not needed for healing, I do believe that if Jesus fasted before He started HIs ministry, we should be doing the same. But NOT fasting until we think we are ready – how would we know? But rather fasting WHILE we are becoming ready. Walk in faith while your faith is growing. And don’t ever give up – God’s Word is TRUE and we just need to walk in the truth until it manifests in our lives.

    1. Praise the Lord for the improvement in your son! Schizophrenia runs quite badly in my family and 2 of my 4 children had breakdowns in which they showed definite signs of schizophrenia. My mom and I and looked to Jesus for the answer and my children are fine and and have been for years with no signs of the disease whatsoever. I believe that what helps the most is focusing on the word, and prayer and good bible teaching and getting support from other Christians who will stand in faith with you for healing and deliverance because you will hear a lot of negative things from the world and even from Christians that don’t believe that healing is the will of God. I know that Andrew Wommacks teaching had a huge impact on me and I doubt I would have been able to see this trial through to keep trusting Jesus and looking to God for an answer if I hadn’t been influenced by his teaching of the word. The word is our food, and it’s basis for our faith and it renews our minds. We absolutely need it to stand in faith.

  70. I would be very interested to get in touch with other South Africans and form some sort of group where we can share and pray together for healing in our country. HIV is rife in SA and we need to wake up to what is going on here and start spreading the gospel in our own communities. Everyday that we do nothing, Satan is winning by just doing the same as he always has. We need to shake the gates of hell and set people free. My own particular area of interest as far as divine healing goes, is in the area of severe mental illness. I truly believe that God has a tender heart for those who really cannot help themselves, and I want to be instrumental in bringing life and light to those trapped in the darkness of mental disease. If anyone can help me in this area, I would appreciate any insights. email me on

  71. Those who are having difficulties with results in healing, may wish to go to You Tube for Derek Prince (not Joseph Prince who is also authentic) for “Invisible Barriers to Healing.” There are 7 plus reasons how Satan can sabotage the art of healing by spiritual warfare in the minds of people. An attitude of deliberate soulish willfullness or mindset of unforgiveness toward others are examples of barriers. Unconfessed sins and secret sins (there are no secrets to Jehovah) and unreleased contact (even if only one time) to the occult or worldly superstitions can make it harder to get thru the many layers of garbage for direct, immediate healing. Some demons are found as dark spirits of infirmity, pain, crippling debility, and death (depression, oppression, broken heartedness, fascination with the morbid) all attack and attach to the mind-set often unbeknownst to a person and thus block full, fast healing according to Derek Prince. Family curses include things such as same chronic illnesses in each generation (tendency toward cancer, ulcers, like in my family), divorce and interpersonal alienations (also in my family), and chronic frustrations to prosper financially or interpersonally with others outside the family, all could be symptoms of some forgotten contamination with false gods and idols unintendedly mixed in with worship of Christ. The Old Testament is full of such and Jesus reminded us of such spiritual warfare. So, Evil Deceit and hidden garbage could an underlying speed bump to healing. Rejoice that all such crap can be overcome by acknowledgement, repentence for the mistake, release thru forgiveness by the Lord, and Freedom from Satan’s yoke and fear, to live fully our lives intended and designed by God Hope this info. is helpful to someone. I am soaking up Curry Blake’s perspective and expect great happenings. I welcome anyone to e-mail with me on occasion or visit over coffee/tea in order to encourage one another, as we WILL BE BATTERED for the Name of Jesus Christ for obedience to His Word. Best wishes and blessings, Don Westcott of Smyrna, TN

  72. I’m in agreement with the others posting here who have been ministered to through Andrew Wommack’s teaching. It’s awesome that everything that he ministers is available for free from his website because many couldn’t or wouldn’t hear these things if they had to pay for a cd or buy a book. I can also testify that I’ve had significant, lasting, life-changing experiences through his ministry and highly recommend it to anyone.

  73. Someone sent me the above link and I read with great intest on the works of those mentioned above.

    I was quite facinated by the teachings of Mr Blake , and have read on John G.Lake’s book as well as viewed most (if not not) of Katryn’s rallies available online.

    While I believe the events I viewed and read, I also did some studies on their biographies.

    what puzzled me was, if they were used so mightily by God in the areas of healing, why were they works “taken away” so suddenly ? They died young ( at least in the context of the bible).

    I also read what had happened to John’s son, whom ” I need not die if my father was here”. He was referring to John, not God.

    Now pls don’t get me wrong here, I believe with all my heart that healing is our birth right the moment we receive Jesus into our lives, becos it was by His stripes that we are healed, Jesus paid the price with His own life, and He exchanged His position with us.

    He let us take His place ( at the tigh hand of God), so that He can take our place, on the cross.

    God even promises double portion of blessings on what was robbed from us by the “thief”.

    Hence, we already have ALL there is , “according” to the riches in Christ Glory (which , based on our limited brain cells calculation is beyond comprehension). We have God’s full attention on His right hand.

    So, ok back to healing. Healing to me is a birth right, when we know who we are in the kingdom of God.

    Healing , and to Heal are two entirely different thing.

    Healing belongs to everyone, to Heal is another subject altogether.

    Why do we receive healing is because we don’t know what we have, hence the thief can come to rob, steal and destroy.

    God gives different gifts to all His children, and, to exchange gifts front the ones He has blessed us with is to tell God that He has made a mistake, that we can do better than what we have received.

    He gave some as teachers, some prophesy, so, healing, some…….

    When we look for the gifts, than the giver ( who owns ALL things), we missed the mark.

    I am not disqualifying the works of the generals of The Lord, I just believe that God appoint them as generals for His won reasons. If everyone is a general, this world will become perfect, however, His ways are higher, and greater, as far as the heavens is from the earth, so are His ways higher than ours.

