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  1. Hi Stillhaventfound,

    I saw your comment the other day on blogpastor site. Yes, I remember you. And yes, I am blogging some. Incidentally, I just was visiting your website. It’s now even more seminal than the last time I saw it! I’ve decided to put your site on my own perichorus blogroll ( ). The reason being is that it seems to symbolically parallel many of the themes and concerns which perichorus is evolving towards, or touching on.

    Blessings to you


  2. Honestly speaking, I think it’s God’s grace that brought me to your website. As I read through your posts, I cannot not stop nodding my head in agreement to what you have written about what Christians need to do as I have been researching on progressive, liberal churches and denominations in the US. Praying for the day where we have churches that are less legalistic and more progressive.

    Would dearly wish that we can have conversations of this sort in the future. Life as a moderate, progressive Christian (ok, despite not liking labels myself but this is really the best that I can describe my beliefs) can be tough especially with so much of shouting and condemnation done by the Christian community.

  3. Hi, surprised to see you write ‘finding heaven here on earth’. Like the song says ‘heaven is in my heart’..and Jesus said you may have life and have it to the full. I believe we can have that right on earth, though personally I am not there yet..still seeking, still changing under the grace and mercy of our God.

    I am amazed at your journalling, how you put your thoughts down…though I may not fully understand everything you have written. Out of all these thoughts and words, may you find God. He may never answer every of our question, He will not. It is by faith we put our trust in Him…By the fruits of our life we will know if we are on the right track. Never give up seeking. Our hope is in GOd. He says we can approach his throne of grace with confidence in our times of need, even it it meant problems and sufferings in this world. All the best!

  4. Hi Brother

    My aunt is down with cancer and I dearly want to bring her to Pastor Henry Yeo’s healing service. She is not a believer and has tons of doubt….should I ?

  5. Hi
    I have been reading your blogs for quite some time. I have been very blessed by them . I have just been to a conference here in NZ at which Bill and Beni Johnson were the speakers. WOW I was so blessed. Just to let you know it was because of what I read on your blog that I actually thought about going. I had not really heard much about the Johnsons till I read it on your site. Same for Curry Blake. Have downloaded his teachings from your link. Thanks !
    Grace and peace be multiplied to you.

  6. Hi,
    I have been reading your material for the last one month and have to say, it’s been a blessing. keep it up.
    I’d be interested in your thoughts on spiritual covering.


  7. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your comment. I can’t say I’ve studied a lot on spiritual covering so I’m not the best person to comment. But my position at the moment is that the concept is not biblical and lots of abuse have resulted because of it. There are many articles on the internet that deal with this topic – for example, this one: Uncovering the Covering Doctrine.

  8. Hi,

    I have read some of your posts and understand where you are coming from.

    While there are many doctrinal differences and interpretations of the scriptures i the church, I challenge you to read (if you have not) Chuck Missler’s book : The Kingdom, The Power and Glory”.

    Chuck runs the Koinoinia House website ( and he comes across to me as a very rational (and scientific) christian but rooted in the Word. His stand on Grace is similar to many grace preachers I know, but he goes beyond grace to assert that we must stay the course to be overcomers for the future millenial kingdom of which the faithful will be appointed for a role.

    He defines salvation (all by grace) as a 3 step process whereby justification is the removal from the PENALTY of sin. Sanctification from the POWER of sin and glorification, from the PRESENCE of sin.

    You may find this book very intriguing as it challenges alot of the doctrines that we have been taught.

    God bless.


  9. Just thought you’d like to know, Pastor Joseph Prince just announced that the Lord impressed on him the New Creation will become a healing center. 10.28.2011

  10. Hi! First, I just wanted to tell you how much God has blessed me from finding your blog. It is teaching me a lot and opening my own eyes to certain areas I need work on.
    I had a question that I hope you can help me with! I have a wonderful sister in Christ who is a Cessationalist. We have been discussing hearing God’s voice, seeing miracles, and other things, where she has been very critical about the charismatic movement.. but God has been pursuing her own heart very much these past months as to where she has been quite open to what I have to tell her. The biggest issue she has is finding out how we discern whether or not a ‘voice’ we hear is the Lord’s, our own, or something else. What are some key things you think I can consider telling her; and, if you have verses, that would be really helpful! I would like to know if there are some things I can meditate on pertaining to this, so that when I continue chatting with her I can be a blessing in explaining with more clarity on these topics! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and putting your thoughts in this blog! Be blessed, brother!

    1. Hi Gaolee,

      Thanks for your kind comments. Regarding the issue of God’s voice and discerning it, I think there are no hard and fast rules. I’m still learning about this issue myself. I understand your friend’s concern – even as a charismatic myself, I have a lot of concerns too and am generally cautious. Just because someone said God told them this or that doesn’t mean I’ll believe it. The charismatic world has seen too much abuse. The solution is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but to be open but cautious.

      I think very often there are very clear cases that God has spoken through someone. On the other hand, we see a lot of people speaking in God’s name when God probably has not spoken. If I were to try and convince a skeptic that God still speaks, the first thing I’d say is that I understand where he/she is coming from because I myself know that there’s been a lot of abuse in the charismatic church. But that’s not to say it’s all bad and that God’s voice can’t be heard. On the contrary, a clear study on this issue would make one open to the fact that God still speaks today.

