Why you should eat your Curry (Blake) before paying the Bill (Johnson)

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OK, the title of this post is a bit corny. What I’m trying to get at is simply that I think those who want to move in healing should learn from Curry Blake before going on to Bill Johnson. I love both people and both people have blessed me and continue to bless me in my journey. However, there are clearly slight differences in teachings and emphases between the two that make me say that one should listen to Curry’s 19 series Divine Healing Technician (DHT) training before reading or listening to Bill Johnson. This is not to say that one is better than the other. At this moment of my journey, I feel both complement each other and it’s not an either-or thing. I’m still learning from both and reflecting upon the implications of both views. But I do feel that Curry’s teachings on healing are more foundational and will inspire greater faith to actually step out and start one’s practical healing journey.

I’ve mentioned a few times already on this blog that I was introduced to Bill Johnson by my cousin (based in Australia) in 2008. Reading Bill and knowing what had been going on in his ministry got me interested in healing. However, it was only in 2010 when I encountered Curry Blake’s teachings that my journey accelerated and I started to pray for the sick. Before that, I read almost all of Bill’s books and I listened to tons of his messages but I still felt I was not yet ready. I thought I would be one day. But I felt I still needed to get closer to God and be led more by His Spirit. However, a few months after first getting to know Curry’s teachings and getting to know others greatly influenced by them, I was praying for people. I still have a long way to go but Curry’s teachings got me started and stepping out and that’s very important. I place a high value on stepping out and practicing because progress and growth accelerates the moment one steps out.

My cousin with whom I wasn’t really in contact during this time dropped me a message recently which confirmed my experience. He wrote:

One of my friends recently introduced me to Curry Blake’s stuff, and I got his DHT and I have been going through it when I do get time. (Work has really been limiting me exploring all this stuff further). What I like about Curry Blake’s stuff is how rooted he is in the Word, and focusing on the fact that you have Jesus and the Holy Spirit and therefore you can do the stuff by virtual of who you are and what you have, and that healing people is your duty. If you don’t heal the sick, you are actually being disobedient!! This point was not as clear to me (to me anyway) when I was going through stuff by Bill Johnson/Todd Bentley/Randy Clark and co., when there was more of a focus on words of knowledge, and healing by the manifest power of God/word of knowledge, rather than by raw faith. This wrongly gave myself and my friends an excuse when we went out on a Treasure hunt, and we went by a person limping etc, to chicken out and not pray for them. We would think –> God gave us a word for a shoulder, not a leg, therefore it must not be the “right timing” for God to heal them, rather than stepping out in faith, and correctly thinking that God wants everyone healed all the time, at any place, as he has already commanded us to go out and heal the sick.

Like my cousin said, Curry’s focus is on healing by raw faith (and authority) and obedience to the Word (our commission). I think that should be the foundation for healing if we’re to get ordinary Christians involved. Words of Knowledge (WOK) and the manifest presence/power  of God are all awesome and aids healing greatly, but not everyone is going to move like that in the beginning. Too much focus on WOK and one may feel that they ought not to pray for the sick unless they have a WOK about it. And when you hear wonderful testimonies by those influenced by Bill that include specific leadings of the Spirit through WOK and visions, etc., that result in amazing healings, you kind of wonder whether you can actually pray for the sick and get them healed since you know you don’t get those sorts of experiences. This is how my cousin felt (at least in relation to WOK) and this is also how I felt. Sure, I believed that I ought to be healing the sick, but because I didn’t have such amazing spiritual experiences and leadings, I thought I wasn’t ready yet. That’s why I never stepped out for years.

Let me be clear. I don’t think Bill actually says you shouldn’t pray for the sick unless you have a WOK or leading of the Spirit, or that you shouldn’t expect healing unless you have all that. In fact, I think he would probably believe the opposite – that you should pray for the sick and expect them to be healed whether or not you have a WOK or leading. For example, in a recent sermon (10th October 2010) entitled Being a Bride, Bill said:

So many times people would just tell me they were waiting on the Lord. It sounds spiritual but its usually a laziness that comes out of the absence of faith… The Apostle Paul had a heart for Asia. So the book of Acts tells us that he was going to Asia and the angel of the Lord stopped him and said, “You’re not to go there”. So he went, “Alright, I’ll go to Bithynia.” So he starts to go to Bethynia and the Lord stops him and says, “You’re not to go there”. What does that tell you? It tells you he’s responding to the word that said, “Go”. Many people won’t go till God visits them. How much more does He have to do to make it clear what we’re supposed to do with our lives. I can tell you out of experience there are many times I have to operate out of a gift, not out of the inspiration for a moment. It’s a raw obedience to a call. The Word of the Lord x amount of years ago was this. I feel no anointing, no special inspiration for the moment. But in pursuing His will out of obedience to His declared Word as revealed in Scripture, in this pursuing of the Word comes the presence, the inspiration, the power, the anointing. Oftentimes He affirms those acts of obedience just because we say, “Yes”. We’re basically saying to Him, “You don’t need to give me goosebumps all along the way for me to obey. I will obey you regardless.” (12:50 onwards)

In the above, he’s very similar to Curry in recognizing that we don’t need a leading of the Spirit to step out to pray for the sick – simply because we ought to do it in obedience to the declared Word of God (although I dunno what he meant about him having to operate out of a “gift”). However, this is a very recent sermon and I’m not sure if he’s saying all this to correct the misimpressions he’s given in the past through his past sermons. Maybe or maybe not. I think perhaps he’s always believed the above, but he’s also touched a lot on things in relation to healing like the prophetic and the presence of God. Therefore, while he does believe in the above, the important point I’m trying to make here is that because a lot of the healings in his ministry and those influenced by him come as a result of WOK or some specific leading, many people get the misimpression that one ought to experience those things as normal before one can go out healing the sick with confidence.

On the other hand, no one can listen to Curry and not feel that we should be healing everyone that is sick. Bill moves strongly in the prophetic but Curry doesn’t. Curry goes by the Word of God. He wouldn’t rule out the prophetic – he just doesn’t flow strongly in it and doesn’t depend on it to get him to pray for the sick or to get him to expect healing when praying for the sick. Moving in the prophetic is definitely helpful and it’ll aid one’s healing ministry dramatically I’m sure. The three down sides I think of focusing too much on the prophetic or the tangible presence of God in relation to healing are:

  1. There could be a tendency for those moving strongly in healing through the prophetic or the tangible presence of God to expect healing when praying for the sick only when directly led by God. Or even worse, to pray for healing of the sick only when directly led by God.
  2. Even if such people still pray for every sick person (and not only for those for whom they have a leading), because they are so used to healing through the prophetic or tangible presence of God and focus so much on that, they may subconsciously lower their level of expectation of healing when they pray for healing of a person without that tangible presence or leading of the Spirit. For example, Roger Sapp shares here how “most of the healings I had… were related to the WOK. I would get a WOK… and then my expectation would be raised… If I didn’t have a WOK, I didn’t really have much expectation in the area of healing.” I believe WOK is used by God to aid the healer or the recipient’s faith. However, an over-reliance of WOK could actually result in the healer actually lowering his/her faith in the absence of WOK.
  3. There could be a tendency for believers who don’t move in the prophetic or experience regularly the tangible presence of God to not step out or not pray for healing with expectation because they feel that they need such experiences to pray for healing or to expect a healing.

Please don’t get me wrong. If I could regularly attend any Church in the world to learn from them, it would be Bethel (Bill’s church). I have so much to learn from him and his church. And I would love to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) one day too. But I believe that foundation-wise, Curry’s teachings are much better – and I think a bit more grounded in the Word.

Listen to both, but listen to Curry first. Then step out and start praying for the sick. Continue to listen to Curry and also learn from Bill and others. I believe that as you proceed on your journey, you’ll have lots to learn from Bill. The prophetic and hosting the presence of God are all good stuff (and trust me, I desperately want a more intimate relationship with God and to experience more of the prophetic and His tangible presence), but I don’t think they should ever be the foundation or the predominant emphasis of a healing ministry. In fact, I will also add that these should also never be the foundation or the predominant emphasis of the Christian life in general because we’re called to live by faith, and not by sight or experience. I may be wrong, but that’s where I am at this moment in my journey.

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  1. Great blog! Sounds like my husband and I! We went from Bill Johnson to Curry Blake and we echo what you wrote exactly!

  2. Hi! Nice one! We have been watching and listening to some Bill Johnson teachings earlier, but when we listened to Curry Blake, things just came alive. Curry and Bill are two great people. But if you ask me, I would prefer to listen to Curry as it gets me all fired up, ready to pray for the sick.

    Be Blessed!

  3. It’s also a lot cheaper to get it from Curry than to spend $5000 in a years school – when you have to get out of the world to learn how to go into the world!

