Living in the mystery of God

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That’s part of this life: You ask God questions and you go without a lot of answers… You learn to live with the mystery of a God who doesn’t tell us all the details. Kids ask their parents a lot of questions. And sometimes parents say to their kids, “Just trust me. You don’t know enough to understand the answer. So just live awhile.” Being a Christian and reading the Bible is not a way to get all your questions answered. There are few answers in the Bible. God is wanting to draw us into a relationship of faith, intimacy, and love. That doesn’t come through information alone. It comes through trust, obedience, and the willingness to be present in the mystery of God. It comes through letting Him reveal himself to us as we’re able to receive the revelation. If God just dumped all the answers on us at once, we probably couldn’t handle it. We’d misuse it. We’d think we had control of it now. (Eugene Peterson)

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  1. heyy (: this is cheryl, the AC-Raffles one from IMF/world bank last sept. do u still rmb me? haha we lost touch amidst our busy schedules. i totally agree with this quote…currently im looking toward growing closer to God, as in the midst of really tend to focus on more wordly things, and you tend to drift from what really matters – Him.

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