      There are many good academic and practical books out there. The non-charismatic church would try to make us believe that there hasn’t been “prophecies”, etc., since the Apostles’ time, but there are more and more books proving that God has always spoken throughout the history of the Church and before the Pentecostal movement came about. It’s just that these incidences of God supernaturally speaking to normal Christians down the years have been dismissed or ignored by the non-charismatic Church. Jack Deere has good book on this area. For the best practical book on hearing God’s voice, see Mark Virkler’s books. Mark Virkler’s Communion with God ministry is based around hearing God’s voice. His book on hearing God is one of the best I’ve read, if not the best. Check out his website because he has a lot of good resources like here! Hope this helps.

  11. Very encouraged with your blog and you seem to be informed with Christianity in the world today. I was hoping you or fellow bloggers might shed some light on the question; What was the Gospel that Jesus preached?
    In the 16th Chapter of Mark, Jesus appeared to the eleven and told them to go and preach the gospel to every creature…. these signs will follow them that believe…. lay hands on the sick and they shall recover..etc
    What is the message “gospel” that Jesus said to preach so I may preach the same?
    Thank you and God Bless you and your ministry.
    Love, Nat

  12. Having gone back in time to read your commentary on the AWARE saga, I would like to ask for your thoughts on the NUS Campus Crusade for Christ situation going on right now.

    This essay was written in response to the by-now notorious posters put up by NUS Campus Crusade for Christ. In the essay, however, the writer goes on to postulate that the posters are not a simple one-off mistake, but an indication that Campus Crusade (the international organisation) is seeking to use Singapore to breed extremist right-wing Christians, send them on mission trips and gain footholds in East Asian countries.

    While I was certainly disturbed by the NUS posters, I certainly do not feel that the writer of this essay has reacted in an entirely rational manner. I would be interested in reading what you have to say about this.

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  14. Hey J0nathan, I’ve read your some of your posts and found them very honest and encouraging. I only had one question though…Why is the title to your blog site still “stillhaventfound”? I’m just asking…I mean…what are you looking for. I’m asking in a joking sort of way… Please let m eknow and take care.

    1. Hi Stan,

      Thanks for your comments. Zillions of people have asked me that :) The answer can be found in the about page here. Basically, the blog title is based on the U2 song “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” and also an interpretation of it. I guess one can ask whether that is still applicable as we’ve got everything in Christ. But that was the name of my blog since the beginning and before I got my present understanding of the New Covenant and Identity message.

      While I may not have named my blog that if I had that understanding, and while I do think the emphasis should be on what we HAVE and what we’ve found in Christ, I won’t say it’s totally wrong to say that we all still haven’t found what we’re looking for. In the context of the interpretation of the song, there’s still so much we yearn to see.

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  16. Would like to connect with you. Please email me soon. I recently listened to several of Blake’s teachings and I am connected with a few folks that are mentioned here on fb. Thanks

  17. Dearly Beloved Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ from India! We are so glad to meet you through this mail. I happened to visit your website just now and so happy after reading the contents. First of all, I would like to introduce myself and my ministry: I am pastor . L.jaya prakash , Pastor of the Church serving the Lord full-time for the last over 10 years. I dedicated my life to do the ministry. Doing ministry in the midst of muslims and hindu temple area. We would like to fellowship and connect with your noble ministry. Would you please let us know your heart for our nation so that I can share more about my vision and burden of the Ministry Thank you. Amen!

    In Christ

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  18. Greetings
    Thinking of bringing a friend of mine for physical healing
    Whats the schedule there?
    Talk with you soon
    Margie P

  19. Dear Beloved Precious in Christ,
    I greet you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God has privileged me to send this email for your kind prayers and cooperation for the extension of the Kingdom of God in India. Years are passing very quickly .We know that our dear Lord’s coming is very imminent. We are seeing the signs of His advent. But still there is a lot of Gospel work to do. A number of precious souls are perishing before our eyes without knowing Jesus. Our ambition is to reach every nook and corner and promote the Gospel to every perishing soul in India. In this regard I request you to have your involvement in the way that our Lord inspires you and enables you.
    You know that India is a country of idolatry and superstitions. Indians worship more than 35 million gods and goddesses. Out of one billion Indians only 2.4% are Christians. There have been endeavors to root out Christianity from India. We sense that in the coming days the doors for Gospel work in India will be closed Christianity will not be allowed. Before that happens we wish to do as much Gospel work as we can and save as many perishing souls as we can. In this regard I request you very humbly we need your kind prayers for the Gospel work in India. If it is possible for you please visit India to share the Gospel with our people or encourage missionaries to visit India in teams to have a thunder bolt on the darkness of the enemy and lead many in the light of salvation.
    Jesus said in Mark 16:15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Our organization deals with crusades, church planting, orphanages help the aged, help the mentally retarded and the widows, health care etc. Please encourage me with your kindest reply for which God will surely reward you.

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    Sincerely in the Master’s service,
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    South India.

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