    If we have the gifts, use it ” wisely” ( what Solomon says ” the beginning of wisdom comes from the fear of The Lord “.) We reverent Him.

    Therefore, I urge those who seek the gifts to seek first the Kingdom of righteousness (which is Jesus , He is the righteousness of God given to us thru the cross), and ALL these things shall be added unto us.

    God bless.

  74. I was so blessed and have started to pray for the sick in the light of the trust I heard in the DHT audio course I got recently. May you send me the manual accompanying this course – email is When next is this course running in South Africa, anyone knows?

  75. Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    I am just writing to say that even the people Jesus healed did not return to thank him. From among the 10 only one came to thank Jesus. Some get so carried away with their healing that they fail to testify in the proper way. They have not been trained to return and testify. That shouldn’t cause us to doubt anyone teaching or doing God’s work as Bill Johnson or Curry Blake. Different gifts, different ministries without similarities. Let’s just believe regardless. Too much analysis causes paralysis. We do not want to be in the ‘weak in faith’ club. Let gets trained, go out, heal and train others..God bless you all.

  76. I trained with BG Leonard, an old Gospel pioneer who started his ministry back in the 30s. He was a companion and frequent campaigner with Charles S. Price, a once liberal theologian who was filled with the Spirit at an Aimee Semple McPherson meeting. One of the best books I’ve ever read on this topic was written by Price, titled, “The Real Faith.” It is available in several places online as a pdf file for download. Price of course was, as we all often are, stymied by the enigma of those who were not healed when it seems from all we can understand that they should be. Through travail in prayer Price was certain that he had come to know the secret of breaking through in the realm of faith. After you’ve read The Real Faith, would enjoy hearing anyone’s thoughts on the matter.

  77. I also have the similar background of yours. Teachings by Benny Hinn, John Wimber were the primary sources for my study on healing for many years. I also knew a bit of John G. Lake and I was interested in his unique way of healing ministry, but I had never gotten to know how he did. And it was like a month ago, I found Curry Blake ministry. Someone in the comment said something about Andrew Wommack. This man also has the similar view on the divine healing. I believe the Spirit of God is revealing via Curry Blake and others the newest version of the divine healing. It only looks new because the Pentecostal teachers weren’t aware of the simplicity, but the truth has been there in the Book! It’s time for us to receive the healing or minister to the sick in a biblical way.

  78. I’ve skimmed through some of the postings. Here’s what I’d like to see. If the graduates of the DHTT have had successes laying hands on people why haven’t they inundated this site with their testimonies. Maybe with their successes they are not searching the internet by typing in “Curry Blake, Healer or Heretic”. Which is how I came to this site.
    I took the DHT Training course offered by John G Lake Ministries through DVD and manual. That may have been a mistake since if you take the seminar there is a healing service at the end where you get a chance to pray for people with supervision. Theory being, with a couple of successes under your belt, Satan has a harder time interfering with you. I’ve just completed it. I’ve laid hand on or prayed for about a dozen people. I live on a ranch 20 miles from town so I don’t get out much. JGLM has also prayed for me. I have not seen or heard of any healings manifesting for me or the ones I’ve prayed for.
    My hearing has gotten a little better but not perfect by any means.
    I don’t know what the problem is. I guess I’m searching for the solution. I believe that the Word of God is true. I believe that the teaching of Curry Blake are the pure word of God and they are not suppositions or false teachings.
    I believe that the blockage is with me. But, I don’t know what the blockage or hindrance is. I downloaded the prayer and pre and post – ministering information that JGLM sent with the copy of the prayer (by email). I’ve also gone through the 10 New Man teachings. I’m still struggling (also sent as an attachment with the email).
    I have decided to listen to that prayer by Curry Blake every morning for a month.
    I read the John G Lake book published by Copeland Ministries in 2006. I picked it up again August of 2014. I read it daily from August 11, through October 22, 2014. John G Lake in his sermons if you would sit under his sermons daily for a month you would be healed. Well that was 2 months and 11 days.
    Just putting my thoughts out there to see what the world thinks about it.

  79. It seems to me we are missing the whole point! We are all going to die so healing is just prolonging the inevitable. The real emphasis should be on helping people get saved by accepting the Lord with or without healing. That is real healing for ever! The devil always get us sidetrack into doing anything else except what God told us to do! He doesn’t want souls lost to him!

  80. Will, please do not send me your 47 page report. I already know the Jesus’ still heals today. I have witnessed it myself and also have been healed by Jesus’. If you are a true believer you can be used as a vessel to heal others. Hundreds could have been prayed for by you while you were busy investigating to see if Jesus’ word is true. Blessings, Murph

  81. Kindly send me Curry Blake’s manual on Divine Healing. I have been listening to his teaching on an MP-3 recorded message which a friend gave me in 2013 and I found it very challenging an eye-opening. I am practising what I have learnt from the message and I see great results. I now look at my hands differently. I would like to read more and be empowered. Thank you and much grace to you.
    Apostle Themba Gumede – South Africa


  83. Omg! Your comments and findings on healing and all these preachers are almost word for word what I have come to learn and believe. The only minister that you did not Comment on that I have studied is Dr Randy Clark who works a lot with Bill Johnson. I am about to start a study group using Bill and Randy's curriculum on "The Essential Guide to Healing" but I found Curry Blake's teaching this week and am very impressived so far. What are your thoughts about the difference between the two teachings?

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for your comment. it's been more than 10 years since I've written the above and started to listen to Curry Blake. I love Randy Clark. I think he's more similar to Bill Johnson. I think both Curry Blake on one hand and Bill/Randy are awesome. slightly different perspectives and healing methods, but both good and I think ultimately I will look at the results. And to be honest, I've not followed a lot of all this in recent years so I wouldn't be able to comment that much!

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