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1) Introduction (Updated: 2010)

Since 2008, I’ve been very interested in healing. It started with being introduced to Bill Johnson’s ministry, reading his books and watching YouTubes of Christians (who have been impacted by Bill Johnson and Bethel Church, Redding) doing healing inside and outside the church walls. My journey into healing greatly accelerated in 2010 when I encountered Curry Blake’s teachings on healing (his Divine Healing Technician teaching – see below) around May and also hanging out with people (see below) in the United States who were going around healing people on the streets in early July. Since returning to Singapore (mid-July 2010), I’ve been hitting the streets and praying for people. Through this blog, facebook and various forums on healing, I’ve gotten to know others in Singapore passionate about healing, many of whom have been greatly impacted by Curry Blake’s teachings. We’ve been encouraging and challenging each other in this exciting journey, meeting regularly (almost weekly) to study and practice healing. The journey continues and will only get more exciting as God teaches us more about this area. Meanwhile, below are some resources (which will be updated regularly as I learn more and more) on healing that have helped me and will help you in your journey into healing. For Singaporeans reading this (or people coming to Singapore), we want to connect with you. Please scroll down this page to the last section “Calling Singaporeans!”

2) Curry Blake

Curry’s Divine Healing Technician (DHT) training – a series of 19 freely downloadable mp3s (slightly under 20 hours of teaching) – has transformed my life and the lives of many of my friends who are now passionate and active in the healing ministry. I consider this the most foundational teaching on healing available anywhere. That’s not to say I agree with everything – I do agree with most stuff but also feel it ought to be complemented by the resources below. I believe in learning from the strengths of different people. However, it’s the place to start to get inspired and lifted in one’s faith for healing. Curry, the prophesied successor of John G. Lake (the Christian with perhaps the greatest healing ministry of all time till now) and now overseer of John G. Lake Ministries (JGLM), is pretty dogmatic and quite confrontational as he destroys a lot of traditional “sacred cow” teachings on healing believed by many Christians. While I don’t normally like dogmatic teachings and am very open to learn from various places, I have to acknowledge that it’s the confrontational and dogmatic nature of his teachings that challenged me and transformed my thinking and practice.

3) Bill Johnson

I’ve read almost all his books. While I think Curry’s teachings on healing are better (or at least more foundational) and inspire greater faith and action, Bill and his church (Bethel Church, Redding) have inspired a generation of believers to move in the miraculous and they are perhaps more balanced overall. If there’s one Church in the world that I think functions as a great model with regards to how things ought to be (teaching, equipping, loving, serving, honoring, etc.) this has got to be the Church. Bill was the one who got me started in my journey into healing and the supernatural. His two major books on healing are When Heaven Invades Earth and The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind. I read these two books a while back and so I can’t remember much – need to re-read them. But they’ve definitely played a great part in me having my now subconscious bent towards the miraculous and healing. A lot of his sermons can also be downloaded for free here. For an overview of the differences between Curry Blake’s and Bill Johnson’s teachings on healings, see this Youtube done by Ryan Rhoades.

4) Andrew Wommack

Andrew is probably my overall favorite Christian teacher. He comes from the Word of Faith tradition and is probably one of the best and most balanced representatives of that tradition. He has tons of audio teachings (all free!) on every kind of topic. He has so much good stuff that I’ve listened to over and over again. His healing series is God Wants You Well. This goes very well with other series like The Believer’s AuthorityA Better Way To PrayYou’ve Already Got It and Spirit, Soul & Body. His teaching on healing is pretty similar to Curry except that (in accordance generally with the Word of Faith tradition) the focus is more on believers receiving their healing, than on us ministering healing to others, which is Curry’s primary focus.

