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Around noon on the 10th July, the third day of Curry Blake’s DHT training at Arkansas and after having just spent two amazing nights at Walmart with friends healing people and an incredible morning in a home healing an Argentinian couple and seeing them touched by love, I decided to buy a journal to record my healing journey. I was excited at what was happening and made a commitment to start praying for as many people as I can on the streets and everywhere else whether I see any success or not. If Todd White had to pray for over 500 people before seeing a breakthrough, I thought I may as well get my journey started and learn as much as possible straight away!

My first experience of God’s amazing power working through me alone was at the San Francisco Airport which I described here. I arrived back in Singapore at midnight. The next day (16th July), I approached a lady selling tissue papers at Jurong East Interchange. She was in a wheelchair. I just prayed then left. On the 23rd, I prayed for another tissue seller at Bukit Merah Central and he reported that there was less pain or pain left, though that was hard to confirm. On the 3rd of August, I was with another friend and prayed for a old lady on a wheelchair without a right leg. After commanding her leg to grow, she also complained of pain and that left after commanding the pain to go.

Perhaps my first really big breakthrough was on the 5th August when a colleague of mine jumped from a high level and injured his ankle. He was brought to me and I commanded the pain to leave and it significantly improved. I commanded about two more times and all the pain left. My colleague was from Myanmar and a non-Christian. He told me he was very surprised! I told him Jesus healed him. The next morning a bit of pain came back and I commanded it to leave and it left. The same thing happened at the end of the day. His ankle is pain free till today.

On the 7th August, I was walking back just after midnight and approached a security guard who was walking awkwardly. I asked him if he had pain in his legs. He said he was OK. I asked him if he had pain anywhere in his body and he showed me his hand and pointed to cramps in his fingers – he couldn’t move them. I commanded cramps to go and he started to be able to move his fingers. He seemed shocked and said, “Thanks a lot” and I just told him that Jesus loves him. We didn’t get to talk further as he had to do his work.

On the way to meeting a friend on the 11th August, I spotted a young boy with a cast. He was standing near me on the MRT but I was a bit afraid to approach him with so many people around so I followed him till he got off (he got off at the same stop as me) and approached him on the escalator going up. I asked him if he had pain in his arm and he said it was OK and that it’s healing. He allowed me to pray for him so I commanded the pain to go away. There was less pain after the first round. So I commanded complete healing and all the pain left. I told him Jesus healed him and I asked him if he was a Christian and he said not yet. I left him a name card and asked him to contact me.

The following day, a Christian colleague told me he had a hurting back/hip which caused him to limp a bit. I commanded the pain to leave and it left completely after hitting it twice.

Besides the above incidents, I approached and prayed for many others. Sometimes I was rejected on the streets. I also prayed for people whereby there was no clear improvement after the prayer. That was of course disappointing but it’s not going to distract me from further healing people I can.

Here are some thoughts:

1) To be honest I didn’t think I’d get to see results so quickly. I wasn’t full of faith before every successful healing! And that’s reflected through the fact that I was probably nearly as shocked as the person who got healed was! But my few experiences have definitely put more confidence in me now.

2) Right now, I go into a situation expecting pain to go when I command it to. This is based on my experience and that of others. I dunno why this is so – just like growing legs seem to be something that is so easy to many people.

3) I have to acknowledge that when I prayed for my Christian colleague, who has been a friend of mine for about 15 years, I wasn’t really full of faith at all! This is someone I’ve known so well and long and who’s a Christian. I think sometimes it’s easier to pray for strangers and perhaps non-Christians. This shouldn’t be my mindset of course!

4) I have to think about following up more. This is early days still and sometimes I’m so surprised after seeing the person healed that I don’t know what to do! I’m going to get a name card especially for the purposes of following up and keeping in contact with the person prayed for. I’m also in the midst of creating a website.

5) I’ve learned never to settle for less than complete healing whenever possible. After praying once, pain would go down but I’d hit it again until there’s complete healing.

6) I find that when you see someone, it’s best to just go for it rather than wait and think. You’ll think yourself out of approaching the person!

7) For a person like me who doesn’t speak Mandarin well, it’s good to partner someone who does.

