Invitation to meeting on healing and John G. Lake Ministries (JGLM) in Singapore

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YOU are invited to an event this Saturday night:

Event: Meeting for believers interested in 1) understanding and practicing healing, 2) John G. Lake Ministries (JGLM) which is starting in Singapore or 3) just connecting with others interested in healing so we can encourage and challenge each other to do the stuff together.

Speaker: Alastair Reid from JGLM

Date and Time: 31st July (Saturday), 7pm (snacks will be provided, but not dinner!)

Location: Teresa Ville Condominium function room (beside BBQ pits).

How to get there: Teresa Ville (1001 Lower Delta Road) is a condominium near both Harbourfront MRT (VivoCity) and Tiong Bahru MRT. To get there from VivoCity, take bus number 65 or 855 opposite VivoCity. The bus stop has a big green grassland behind it. Stop 4 stops after you get on.To get there from Tiong Bahru MRT, take bus number 123 or 195 from opposite Tiong Bahru MRT. Stop 3 stops after you get on.

What to expect: This is a very informal gathering of believers interested in healing and Curry Blake’s teachings and John G. Lake Ministries. Alastair, who’s helping to start JGLM Singapore, will share about how he came in contact with Curry and JGLM and how God is using JGLM to assist churches and believers in the area of healing. Through this, he’ll also share about destroying sacred cow doctrines of healing. There will also be time for praying for healing.

Who should come: Those who are simply here to find out more about healing and about Curry Blake and JGLM’s unique views on healing are most welcome to come. In fact, as long as you’re interested to learn more about healing (even if you don’t know who Curry Blake is), just come!

But more than this, generally I hate meetings that only result in talk and no action. I love discussion, but I also love practicing. Healing is to be practiced, not just talked about. And I’m not referring to practicing healing during the meeting – Alastair and many others would be glad to pray for any healing. But if you’re serious about connecting with people who desire to encourage and challenge each other to show God’s love to the world through practicing healing as a lifestyle – be it with JGLM or otherwise -, do come and meet other like-minded Christians.

If you’re thinking of coming, just drop me an email at idealist at

I wrote the above details first because I know many people may not bother reading the below :)

The impact of the teachings of Curry Blake and JGLM on my life and others

Readers of my blog would know that I’ve been talking a lot about Curry Blake and healing recently. Just under 15 years ago when God changed my life, I read (and watched) a lot of Benny Hinn and Kathryn Kuhlman, famous healing ministers. I was amazed, but that was about all. I didn’t aspire to be like them. There was no way I thought I or any ordinary Christian could be like these and many other famous healing ministers.

About two years ago, I was introduced to Bill Johnson and Bethel Church and since then, I’ve become increasingly interested in the healing ministry. Bill Johnson and his church have influenced so many people around the world and made them believe that we ordinary Christians can actually go around healing people on the streets. I’ve been absorbed in the issue of healing for the past two years but never dared to step out and actually practice it. A few months ago, I came across Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Technician (DHT) training on mp3. I listened to all 19 mp3s (and then very soon another 19 mp3s from a different training) – his teachings have really transformed my thinking. Bill Johnson and Bethel got me passionate about healing and moved me away from the far side of the continuum of believing that only anointed ministers could heal people. Curry Blake completed the process and brought me to the other end and made me believe that you and I could pray for healing and expect and see healings occur.

During my trip to the States recently, I attended Curry Blake’s 3-days Divine Healing Technician training. Even better than that, I met different groups of people greatly influenced by Curry’s teachings who were going out on the streets and into shopping centers praying for, and often healing, whoever they saw. That was a super amazing experience that I’ve shared a bit on this blog (see my previous post) and will be sharing more in future.

Since coming back from the States, I’ve started to step out in faith and pray for people I see on the streets who need healing – with some clear results and some not so. I’m still learning and this is the beginning of my journey of stepping out. I still have a lot of questions, but I’ll still step out in faith believing in God’s healing power. I have no doubt that I will heal the blind, see people in wheelchairs walk, see cancer and other deadly diseases destroyed and the dead raised. If you’ve read my blog long enough, you know I’m not given to hype and so I don’t say the above lightly. I am someone special – I’m a King’s child – and so are you and I believe you can do exactly the same thing if you believe it and really get into all this. I would never have said the above a few years ago or even 6 months ago but listening to Curry’s teachings opened my eyes to see certain things in the Bible that now make me believe the above.

I dunno if I’ll agree with every single thing Curry says (I’m still new to this journey, have many questions and I’m still learning and formulating my own views on healing) and I believe in drawing and learning from different teachers (e.g. Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack, Bill Johnson, Roger Sapp, etc) when it comes to healing and things related to healing, but I believe Curry probably has the best teachings in the world on healing. Many people would agree with me on this. Mike Bickle thinks that Curry’s DHT manual is the best on healing. Kobus van Rensburg loves Curry’s teachings. But perhaps one of the greatest testaments to the impact of Curry’s teachings is not that famous Christian leaders love Curry’s teachings, but that ordinary Christians like you and me have been so influenced by his teachings on healing that they’ve started stepping out and healing people on the streets. I’ve been with different groups of young Christians who’ve been practicing healing on the streets and they’ve credited Curry as being the most influential teacher in their healing ministry and whose teachings have increased their success rates tremendously. By the way, I greatly respect people who do it on the streets because I think these people are the real deal. They are putting their beliefs into actions and so they know what they are talking about.

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