5) Roger Sapp

I like Roger’s New Covenant, Jesus-centered and gospel-centered views on healing, and his relaxed rest-centered approach to the healing ministry. Out of all the books I’ve read on healing so far (still waiting for the release of Curry’s book), his book Performing Miracles and Healing is probably my favorite because of its simplicity and its right focus (on studying Jesus’ miracles and healing thoroughly). His Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt is also a good book. You can also download some free files (including audio teachings) here as well as watch hours of recent teaching sessions (9th to 12th November 2010 in Ohio) by him here. Searching for “Roger Sapp” on Youtube will yield some good videos of him demonstrating healing while you can download some of his healing teachings if you go to New Life Christian Fellowship’s past sermons (25th and 26th March 2007).

6) Mike Endicott 

Of all the people I’ve written about here, I know the least about Mike. However, from the little I’ve heard and read from (and about) him, I can tell it’s good stuff. Mike and Roger are friends so their teachings would be pretty similar. The gospel of Jesus Christ is very central to both their healing ministries and that’s what I like about them. Mike is especially keen to keep the connection between healing and gospel proclamation together – i.e. through proclaiming the gospel even while praying for healing (through proclamatory prayers that proclaim both the gospel and healing) or through praying for healing whenever the gospel is preached. Mike founded The Order of Jacob’s Well which is involved in training people to minister healing and sells a DVD healing course entitled In His Footsteps: Rediscovering Kingdom Healing. I’m hoping to go through this and other of his materials soon and I’m quite excited about it.

7) Joseph Prince

I’m currently attending Joseph Prince’s church in Singapore and have been listening to his gospel-centered messages the past few years. Pastor Prince doesn’t focus on healing per se (his teachings on Holy Communion, very similar to Curry Blake’s, is probably the teaching most directly relevant to healing), but a lot of his materials are extremely relevant to understanding and ministering healing. He is big on understanding the New Covenant, the finished work of Christ, our identity in Christ, how condemnation and guilt hinders faith and how knowing the Father’s love for us and the grace of God inspires faith in us. I think these truths are extremely important in receiving and ministering healing and everyone I recommend here understands these truths well, though Pastor Prince is probably the best preacher of these truths in the world.

In relation to healing, one thing he’s taught me is the strong relationship between understanding/experiencing the Father’s love (and God’s grace) and our faith. The more we understand how much we are loved and how gracious God is, the more faith will rise up within us because faith is often hindered by guilt and condemnation. Therefore, the best way to inspire faith in people is to preach God’s love and grace towards them: “When you see Jesus in His grace, He sees you in your faith”. An example of this according to Pastor Prince is that the only two people in the Bible that Jesus mentioned had great faith (the Roman Centurion and Canaanite woman) were Gentiles and not Jews. The reason both had great faith is because as non-Jews they were not under the law and thus did not disqualify themselves from receiving their miracle. Focusing on the law (or what we have to do for God) produces sin-consciousness, guilt and condemnation, which causes us to disqualify ourselves from receiving God’s blessings. Focusing on grace and God’s love towards us, on the other hand, inspires faith in us to receive from God. That’s an awesome (and pretty unique – at least in his interpretation of why the two had great faith) way of looking at things.

Viewing things the above way (preach grace to produce faith) can be a good corrective to the constant focus on faith (preach faith to produce faith) by the Word of Faith tradition (of which Pastor Prince counts himself as part) which may not necessarily produce faith, but could actually turn faith into a work. Having said that, I think that just as too much preaching on faith can be harmful and unbalanced, too much focus on grace without also talking about our responsibility to exercise faith can also be unbalanced. Sometimes you need to preach on faith (and also healing) to inspire faith for healing. Andrew Wommack tries to tackle getting the balance right here in his Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith.

In relation to healing, Pastor Prince isn’t strong on authority and dominion like Curry is. He’s more on the rest/”it is finished” side, while Curry is on the aggressiveness/”it’s a war” side. Both are true and complement each other, though it’s not easy to know how to balance both.

Anyway, what about resources from Pastor Prince? His book Destined to Reign is awesome and I recommend also buying or watching (through Cable TV) his sermons – more information at his website, JosephPrince.org.