8) Anyway, it’s probably better overall to go in pairs as this would be less intimidating for the person you approach. But of course, as a lifestyle you try to approach people everytime and everywhere you are and not just when you’re with someone. And it can get very exciting to do it alone :)

9) I still dunno how I should approach a situation whereby nothing happens after prayer. I’ve prayed for people on wheelchairs, a person with Cerebral Palsy, a lady with a huge goiter in her face and a guy dying of TB. I don’t want to just say a simple prayer and not see anything happening and then move on. I hate praying for people and leaving them unhealed. However, I’m also trying to understand that healing could occur after a while and it doesn’t always manifest straight away and so I shouldn’t always think that if nothing happens that means my prayers didn’t work. By thinking this way, it may be doubting, which may be a self-fulfilling prophecy and prevent any healing to occur in future. On the other hand, I also don’t want to go away from a situation and not following up to see if there’s improvement later on. Every stupid thing must bow to the name and power of Jesus Christ because He is above every name and power. If I don’t see this happening, then I don’t want to just move on. I want to see people healed! Anyway, I’ve lots of thoughts about this and will talk a lot more about this in future posts.

10) I’m still thinking of what words to use to pray. While words are not all-important, they do matter in a way and do reflect what one believes. Through Curry and most people I’ve seen, they just say a very simple prayer in Jesus name – often lasting a few seconds or less: “In Jesus’ name, I command pain to go and ankle to be healed, etc.”. That’s the way i normally pray now, though sometimes I change. The above way reflects authority/dominion dimension and that it’s a spiritual war – you speak to the problem, not to God about the problem. But then I’m learning from other Christians into healing about the importance of proclamation prayers. You proclaim the gospel as you pray. You don’t ask God to heal the person, but you declare the gospel in your prayers because in Scripture it seems that the gospel of the kingdom of God was always linked with healing – both came together. So while you may not have time to preach the gospel, you can kind of do it in your prayers through proclamation prayers. I’m still learning about this and will share more in future. Whatever kind of prayer you use, some people do also address and acknowledge their connection with God. Like Todd White sometimes says, “Father, I thank you in Jesus’ name”, then he goes to commanding. In this way, there’s this acknowledgement of God’s presence. One may also praise and thank God through one’s prayers. There are no magic words or ways of praying, but thinking through the words I use helps me to reflect upon what I believe and what I should be conscious of as I pray for people. But one thing I’ve realized through the various people I’m learning from about healing is that their prayers are not long and they are not of the intercessory begging types. That’s Old Covenant.

I shared the above experiences to encourage you all to go out and start doing it. My experience with the various groups of young people in America encouraged and challenged me greatly. It’s because of them that I’ve taken that step to pray for people on the streets. And that’s why I’m bringing people together to create a culture of going out and learning together. We’ve got so much to learn from each other. And we can do so much to encourage each other early on in our journey.

Of course before you step out and do all this, make sure you spend a lot of reading Scriptures and fasting and praying. If not, don’t expect God’s power to flow through you….


Haha. It’s not about preparing yourself. Seriously, over the past few weeks, I wish I could have spent more time with the Word of God and praying and even fasting. But no, I haven’t fasted for a while. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time reading or meditating over Scriptures or even praying. I haven’t spent more time on all this than I have in previous months! I didn’t actually “prepare” myself!

You can do this because God qualifies you in Christ. He has given you authority and power, the anointing that abides and His promised presence with you always. I haven’t lived a perfectly holy life and I’ve definitely sinned during all this time. I probably didn’t even have the best of motives as I do all this – who knows! In fact, I don’t even care so much about my motives or whatever failures I may have because I know the devil puts stupid thoughts in my mind to try to make me think that I shouldn’t be approaching people because I’m not yet good enough. God doesn’t disqualify me – only the devil or I myself do that. My focus is not on what disqualifies me, but on Him who qualifies me and how I’m already qualified in Him. The more I focus on Christ and how He sees me, the more I become like Him. That’s why understanding the grace of God is so foundational. And adopting a New Covenant mindset that emphasizes how qualified you already are in Christ is so important too.

I believe in the importance of good teachings and renewing of one’s mind with the truth and Curry’s teachings have been instrumental. However, we won’t be perfect in this area so let’s just get going. The most important thing I’ve come to know is that I have everything in me (the anointing, the presence of God, the power, the authority, etc) – and you have everything in you – needed to get started. If our mindset is that we need to get more or prepare more, then you’ll be missing out in getting started. I think that pleases the devil so much. Now, I believe there is a place for getting more and preparing more, but that will come later. Now, you’d be amazed how much life can flow out of you already, just as you are – having Christ in you! You got the anointing of God when you got born again! Get started, and before long, I promise you, you’ll be seeing results.

