Welcome 2008!

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I’m going to restart my blog again! Yay!

I’ve decided to do away with my weekly Occasional Links entries because it just takes too much time! I’ve enjoyed the whole process of writing those entries as it keeps me really up-to-date on a lot of things I’m interested in – particularly International Development issues. But, I think I can use the time more wisely. And I’m slowly moving away (though will never do so completely) from International Development issues.

So I’ll actually have more time to write more blog entries, which I hope to do. And hopefully also writing more freely about my own life and thoughts.

2007 has been a year of transitioning for me. I’ll never let go of my previous dreams and visions, but new ones have been created. Which I’ll share a bit more on this blog.
I’ve got new year resolutions for myself, as well as expectations of what God will be doing for me and others in 2008. Hopefully, I’ll share some along the way!

I’ve been in this Christianity business for about 12 years or so and it gets more confusing and interesting every year :) It’s simply all about Jesus and the Father, and yet we hear and see all around us clear evidence of the fallenness of all of creation and its “groaning” for the new heavens and earth! Meanwhile, life goes on…

2008, here I come! I expect a wonderful 2008 – by God’s grace alone and in Christ alone!

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