8) Power and Love Ministries

While the above people have each got their own systematized teachings on healing (except Joseph Prince who doesn’t focus on healing) born out of their own journeys, Power and Love Ministries consists of a group of ministers that move around teaching power (i.e. healing) and prophetic evangelism in conferences. The lovely thing about this conference is that each of the four days consist of a teaching session in the morning followed by actually going out to the streets to pray for people, with the same sequence being repeated in the afternoon. I like that! Anyway, what they say is good and because of the nature of the conference (it’s not just about teaching, but also about action), there’s a balance between solid teaching and inspiring people to step out to practice what they’ve learned. The conference videos can be viewed for free here.

9) The Elijah Challenge

Having gone through The Elijah Challenge in Singapore (in October 2010, see here), I’ve decided to include this course in this list. I don’t agree with everything taught in this course (and it differs in some important ways from the above teachings), but there are also some strong points that the teachings/courses above lack. Firstly, the course is short, clear and very organized with a particular focus on authority believers have over sickness. While it’s not very comprehensive (because it’s short), it gets its main point across very well. Secondly, there were tons of healing demonstrations during the course that got the audience involved in praying for the sick – or commanding sickness to go away. I think this is immensely important – there’s nothing better than practicing what we’ve learned! For free downloadable resources (Videos and Manual), go here.


All of the above people have a few things in common and that’s why their teachings are so good and highly recommended by me. Firstly, they don’t claim to be able to move in healing in a way that we can’t. They are not your Benny Hinns (bless him – he’s powerfully used by God) and don’t claim to be some specially anointed person that you and I can’t be unless specially chosen by God. The above resources are not primarily about giving you fish (healing), but teaching you how to fish (minister healing to others). Secondly, they are grace-based, New Covenant focused and understand the power of knowing one’s identity – except for The Elijah Challenge which doesn’t focus on this area. To receive one’s healing and minister healing, it’s imperative to know how much the Father loves us and wants to make us whole. We don’t receive and minister healing because we’re holier than others. Sin-consciousness will not get us anywhere with regards to receiving or ministering healing. Son-consciousness, however, will – focusing on Jesus and His Work and knowing that we too are beloved Sons and Daughters of Daddy God. Lastly, for the above people, healing is simple. There’s a lot of complex healing theology going around the church which makes healing seem almost impossible to be received or to minister to others. While Curry best dismantles these sacred cow teachings on healing, the others also do so to a certain extent – although The Elijah Challenge still mentions some sacred cow teachings.

10) YouTubes

Probably my favorite YouTube regarding street healing is this: Healing Revival Breaking out at Disneyland. I was amazed when I first saw it and I still show it to my friends and I’m moved always. These are some good YouTube channels showcasing street healings and other things related to healing: Ryan RhoadesPete Cabrera Jr.Brandon LeeJoel Jackson and Tom Fischer. Search for “Todd White” on YouTube to see some good street healings by Todd.

11) Flims

Wanderlust Productions has produced two films on God’s miraculous power and love working through Christians worldwide: Finger of God and Furious Love. Finger of God can actually be found on YouTube (Part 123456789 and 10). I’m looking forward to Peter Cabrera Jr.’s The Power Of Attorney instructional DVD featuring “people from all around the world teaching the Body of Christ how to Preach the Gospel with signs and wonders”. It should be released in April 2011 and should be awesome!

12) Blogs and Websites

Many people have been inspired by Ryan Rhoade’s Revival Or Riots Ministries. Check out also Brandon Lee’s I am a Spirit and Dennis Botranger’s blog. I stayed and hung out with the three of them and their friends for 2 days during my stay in the States (July 2010) and seeing them do healing as a lifestyle inspired me. I also spent an awesome three days with Michael and some of his friends – Michael blogs at theJesusMethod – as well as with Nick who blogs at lyfestyle ministries. Jessie Campbell of triumphministries is a friend to some of us in Singapore and besides going to the streets in Perth, she also does healing through Skype! Contact her if you need healing :)

13) Calling Singaporeans!