  4. Great article. I, too, enjoy both-and started with Bill Johnson. It would be neat to hear the two do a conference together, but I’m not sure the “paths” cross.
    I would also encourage googling Dr. Roger Sapp. Very grace-based and practical as well.

  5. Oops! I see you have discovered Roger Sapp, so I will just “Second” your thoughts. We hosted him at a church I was pastoring, and he was exceptional. Might make some mad in Charismatic circles, but, well, he’s right. LOL. No, seriously, he is very gracious, but he sticks to the word over over spiritualization.

  6. Hi,
    If you’re interested in attending an empowerment ministry similar to Bill Johnson’s BSSM you could check this out:


    This church was set up a few years ago in Singapore and has some branches in Malaysia.

  7. Hi,

    God can bring us the tests before the lessons. This is my journey with Him. Though I was “bill-ed” first, then the Curry arrived, it didn’t bother me. I was personally taught by the Holy Spirit in His Timings by both His servants. Like to attend one of your meetings to meet the family of God with the same heart beat and learning and growing together.
    Stay bless

  8. Thank you for this post and I am looking forward to reading many more like it on the subject of healing and faith. I am 32 years of age live in the UK sounds like I am trying to sell myself but then again how does one sell him self when he as already been brought and he is no longer his own!! Long subject I know….
    Here goes, A friend of my went out to Bethel and done the BSSM Bethel School Of Supernatural. When she returned back to the UK after her first year she told me about Curry Blake after hearing about him from another student at the BSSM @ Bethel Church.
    I have heard teaching from Bill and also Curry and as some one said Curry is very grounded in the word of God. Please forgive me because I know Bill is also. Bill seems to be more into the spiritual (Realm of the Holy Spirit) and Curry seems to be more word. As I am typing this I remember a quote by Smith Wigglesworth. Smith said the next move of God would be Word and Spirit. As I was typing them words an angel just can across my living room. As we are aware angels are ministering spirits you do Gods word.
    Another great teaching set for anybody interested would be the New Man by Curry Blake. It is a follow up to the DHT.
    The DHT can be found on this website:-

    God Bless

  9. I have also found the Dan Mohler combines both Curry Blake and Bill Johnson with a powerful revelation of the cross. Susan

      We just spent 3 days this weekend with Curry at a DHT. It was wonderful.
      We also went to a Power and Love with Dan Mohler and Todd White last year. My husband and I were remarking how similar Curry is to Power and Love. Curry much more militant, but he’s softening a bit. Dan and Todd exude love with the WORD as their foundation. Blown away by the power of the Spirit through various teachings.

      We’ve read a ton of Bill Johnson and blessed with that too … Curry is more straight forward and no-nonsense overall.

      This weekend Curry spoke very vocally against the GRACE movement that is running rampant in the Body of Christ. I’m still trying to digest who he was speaking against. Guessing it is the teachings that turn Christians lazy and not walking out their faith. Not laying hands on the sick. Ultimately it’s a heart matter. I just ordered “Extra Virgin Grace” by Ryan Rufus. Excited to see God speak through this … I know he sees eye to eye with Curry.

      1. I’ve been hearing Curry speak out against the GRACE movement, which I think is sad. I hope he does clarify what he means. Ryan Rufus (and his father) are two of the prominent leaders in the grace movement so I don’t know if he means them. Of course, even though this movement is pretty new, like any movement it’s broad enough and consists of people holding slightly different beliefs.

  10. Great blog, started with Bill (all his stuff for 5 or 6 years) then Curry. Ryan said he would like to see Bill and Curry together. Curry has done a conference with Kris Vallotten who is the number 2 guy at Bethel.

