First Healing On The Streets Meeting

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9 people from a few different churches participated in our first meeting on the 14th August. We met at 5pm in a meeting room in the CBD area and chatted about various topics for about 1-2 hours. Joanne, a student at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) shared about her experiences there. We discussed about healing and different opinions on certain things related to healing. We shared some testimonies on healing and then talked a bit about practical matters when going out to the streets. Most people there were already familiar with street healing – having either done it themselves or seen it done on Youtube! We left around 7pm and walked to Chinatown. There we met two more people, had a quick dinner then split into smaller groups that went their separate ways. Some suggested going to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and in the end we did end up seeing each other there about 9pm or so. There, there was a debriefing session among some, while others continued on at Orchard Road.


The below is a compilation of testimonies from the different groups:

  • A middle-aged guy who had ulnar nerve damage and numbness over his little and ring fingers – and that side of the arm until the elbow – felt circulation (he said “blood moving”) upon prayer. Although feeling didn’t immediately return, his countenance was markedly different after that and said he would give thanks to Jesus.
  • An elderly guy on his bike who was smoking and had trouble breathing (from his medication, it looked like chronic bronchitis / chronic obstructive lung disease). Because he spoke Hokkien, the group wasn’t sure what happened after the prayer but some of them felt that the man felt something emotionally (e.g. peace).
  • One of our friend’s mother who has suffered from a heel spur for 5 years and has been in pain constantly of late had the pain significantly reduced and felt warmth on her thigh.
  • In SGH, a few of us prayed for this guy who injured his ankle during a soccer match and had to go for a surgery. There was no way we could tell if anything improved as he didn’t have any pain to start with.
  • An lady outside SGH on a wheelchair was prayed for with pain being significantly reduced.
  • A cleaner in the lady’s toilet was healed of her neck pain.
  • A guy on the wheelchair had pain significantly reduced. He felt a bit awkward and left hurriedly before experiencing complete healing but said thanks.
  • A Christian girl in Dhoby Ghaut who had recently broken/fractured one leg and was recovering had pain completely leave her leg.

Thoughts on stepping out and failure

I think everyone thought it was a good experience. Some were there to observe as this was all very new to them, while at least one stepped out for the fist time and saw her first healing. We prayed for more people than the above. Sometimes there were no results while at other times a language barrier prevented us from knowing if anything actually happened. We also approached some people who rejected us.

Let me share something. I approached a lady in SGH who had one leg clearly shorter than the other. She was with her husband and both were Christians. I asked to pray for her and they hesitated. When she told me she had polio, I told them that I saw God grow a person’s leg out who had polio a few weeks ago and I said I believed God could heal her. I got her to sit down on a sofa then started to hold her legs and command one of them to grow longer. My friends were all around there and there were others at the hospital looking too because one of the counters was nearby. I felt a bit awkward and pressured, but not so much because I’d done this before and so I know all this is part of the package. It may feel weird, and people will think you’re crazy, but that’s all part of stepping out. I’ve learned to be more bold as I do more.

Well, in the end, I don’t think the leg moved one bit after probably 5 minutes plus of commanding it to. I prayed for the polio and left my contact with the couple and said I’d like to pray for them again and that I believed God would heal her. I dunno if they’ll call me. I don’t think so. I felt sorry that they had to go through all this and I felt a bit embarrassed for myself, but I know that ultimately it’s about obedience. I didn’t see any result then and obviously I was terribly disappointed but I still hold on to God’s Word for His Word is above my experiences. If there’s a failure, it’s not with God, but with me. But when I say this, I am not condemning myself. I am secure in God’s love enough to know that His love never leaves me when I fail.

Hey, I got my first big failure – in a sense. The wonderful thing is that I have no need to fear for any failure in future because I’ve already experienced a big one. I just want to go out in obedience to lay hands on the sick and trust God. If another potentially awkward situation like the above presented itself, I would still go for it because I’ve already experienced how embarrassing it could be! Haha! And anyway, I believe God is pleased with my obedience and the devil knows I mean business! Having said all that, seeing failures just makes me want to press in more and learn more about healing and how to be more effective in it. There’s no reason why there should be failures because the Word of God doesn’t allow for any.

I know Jesus loves the lady and I know He doesn’t want to see her in the state she’s in and I know Jesus wants to move through us to see her healed. I don’t know why nothing happened then but I know it’s not God’s fault. I will continue to learn and I want to offer myself as a vessel every time I see a person suffering from something that they should not suffer from because of what Jesus Christ went through for them.

Thoughts on the prophetic and healing

I’m not strong on the prophetic like others but I want to improve in this area. Some of us thought that it’ll be good to practice our words of knowledge and even prophecy. Now, we mostly approach people that we see have some visible pain/sickness. But if we try and step out and seek words of knowledge about people, we can approach more people. I think it’s a way to step out in the prophetic too. I’ve stepped out a lot in healing, but I also want to do so in the prophetic.