For Singaporeans (or people in Singapore) interested in moving in healing, we want to get to know you. There is a group of us (from different churches) passionate about growing in healing who have communicated (and met up) regularly since July 2010. Drop me an email at jonathan at stillhaventfound.org if you’re interested to get to know this group. We’d like to get to know other Singaporeans so we can all encourage and challenge each other in the healing ministry. We have also brought (and continue to bring) various people from overseas into Singapore who can help us in our own journey and help promote the healing ministry among Christians in Singapore.

Besides good teaching on ministering healing (which can be found above), the other very important thing that helped me to grow in this area and caused me to step out to pray for strangers on the streets is simply being with a group that does that! When you’re with people doing it, you catch the spirit of it all. That’s why this group meets together – to encourage each other. And any of you are welcome to join us :)

Do also join some of us at our Facebook Group – Singapore Healing Room – where we can get to know each other and learn from one another. And our own webpage is at Singapore Healing Forum.

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    1. Hi Righteous,

      Yes, thanks for the info. I’ve listened to Rob and he’s good and grace-based. Didn’t include many others (like Rob) on the list because I’ve only included (with the exception of Power And Love Ministries) teachers with pretty unique/original systematic teachings on healing.

      I considered putting The Elijah Challenge on the list above but I don’t fully agree with some of their stuff (it contradicts some of the teachings above), though they do say some pretty good things and I think what they are doing in equipping believers is awesome. I believe in learning from all and I’m hoping to attend their meetings when they come to Singapore later this month.

      P.S.: I’ve decided to put The Elijah Challenge on the list after having gone through the course because it does have some strong points.

  1. Hi,
    I am Albert Kang, the Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia. What we teach is “The End Time Model of Evangelism” to equip EVERY BELIEVER according to John 14:12 to heal the sick as Jesus taught His disciples to demonstrate to the world that He is the only way to the Father. It has been accepted by both evangelical and charismatic churches and has brought reconciliation and unity. It is instrumental in equipping the Church to fulfill the Great Commission. The age of the superstar “one-man-show” evangelist is fading and the age of the nameless and faceless believer is at hand. Like the apostle Peter we do not bring you “silver or gold,” but what we have we give you: we will equip you to heal the sick in Jesus’ name (Luke 10:9) to reach the most gospel-resistant people groups.

    This kind of evangelism involving miraculous healings and the demonstration of the Spirit’s power is through ordinary disciples and therefore not dependent on the presence of a specially gifted and anointed minister. As such, evangelism of this kind can be an ongoing and continuous feature of the life of every local church.

    This model of evangelism is NOT based on the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit but rather on principles gleaned from the ministry of Jesus Himself. Thus both conservative evangelical as well as charismatic pentecostal believers are able to preach the gospel in this way and even work together in a spirit of unity.

    When every church is equipped with the end time model of evangelism, the Body of Christ will be significantly closer to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

    1. Thanks for your comment Rev. Albert. I do like the fact that The Elijah Challenge seeks to reach out to both charismatic and non-charismatic evangelical churches and to equip every believer to do the works of the Kingdom.

      For those looking for The Elijah Challenge’s theology of healing, a short summary can be found here while longer videos and manuals can be found here.

  2. Great page! Thanks for putting this up, bro. I have shared this with friends and one of them shared it on facebook too. ..i too attend NCC. Hope to bump into you some time.
    Thanks again and God bless you richly.
    joseph dawes

  3. Your review is very useful. Thanks. Will include a link to your site on my website when online. Thank you. God bless.

  4. Enjoyed reading your postings. I am just starting into healing . Just wondering if you have come across Ian Andrews of Citadel ministries. He has just started iequipp.org . He is quite similar to Bill Johnson and in fact, they are no stranger to each other. Maybe you would have heard of him thru Bill Johnson. God bless!