  11. I have listened to Bill Johnson [including Danny Silk, and Kris Vallotton from Bethel Church), Dan Mohler & Todd White (Neck Ministries), and Curry Blake (JGLM Ministries).
    This is the conclusion I draw; we are a body [the Body of Christ]- no one ministry, or one man ‘has it all’ ~ we need each other. I’m not one of those people who will ‘through the baby out with the bath water , example:- if in some area’s ‘what they are preaching/ teaching’ seem’s maybe a bit off track & I don’t agree with it (and when I say ‘I’, I mean- I can’t find what ever it ‘is they are teaching’ in the word of God- ‘or’ what they are saying isn’t in line with the covenant we are now in) -> then just ‘I pick the bones out’ [this was the title of a sermon Bill Johnson preached several years ago, that I think ended up delivering me from having a critical spirit… and basicly being miserable because of it].
    Curry Blake’s teaching’s are really an eye opener – I believe the body needs this message [because so much air fairy stuff goes on every sunday morning that has got absolutely zero to do with Jesus-> many churches are just social clubs [sadly]… BUT one problem I’ve noticed happening with Curry’s teaching’s is: it’s attracting a lot of ‘disgruntled’ Christian’s – and they form these life teams that become ‘hate groups’ which, 9 times out of 10 is always usually directed at the church they were last in- [of which I’ve witnessed first hand!]. They listen to Curry’s teaching’s and get riled up and angry, then- at other Christian’s, of whom they seek out ‘in order to tell them they are wrong. I’m not saying Curry has a critical spirit- I just think the type of people who are gathering togther ‘under the banner of JGLM ministries’ are predominently disgruntled Christian’s – and they are taking much of what Curry say’s, and are actually attacking and hurting people with it [all in the name of truth]. A common thing I would hear them say to other Christian’s [who didn’t believe the same way they did] is, we’ve got the truth, you don’t, and then they start questioning people’s salvation-> leaving a trail of hurt and confused people in their wake. Funny thing is- they don’t seem to believe in leading people to the Lord, now [because Curry said in a teaching they heard ‘once’ “you birth them- you disciple them”… so, now they don’t bother!!!!].
    Go to Curry’s site on face book- and just watch, it won’t be long before you see some of his follower’s ‘viscously pouncing on either a brother, or sister of Christ-> because they ‘said’ something that is ‘wrong’. Don’t get me wrong, I agree a lot of the weird, things people have been taught out there ‘needs’ correction~ but in love-> [some of them say, “I am love, so everything I do is love”- but it’s certainly ‘not’ the love of God they are manifesting 5 minutes later when they are ‘picking another believer apart because they’ve dared to say ‘something’ ….God forbid- ‘WRONG’! (the thing is- what ever they were wrong about- would be ‘out of ignorance’, & simply because they were taught it at church)- NO I’m not saying ‘make allowances, I’m not saying ‘wrap them in cotton wool’- I am saying this…. all who correct in this manner [with a smug, arrogance] -> take stock- that IS NOT LOVE! Go to 1 Corinthians chapter 13 … and read it ‘daily’ if needs be, but please, please realise we are ALL part of the Body of Christ!
    Lee [God bless xx].

  12. OH MY GOSH! [I just finished typing me entry- of which must first be ‘approved’ before it get’s published- so this comment will ‘obviously’ like wise ‘be waiting for approval – to publish, hot on the heels of my first comment’- but I had to come straight back to this site, and share what I just seen on facebook!
    All that I was saying about how many of the JGLM people behave- to other brothers and sisters in Christ – of whom they think ‘are wrong’- I had not long [2 minutes, if that] left this site- and went to check my wall [on facebook]- and here is a statement/ post that came up from one of the people that I know definitely follow’s JGLM /Curry Blake’s teaching’s (as this person is on my friend’s list- I didn’t have to go and ‘look for this… it came straight up on my wall: it read- ‘There is great deception in the church. I just heard Bill Johnson preach. GARBAGE! Makes me sick! 2 thumbs down! He could possibly be the Anti-Christ’.
    ******* Um- the anti- Christ!? I then watched the comments fly after this was said!
    After all was said & done- this is what got this person into such a state-> she said-> “He was talking about honor. One statement that stood out for me was: “If you have a parent who does not know Christ, honor them.” Ok, so if this parent was on their death bed, and they died not knowing Christ then you are at fault for not speaking to them about Christ. Honoring them will NOT lead souls to Heaven, but rather hell”.
    Because JGLM isn’t real ‘big on’ letting the Holy Spirit ‘do anything’ – (it’s all about what they already are, what they already have- they hardly ever talk about the Holy Spirit- about intimacy with God-> or the fact that God loves people more than anything-> it just seem’s to mostly be about ‘what they can now do- and what every one else (in their eyes) won’t do!
    Actually they have quiet a small view of God, and the Holy Spirit- when you think of it- they think if people reject being bashed by the word over their head’s- they’ve rejected Christ- give me a break!

