The poor will save us

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I would agree wholeheartedly that we’re not doing everything that we can or should for the poor, and that hurts us.

The poor will save our souls. It’s the story of Lazarus and the rich man.

I mean, and that story haunts me because it’s a story about us today. You know, Lazarus is a poor man laid at the rich man’s doorstep and even has sores that dogs lick. And the rich man walks out gaily by him every day, dressed in purple.

And he doesn’t even give – and all Lazarus wants is the crumbs from his tables, and they both die. Lazarus goes to the bosom of Abraham, and the rich man goes to hell. And he says, Lazarus, help me out. Well, I can’t.

And I just look at that, and I just go, if we just engage the poor, they’ll save our souls. And that’s what I look at when I see–and go into Africa or poverty situations here, or even in prisons, and you actually talk with people.

(The poor will save us, Sam Brownback)

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