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  1. Wow, Jonathan, I’m really amazed at your speedy progress and BOLDNESS! Not to puff you up, but at the rate you’re going, I don’t see why God can’t change you into the Todd White of Singapore! I’m really inspired by your post. Keep up the faith bro!

  2. Haha! Thanks for your encouragement Andrew and Joanne! Todd White is one of a kind – truly amazing! These are early days yet and yet God is faithful to His Word.

    I really believe that if I can do it, everyone Christian can. Those who know me through this blog or in person know that I’m no special or “spiritual” person! Haha. That’s the amazing thing. It’s just getting back to the Bible and seeking to do what Jesus did. And as we step out and grow, we will see wonderful things happen. His Word is true.

    I keep on telling my friends to imagine what it’d be like when young people (e.g. teenagers) catch all this. When they see God working through them healing the sick, they’d really know God is real and that He’s someone worth living for. It’s my desire to grow in all this and get us all to teach youth all about it and see them move in healing and transform the Singapore and the world through demonstrating Christ’s healing love.

  3. Wow, I’ve been following this blog for some time but I just knew yesterday that it is you (someone whom I ever met) that’s writing it! Keep posting testimonies and progress, it will help to build our faith!

  4. Just a thought: Is there like an online forum where we the like-minded can gather, ask questions, share, discuss etc?

  5. Hey Teddy, I met you at Grace Fellowship right? How are ya doing? Do join us one of these days!

    Andrew, there are. I’ll mention some good forums soon!

    PS: Actually, I just added information about two healing forums I sometimes visit here.

  6. Jonathan,

    Awesome post, bro! I’m definitely encouraged by how you’re stepping out in faith and bringing the Kingdom! Dude, I think this is so cool. I remember walking around in Walmart with you, and seeing you’re passion and desire to do the works of Jesus, and yet battling with that fear-thing that keeps us all from stepping out sometimes. Way to go, man!

    It’s so true that anyone can do this. Literally, all it takes is putting yourself out there. If you have enough faith to step out and put your hands on somebody, you have enough faith to heal the sick. If we’re obedient, God will be faithful — that’s the bottom line.

    Hey, I don’t know if you’re doing a home-group or what, but if you http://www.thejesusmethod.com/p/jesus-gatherings.html

  7. Hey Michael, Yes, I’m bolder now having seen your friends and Ryan’s do it in America. Thank you and your friends for living it out! It’s become a lifestyle already for me! I just saw three people healed in one way or another in the past 3 hours and it’s amazing how much power and authority we indeed have in Jesus Christ! His Kingdom reigns!

    And it’s so easy. We don’t have to be super-spiritual, just recognize what we already have in Him.

    Thanks. I’ve also been thinking more of house churches since America. Hey, keep in touch when you’re in India. If you ever make it to Singapore, I’ll introduce you to my friends who are an awesome bunch and eager to learn and practice!

  8. Hi! Yeah we met at Grace Fellowship. I’m good and growing in faith (slowly but surely..hahaha). From your earlier posts I thought you are someone reaching middle age already, but in your posts about the trip to learn about healing you sound more youthful. Hahaha.

  9. Hey, I’ve been following your blog for past 1-2 years. All I can say is WOW! It’s really encouraging to see your journey from beginning stage of learning till now.

    Thanks for sharing that this CAN happen to all of us when we have Jesus! Thanks for showing us God’s miracle is not exclusive to famous preachers but also to lay-man like us. Actually I just recently started to pray for myself whenever there is pain in my body (partly encouraged by your blog haha). Once the pain on my knee did really go like magic! But other times the pain remains…

    But this post really helps build my faith to believe in God’s finished work, and hopefully someday slowly have courage to pray for others. Our God is real and awesome! Keep on posting your journey! =)

  10. Teddy, me middle-aged? Haha…I reject that in Jesus’ name! :)

    Osbert, thanks for your comment. It’s always encouraging to know of people I don’t know following my blog! Yes, indeed people like us can move in our God-given authority. It isn’t a special gift for some, but a God-given right and authority for all Christians. Do join us whenever you can! I just had a wonderful trip with a friend to a hospital :)

  11. Hi Jonah,

    this post has been very encouraging especially about how “God doesn’t disqualify me – only the devil or I myself do that.”

    You’re so brave, I don’t think I will dare to pray for anyone out there just like that. I see that God has given you much strength and courage~

    Go for it!

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