    1. Hi Lee. This is an old post I know but I just wanted to comment and say you are wrong about JGLM’ers and Curry Blake. He has a full teaching on tongues which is a real in depth teaching about the Spirit of God living inside of us and how to walk talk and act in the Spirit. Plus recently he did a whole teaching series on intimacy with the Holy Spirit. When it comes to healing if someone is dying you don’t have time to “invite the Spirit” – your on a timeline to let your God given authority out and let the anointing flow out of you as soon as possible. No where in the bible are we as modern day believers commanded to wait on the Holy Spirit. Back in the book of acts they waited but after the promise came they left and moved because revival is not to be kept inside but to flow out. I love Bethel and Bill very much, but when it comes to healing we should do it like Jesus and he never invited anything He just was a son doing what a son does. No problem to wait on the Lord in a meeting tough. Blessings.

  13. I just saw this website today and love the comments. What I am amazed at is the message about bashing other Christians. I attend one of Curry’s meetings in March 2011, and he had to leave suddenly. So we went on without him. I got to do the last teaching on Saturday, just before we did a communion and healing service.

    ***********I was really “impressed” of Holy Spirit on the topic of learning truth to bash others with. This is not agape love. And we are warned. Gen 12:3 “And I (God) will bless them that bless thee (Abraham), and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” KJV
    *************This means simply that because you know more thruth than the next guy and you start bashing them, and they are a child of Abraham, you put yourself under a curse. This is an attitude of unforgiveness and pride. The proper repsonse in intense intercession until they get the truth even greater than you have and can walk in it better than you and bless others better than you.

    ****************Here is the same message again by God: Gal 6:1 “Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. 2 Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. 3 For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. 4 But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another.” KJV

    *******************Notice in verse 1, “lest you be tempted.” What this means is that whatever fault you found and tried to straighten the offending one in, if you do not do it right, then you will find yourself in the same fault and have to overcome it. Luke 6:38 “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” KJV

    **************This includes finding fault with those Christians who find fault!

    **************When I shared these (or something close to it) with the audience, and God had already told the next guy read 1 Cor 13 when I was done before I got up! It was a sobering time for some. And I believe righteous work was done. We are to grow up: Eph 4:15 “But speaking the truth in agape/love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.” KJV

    **************To put it simply, finding fault with anybody over anything and not going into intercession for them until they are fixed is the sin of gossip and a curse on you, because that is essentially unforgiveness. Jesus had a parable about the beam in your eye and splinter in another’s.

    ****************I have watched our wonderful Lord change many well known teachers as I have done the same thing. I once asked the Lord when I noticed it, “Did we do that?” The answser I got was “Yup, sure did, isn’t it cool what we can do?” Of course I tested that per 1 John 4:1-3, and got the right answer. You can labor anywhere for God and anything you see wrong can be a target for you and Holy Spirit to subdue the devil and establish the Kingdom of God. This is part of how you obey Jesus’ commandment to love one another.

    ****************Based on the comments here I confess I am even more impressed how the Lord set me up and gave a much needed message at that meeting. Oh yes, there were lots of healings also without Curry being present, inlcuding some at communion. He would have been very happy!

  14. greetings fellow Christians

    what i have learned and observed is: it is very common to see yourself little bit above others just because God used you to perform a miracle or revealed some truth which other fellow Christians are struggling with, as Christians we tend to fall into the devil’s trap of being judges to others instead of reaching out to those who we think are out of line, with the spirt of correcting not blaming them. most importantly the bible is the absolute word of God, if we seek any truth we got search from it. i went to Curry Blake healing meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa two month ago, i did not get healed, should i blame him? NO! He acted in obedience to the word of God, infact i thank him for trying. Kobus van Rensburg of spiritword ministries(www.spiritwordministries.org) prayed for thousands of people of which most of them get healed while cancer was eating his life away, does that mean he is a liar? NO! He obeys the word which says “go heal”.

    what i am trying to say is God uses you even thou there are some areas of you life which needs others to pray for you or correct you. let’s pray for those who are brave enough to go out there in obedience to the word of God, to win souls, let’s in the spirit of love correct those who we see faultering as Paul asked fellow Christians to pray for them, we need one another.

  15. What rang true in the first instance with some of the comments from others about this post is that some have said themselves that even after they had read the Bethel books, which are not the bible, they had not found themselves motivated to follow the commands Jesus gave us, but rather, felt ok to be ‘unmoved’, comfy to just stay where they were at – perhaps even waiting on another book, or waiting on a feeling, or an unction. Staying still is not what Jesus instructed us, His disciples; his words, in the book called the blble, instructed us to GO! If a book would cause you to stay, yet you have read it with an expectation that it would motivate you to Go and also to teach you How to Do what Jesus instructs you to do whilst you’re out there, then start reading the book called the bible, and follow what it sais. It sais to go out into all the world, preach the good news, make disciples, set the captives free, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, cleanse the lepors, and many other exciting ventures such as these.

