Edward Welch on Worry and Fear

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Below are more quotes by Welch, this time from his new book, “Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest“. I’ve been thinking a lot about worry the past few months. Two of my favorite messages by Pastor Prince are on living the let-go, worry-free life. What Jesus said in the Sermon of the Mount in Matthew 6:25-34 regarding worry has always struck me because what he said is so challenging and hard to put into practice. I’ve also been thinking a lot especially of worry in relation to faith. I think worry is an expression of one’s lack of faith and not worrying expresses faith. After all, we worry because we don’t trust God has everything in control and that He’s loving and will provide for us in future. The challenge for us is to trust him in spite of what we’re facing. And I don’t think it’s just a trust of resignation that’s asked of us, but a trust of confidence.

[W]e know that worry and fear are more about us than about the things outside us. They reveal what is valuable to us, and what is valuable to us in turn reveals our kingdom allegiances. We also know that God is patient and compassionate with us, and he gives grace upon grace. Though alert to our divided allegiances, he persists in calling us away from fear and worry, persuades us of the beauty of the kingdom, and gives more than we can imagine. (p. 147)

There are times when fear says that something is just plain dangerous and I should be afraid. But my goal in listening to my fears is to learn how to decipher what else they are saying. When I pause and listen, I might find that fear says a lot and it speaks clearly. What it says can provide me with immensely helpful direction… Review some of your fears and ask: What do these fears say I trust in? What do my fears say I love? (p. 47–48)

There is one bit of data that worriers never factor into their false prophecies. It is this: We will receive grace in the future. (p. 140)

This explains one of the paradoxes of all kingdom life. On one hand, there is rest and peace: the King has come and we enjoy the benefits of the kingdom. But at the same time, we live knowing that we are in the enemy’s crosshairs. Satan is ready to engage us in battle. The two kingdoms are in conflict. With all this going on behind the scenes, don’t think you can simply say “no” to fear and worry, and that will be the end of them. (p. 119)

Quick. What is, by far, God’s most frequent command? (p. 59) [The answer is “Do not be afraid”]

Worriers are visionaries minus the optimism. (p. 50)

Worry puts the focus on me. (p. 53)

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  1. Hi Stillhaventfound,

    Don’t worry about faith, the faith needed to trust Jesus is from Jesus.

    In my early months of Christian life, all around me is fear, but from church I learnt that I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I also learnt that it’s Jesus Faith that we used to trust God.

    Even thou my daily life is about fear, I wrote on a piece of paper and put in front of my pc. I was/am always in front of the pc, so this paper with the words, I am the Righteousness of God in Christ, reminded me daily of who I am. Even thou I don’t feel any peace at that time, I still keep confessing it in my heart.

    Daily, I listened to a lot of Pastor Prince sermons. Somehow, as I listened more, faith grows by itself that I become stronger in faith. So, dun worry about your faith. Keep listening to more sermons in your free time, like on the way to work or in the toilet etc. God’s word is very special, it can see man’s heart without you realising it. When you hear enough..one day, you will find yourself confessing from your heart like I do now.

    The thing is not to concentrate on what you don’t have. Concentrate on who you are in Christ will lead you there one day. Hearing good sermons do brings joy and peace.


  2. Dear Stephanie,

    I like your practice of writing on a piece of paper and always reminding ourselves of our identity in Christ. And I I agree with you that the more we focus on Jesus Christ and see His beauty and love for us, the more faith springs forth from our hearts to trust Him. That is one thing that I like about New Creation. They just focus on preaching about Jesus, and when that happens, lives are changed as they see the goodness of Jesus and faith takes hold of God’s blessings for their lives.

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