We can just ask God for words for people we see have no visible condition and step out and ask the person, “Excuse me sir/mam, do you have pain in (fill in part of your body) or (fill in condition)?” or “Excuse me sir/mam, is your name (fill in name)”. The worst thing that can happen is that they say, “Nope” and give you a weird look. But people give you a weird look even when you ask them about their visible pain so it’s pretty much the same thing – no greater embarrassment! I’ve learned to be bolder now so I don’t really care what they think! Haha. Anyway, we can then just follow up with a, “Do you have any pain in any part of your body (or any sickness)?”

Another way to practice the prophetic is through Treasure Hunting. I’ve never been on one before though I’d like to – one day I’d like to organize one. However, one thing to note when doing it is not to bypass the other people on the streets that need healing but who are not our ultimate treasure. We should pray for everyone who needs healing. I think that’s one of the potential weakness of treasure hunting – that people may only seek their ultimate treasure and forget that we should be laying hands on all the sick we come across, not just our treasure. But it’ll be cool to meet at one place in different groups, get words from God, then each group moves as God leads us to our treasure, but still pray for every single person we come across that need healing. That would be fun :)

Future meetings

Since Saturday, some friends and I have continued to meet up more regularly. We understand that while it’s about a lifestyle (and we do approach people when we’re going about with our normal day activity), we are just hungry to learn more and move more in this area. Therefore we are meeting regularly and intentionally to find people to pray for and heal.

At least four of us are going to a hospital tonight. I went with a friend yesterday night and we saw many healings. Not big ones like people coming out of wheelchairs, but about 9 people were healed either fully (most of them fully) or almost completely in at least one area – and many of them I know were touched that we spent time talking to them and praying for them. On Sunday and Monday, I saw over 10 people healed just going about my daily life and not really specifically looking for people. It’s so exciting – I will share more soon!

At this moment, we haven’t planned next meeting. Some of us are already meeting regularly to pray for people. One friend mentioned about having no solid teaching on healing on Saturday. Yes, it was a more informal discussion and sharing session. But I’m glad he mentioned that because I’m big on teaching! Haha. I think it’s so important to renew our minds with the Word of God as we grow in this area. I’m now thinking of a more formal monthly meeting with good teachings (someone sharing or playing a DVD of which I have a few in mind) that is open to people who have not stepped out before but want the encouragement to do so. We want to help people to get started and then when they see how easy it is, they will start to develop healing as a lifestyle. Then they will eventually disciple others in this area.

OK, I’ve got so much more things to say but that’s for another post :) I’ll end with an SMS I received from a friend. When I said I’m so happy that he’s passionate about this and that we shall encourage and challenge each other, he replied:

Passionate. Yes. I guess you can put it down to anger. Righteous anger. Been robbed and lied to for too long. The devil will pay. I know my rights and authority now.

Amen! That’s the kind of attitude I love and that encourages me even further.

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  1. Hey Jonathan, don’t be discouraged by your failure. From your post, you have more successes than failures! I guess anyone wanting to pray for the sick will experience failures. That seems to be the norm. Even Jesus’ disciples failed with the possessed boy.

    I rem a long time ago, I prayed for a rerservist mate’s wife who was a new mum and who had suddenly fallen ill and gone into a coma. The next morning, I got an sms from his sister saying that the woman had passed on.

    I was devastated and felt really embarrassed because I had told the husband that Jesus would heal her in front of my officers! I also felt like my hands ministered death instead of life. That incident shook me and caused me to doubt and think twice about praying for the sick.

    Well, I’ll still pray for the sick today when given the opportunity. I cannot put my experiences above God’s Word.

    BTW: I have a friend Joseph on FB who was born with spinal bifida and becos of that has kidney failure. He’s been on dialysis for the past 10 years since he was 16. He listens to Ps Prince but has been discouraged lately becos he hasn’t seen any improvement despite having done all the healing ‘stuff’. He’s in Malaysia. Would you like to pray for him over the phone long distance? Let me know. Cheers and jia you (oil of the Holy Spirit)!

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s important not to be discouraged but to press on. My friends and I have been seeing more and more healings and we thank God for that. However, we’re also pressing on and learning from Him to see God’s power flow through us in greater ways. There’s still so much more to learn and to grow in this area.

    Hope you’ll join us one day! And yes, definitely I’ll pray for him over the phone! :)

  3. Jonathan,

    “I felt sorry that they had to go through all this and I felt a bit embarrassed for myself, but I know that ultimately it’s about obedience. I didn’t see any result then and obviously I was terribly disappointed but I still hold on to God’s Word for His Word is above my experiences. If there’s a failure, it’s not with God, but with me. But when I say this, I am not condemning myself. I am secure in God’s love enough to know that His love never leaves me when I fail.”

    That was so good, man. So, so, good. You couldn’t have put it better.

  4. Hey brother,
    I don’t think it’s a matter of you failing but rather you’re on the journey of victorious learning curve! I can’t help but see Abba Father smiling down at your steps of faith. Keep up the good work. :)

  5. Hey brothers. I am so encourage by you all. Reading your blog have encourage me to do street healing too(still have not try). We serve a God who cannot lie. I also wan to take His word for it and just GO!!

    praying for you

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