    Secondly, Curry’s teaching of what the word says is exactly that, a teaching of what the word says in regards to going out into the world and ministering Gods love and life and freedom to the world, in the capacity and authority that Jesus entrusted to every believer. Curry’s material does not comprise mere nice-to-read books, as I have found some of Bills to be, but rather they are expressley intended to teach, empower and motivate the believer who is interested in what Gods word truly means from a “Walk as Jesus Did” perspective. They covey a strong message of how the instruction in 1 John 2:6 (Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did) should impact and stir us to obey the word. In no way am I insinuating that Bills books are simply a nice read, they do have value in the Kingdom of God which we all serve and belong to. And personally, I have enjoyed learning about Gods loving nature from how Bill writes, and have been inspired to finding new hope in my mind to live this challenging Christian life, as well as learning some new things about Gods heart toward us from an emotional standpoint in the context of healing and deliverance and salvation. I do admit however that I too found little content in these enjoyable books that ever motivated me to go out and do what the word actually sais.

    To put a parralel on the two authors in my own Kiwi words, Bill delivers much needed inspiration to help us THINK better about what the word says, and Curry delivers much needed instigation to stir us to go out and DO what the word says.

    One is a nice-to-read suggestive view of God which can be enjoyed over a coffee. The other material is must-read live-or-die warfare instruction manual that trains and equips a soldier with such confidence on how to win before you Go out to the battlefield that most readers become filled with the zeal of Jesus to get out there and tear the devil off people backs.

    The healing training manual called Firestarters is an example of how several doers of the word including myself can confidently say, have your Curry before you pay your Bill. Curry does not weaken the word by distorting it to convey a set of fancy words such as ‘the success is in the risk’ etc. Curry does not laugh at the devil and promote formulas such as these as being a Jesus culture to follow, probably because Jesus never once practiced laughing at the devil. Curry does not joke around with mere hope or risk taking. He treats a dying person (and their family members) with the respect they require when facing life & death situations, and calls the word what it is – an authority – and stands on it in sincereity, without risk or word play, but with confidence in what it is and in the one who who authored it, and that is why those who learn the ways of Jesus from him – being the authentic teacher he is to the body of Christ – get the results they do.

    I’ll stop right there. Hope this helps someone, and thanks to the originator for putting this post/blog on line

  16. @Lee Gloch
    I understand what you mean by the JGLM people, but really it is not everyone. I’m sure it is just the minority. I am in a life group or was (just left cos of time), and yes, we do sometimes speak about inaccurate teachings that are taught in churches. That man who posted that on facebook, is totally wrong. Honoring is GOOD. We believe that. Obviously, don’t try & honor someone & not share the Gospel with them. The reason you may feel that the JGLM followers are agressive, is because you may misunderstand their zeal for the truth. We strongly believe that Christians should use correct terminology, because incorrect terminology leads people astray. eg: people singing we’re desperate for you God, when desperate actually means:
    1. Feeling, showing, or involving a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with.
    2. (of an act or attempt) Tried in despair or when everything else has failed; having little hope of success.

    And Christians are not desperate for God. Only unbelievers are. We are already satisfied. Our thirst is already quenched. Rather say, passionate for you or zealous for you. See? BIG difference. Because those kind of songs or statements are misleading for the church because it forms an idea that the church is oppressed or weak, etc
    So, what I’m saying is is that JGLM followers or most of them, want to stick to the Word & flow from the Spirit from the Word. & when things are not according to the Word exactly & terminology is not used accurately, we do want to correct the error or point out the truth. I apologize for those JGLM followers were hurtful & had bad comments, sometimes Christians can get into their flesh about things. In Bethel church you also get some airy fairy followers, that seek signs & wonders…so Christians can be lead astray.
    But, in the end, we must just follow the Biblical teachings & the ones which are Biblically sound. I find JGLM’s teachings are very accurate & WORK. Apparently Todd White from Neck ministries learnt from JGLM’s teachings. Bill Johnson is great too! Maybe he should focus more on some things though. I’ve found that Jesus Culture from Bethel church sing songs that aren’t so ‘believer friendly’…they sing stuff like ‘desperate for you’…

  17. I can understand why people go over the top aggressively at people about all this stuff . It’s not right, but when you get some of the huge revelations about freedom – and the fact that you have been living as a carnal Christian trying to live out of you own righteousness , in some cases for decades… It certainly brings up a lot of emotion, regret and anger. Then it’s usually human nature to direct that anger at someone – and the church or the people still living “as you were” immediately become the scapegoats. At least that is what my immediate reaction.