  5. I’m really impressed by this and I must say I’m inspired. Let me share something the Bible says in 1Peter 2:24 … By whose stripes ye were healed. Notice it didn’t say and by whose stripes you are healed. It said you were healed — PAST TENSE. That means as a child of God, you are the healed of the Lord. You aren’t trying to get healing because you have that very nature of God dwelling in you — you have Zoe — the life of God that grants you divine health. It’s little wonder the Bible says in 3 John 2 Dear Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth. I hope you ponder on this words.
    Remember blest and live a triumphant, glorious and healthy life.

  6. Have you not read the books written by Dr James Maloney, the dancing hand of God. This is a must read for anyone in healing ministry.

  7. I have not now nor have I ever seen a real true example of this “Gospel of the Kingdom” teaching. Jesus emphaticly stated that we would suffer. eleven of the apostles went to their death being horribly tortured. Their lives were not at all what I think you mean by Kingdom on earth. Did they miss something? Were they not as enlightened as you? I’m not meaning to be a smart aleck, I’m just very curious. I do have a facebook friend who is all about this stuff so I’m doing a little research. I have been a Christian for 37 years and have known my share of suffering. I have yet to find that we can know Heaven on earth other than within our spirits where Christ dwells.

  8. This is a fabulous website with very thorough information. I have a friend who is part of a team creating the movie about ordinary believers raising people from the dead. If we have the same Resurrection power that raised Jesus from the dead and we are to be able to even greater works then Jesus then we are to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons – all through the atoning blood of Jesus in His name.

    Since I’ve learned about my friend’s project, I have heard first hand so many people being raised from the dead or who God has raised from the dead through many, many individuals.

    I want to challenge EVERYONE. If you can heal the sick THEN you can cast out demons. If you can heal the sick THEN you can raise the dead. God is the one doing the work. You are the vessel he is working through. It is all to the Glory of God. We go from glory to glory.


  9. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful info. I just finished listening to session 4 of Curry Blakes teaching. WOW .. SO SO much of what has been inside me as right is being confirmed and I feel like something that has been dead in me has been awoken. I am greatly encouraged.

  10. I was so hungry for God, had been running from church to church, seeking people who resembled the mission of Jesus Christ…after listening to my spirit crying out to God .. I began to agree with my spirit and pray in the spirit. This led me to Curry Blake and I am amazed that my spirit is actually getting what it has been crying out for, a release!

    All this led me to this page and it goes on and on. I am like a kid in a candy store!

    God Bless, I am now on the “RIGHT” track!

  11. Dear sir:

    I stumble upon your site for one reason alone. I was seeking for “grace ministers” with powerful healing and miracle ministry. I tried searching for names like Andrew Wommack and Bill Johnson (two grace ministers that I knew of with powerful healing ministries) and your site was among those displayed in the result page. I was astounded to learn that there are still other grace ministers with powerful ministries that I never even heard from previously. Names like Curry Blake, Roger Sapp (who is fast becoming my favorite, but by no means the only one, thanks to you), and Mike Endicott. I would like to believe that we share the same passion in aspiring to see miracles and healing happening now as it was in the days of the Apostles. For this blog, I am forever indebted to you for imparting to me names of people and ministries I would have no way of knowing otherwise (whose lives and ministries are worthy of emulation indeed). There is a name however, that I would like to hear you speak of, another minister with a claim to 100% healing resulting in ten of his meetings now (and this not taking into account small group meetings where only a few sick people are in attendance). This is the URL to the web page where that supposed 100% healing was mentioned: http://artthomas.org/ministry/healing-ministry-training/. Please do a research of the man and make mention of him in this blog so I may know what you think of him and decide whether he is another one of those whose name is worthy enough to be mentioned alongside Curry Blake, Bill Johnson, Andrew Wommack and the rest of them. I am also curious about another individual by the name of Cornel Marais and whether he too is a worthy enough to be followed. I do not want to detain you much further so please consider this request of mine and be gracious enough to grant it.

    God bless you.

    Sincerely Yours in Christ,

  12. I am blessed to come in contact with this site. Thank you Sir, words will not be enough to thank you this is really a labor of love. I will want you to you to consider and add to the list above, a man i got know about through Dan Mohlers ministry by name David Hogan.bless you sir.

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