“Where You Go I’ll Go” or “Just Do It”?

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Where you go I go
What you say I say
What you pray I pray

Jesus only did what he saw you do
He would only say what he heard you speak
He would only move when he felt you lead
Following your heart following your spirit

How could I expect to walk without you
When every move that Jesus made was in surrender

The above lyrics are taken from the song Where You Go I’ll Go which was co-written by Brian Johnson, Bill Johnson’s son. I like the song, I recommended it here and many people who love Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church and what they’re doing love it.

The song is inspired by John 5:19:

He (Jesus) can do only what He sees His Father doing.

I think the point of the song and the verse is about Jesus’ surrender / submission / obedience to the will of God. It also speaks of His dependence upon God. Indeed, as the song says, if Jesus only did what the Father did (i.e. He followed His Father’s will), we should do the same too.

The verse is often taken to mean, or at least applied in such a way, that we should only do what the Father shows us through the Spirit. Some people call this being led by the Spirit and say such leading could involve a vision or the voice of God.

This all sounds good and spiritual. Who could argue against being led by the Spirit? Who could argue against following the Father’s will?

How does all this relate to healing? I’ve asked a few people into healing and the prophetic this question:

When we Christians see a person who needs healing on the streets (or wherever), should we just do it (i.e. just pray for healing) or should we only do so if we’re led by the Spirit to do so? In Other words, do we need a so-called rhema word before we pray for the healing of the person?

I’ve got so much more to write but I’m going to stop here and ask my readers how they’d answer the above question. Please feel free to comment!

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  1. imho, when we are filled with the Spirit, we will have the heart for people just as He does, and when someone needs healing, the Spirit will definitely lead us to do so. “not being led by the Spirit” may just be an excuse for fear and doubts, but when we really do truly have a love for others, our love will override all these fears.

    On the other hand, I also believe the Spirit will allow us to discern whether or not a person will be receptive to receiving healing. That said, i think being led by the Spirit should really be something effortless and it starts from our own personal walk with God, and when it happens, it just does. :)

    Like they all say, “You just knowww.”

  2. I am not sure about how to answer such a question? To ask that question we also have to answer some other questions before that. Does it mean that when a person on the streets or whoever we are praying for is not healed means that it was because we were not “led by the Spirit” in the first place? OR to put it another way….Whether a person is healed or not is dependent on whether we see what the Father is doing?
    Do we only evangelise when we are only led by the Spirit or see what the Father is doing? If people reject the gospel, does that mean that we should not preach the gospel until we hear or see something from the Father?
    Does God give us a choice to approach certain people to evangelise and pray for healing? Or He only wants us to do it only when He gives the direction and it is not up to our choice?
    I really don’t know….I just hope that my questions will help us to further our thinking processes regarding your question.

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