    It’s extremely hard to change and walk in the new freedom if you are still hanging around the people who are just living the same carnal Christianity as you were. It doesn’t mean you are better than them, you just don’t want to go back to the way you were thinking , and it’s hard to outwork that without being quite “rigid” or aggressively different.

    Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.. If you hear any of these guys, don’t just accept everything they say. Test everything and hold on to the good. Otherwise it is second hand revelation. And I am sure Curry and Bill would agree ( in fact I have heard Curry often say go back to the word ) .

    Figure out what is incorrect ( e.g. Curry would say generational curses are not scriptural and Bill Johnsons book talks about that being one of the root causes for not being healed ) . Is it worth throwing a hissy fit about this at someone else just to be right? ( and yes I am sure there are extreme cases where things are obviously incorrect and need to be addressed such as paying thousands of dollars to have your curses broken ) .

    The devil has a field day with this stuff!

  18. I have studied deliverance and healing ministries for almost 2 years. I have studied 130 years of healings ministers from Maria Woodworth, Smith Wigglesworth, John G Lake, FF Bosworth, and many many more. I have listened to Curry Blake, Power and Love “Dan Mohler and Todd White”. I have studied Thurman Scrivner, Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson, Dennis Walker, Cal Pierce and many others. I have found Curry Blake and Dan Mohler and Todd White to be very similiar. I enjoyed the Power and love team with Dan Mohler and Todd White. Yout got to put your faith to the test in the community. I brought it back and prayed for kids ages 6-12 two weeks ago and watched everyone I prayed for get healed. Everyone. All healing ministers have some strong points. I started with deliverance ministers and actually sit in on it 5 times with a well known group. It openned my eyes that demons are real and can cause sickness and disease. They focus almost totally on generational curses and repentence. I believe that you have to know who you are as a son of the living God. Jesus commanded us to go and do the stuff He did and more. We have to stay close to God in the heavenly places. I climb up into Jesus lap daily at the throne. I have Him love on me. Healing and deliverance is real. As we go out and do these things stay close to Jesus and love on other people. Oh perhaps one of the biggest things is to die to self. Surrender yourself totally to Jesus. Climb up on the cross and surrender every area of your life to Him. Become dead to self. A dead man cannot be offended. The desire to pray for the sick becomes overwhelming. How much I love our glorious king display His power and we lay our hands on the sick. Glory, Glory, Glory

  19. Spot on, I must say. I too searched for weeks listening to any or all healers, watching them You Tube, liking some disregarding most till I found Bill Johnson. I dreamed of being there listening in rapt attention soaking up his words. But when I found Curry Blake, I was hooked. I love his teachings and have not missed any of his videos, even the ones broadcast live on Ustream. Recently I had to phone him because my grand daughter, Emma, was so ill that it shook me. His reassuring voice calmed me and I wondered if I was speaking to Jesus Himself.

  20. I agree. I attended his DHTT in Sacramento, CA. It was amazing. I immediately applied overcoming my milk allergy by faith and it worked. My friend who hosted me forgot I was allergic to milk and must have fed me 5 pounds of cheese! I also applied it to a minor injury I got a week later. It healed well. I even prayed for electronic equipment to work after being “baptized” and that worked. We have authority in him over everything. I also saw miracles in a friend when praying for her. Praise the Lord!!! (I hadn’t experienced long-term effects from Bethel but this is more enduring, because it’s directly based on scripture.)

  21. Nice article.

    A major difference is also that Bethal believes in inner healing but JGLM doesn’t.
    Something if you want a deeper relationship with God read or listen to mystical union
    By John Crowder. He will challenge the religious spirit like few others can and leave you firmly knowing you are in Chirst and one with Him as close as your ever need to be.


  22. 1Co 3:4 When one of you says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos”—aren’t you acting like worldly people?

    1Co 3:4 When one of you says, “I follow Curry,” and another, “I follow Bill”—aren’t you acting like worldly people?

    I prefer to just follow Jesus and get my understanding of healing straight from the Bible – no need to refer to the interpretation of one man and his (paid for) books.

  23. Yes Darrell that’s right. Been a christian for 60 years been every where heard lots of teaching good & bad. I have been to Curry Blake DHT I found it excellent,(FREE OF CHARGE) he believes God to supply for his ministry & that what happens, would like someone to show me where Curry is not based on the Word of God.

    Love Crispy

  24. I was in the revival/renewal movement since 1996 (before that 4 years part of the WOF movement). I’ve been to Toronto, Brownsville, Redding, and too many conferences to remember. However, I cut my teeth and got baptized in the Holy Spirit as a Southern Baptist. There are things that have always disturbed me about both the renewal/revival movement as well as the earlier WOF movement. Mostly it is event oriented Christianity, experience oriented Christianity and lack of the Word of God (renewal-revival) or personality and superstar oriented Christianity and prosperity doctrine/hyper grace (WOF). I am now a missionary in Israel doing house church multiplication movements (CPMs). During the Lakeland event with Todd Bentley, I officially left the renewal-revival movement and renounced it after they started calling on angels to heal the sick and the hyper-angel concentration in the renewal movement. Also too much teaching on third heaven visitations daily (Bob Jones, etc) when even Paul said he knew a man seven years ago and got a thorn in his flesh for that experience…. and the renewal people think they are better than Paul and say they go up daily with no thorny flesh experiences. Finally, at that moment, during Lakeland, I find the teachings of Curry Blake. They were refreshing. Everything I’ve always believed inside of me! A man of the Word and the Holy Spirit and power who is not weird and doesn’t carry weird doctrines. SO for me, I got burnt out on the hyper-angel experience driven crazies in renewal circles that come to meetings with magnifying glasses looking for angel dust and feathers. I like what Andrew Womack once said when asked about gold dust on their bible, he blew off the gold dust and said, “Now read your Bible.” I do believe the Brownsville Revival was a genuine move of God, but everything since has gone crazy. Curry Blake and Andrew Womack are a breathe of fresh air. I know they are different in theology, and I agree more with Curry Blake’s theology of the Holy Spirit…..but I also think Mike Bickle and IHOP are good at keeping the weirdness far away. I appreciate them. The likes of Bethel, Bob Jones, MorningStar, John Crowder, etc… are just nuts and need to get to a more obedience-based gospel!

  25. Lots of great comments and passionate followers on this blog…love the fact we are all hungry and seeking scriptural truth. I’m so thankful that we have the freedom to participate in a forum where iron sharpens iron like here on this blog.

    I felt so compelled to share the truth about healing testimonies from around the world, I created a site/blog to get out the good news. 12 months ago I had 278 visits in March of 2013- last month there were 6590 visits from 88 countries. The world is hungry for God’s truth….let’s heal them and give em Jesus! http://documentedhealings.com
    Blessings, Scott L NH

  26. I find this blog very interesting, but my personal experience has been the exact opposite.

    I found and started studying Curry Blake’s teachings from around 2006, and am rather envious of those who moved from the likes of the Bill Johnson’s or the Joseph Prince’s to Curry Blake as in my opinion they set the stage for Curry Blake by focussing on who you are in Christ rather than what you have to do do do…

    Once you have this foundation of who you are in Christ, moving in to the ministry of healing, or the gospel in general, becomes more of an outflow of who you are rather than, in my case, a ministry of works and therefore death.

    To quote Kris Vallotton who I think sums this up nicely;

    “If you teach people to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils but you don’t teach them who they are, they will have a performance based Christianity.
    But as soon as you figure out who you are, then you say if that is who I am then where’s my power!?”

    More recently Curry Blake has a teaching on the New Man, but is still focussed on doing doing doing, and, without a foundation in who you are in Christ, becomes an acceptance by works based gospel.

    One thing I have learnt from all these years and various teachers is there is only one guide and teacher of all truth, and that is my Father’s gift of the Holy Spirit. Without Whom, regardless of whether you get the Bill before the Curry or the Curry before the Bill, all you will end up with is gas!!!

  27. Great Blog!
    Yes! Eat your “Curry” before you pay your “Bill”.
    Curry Blake is very FOUNDATIONAL. Great for beginners and those hungry for the Word.
    Bill Johnson is an eye opener when he talks about Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.
    I’ve been listening to both of them. They are both great leaders in the Body of Christ.
    I want to be a combination of both – Word (Curry) & Spirit (Bill).
    Start with the Word, then flow with the Spirit.

    Much Love,
    Sam Standley

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