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This was our first group meditation event (18th Feb 2023) where 20 people came together to meditate for 2 hours to Joe Dispenza's guided meditations ["Blessing Of The Energy Centers (BOTEC) 1" and "Tuning In To New Potentials"].

Updated: July 2024

Are you interested to join a group of people in Singapore who meet face-to-face regularly (every 1-2 weeks) to practice Joe Dispenza's Meditations together as a group? A group of us in Singapore (we have 100+ people in our group) who have been impacted by Joe Dispenza's teachings and meditations have come together for that very purpose.

Around 20 to 30 people in our group meet up every 2 weeks and meditate for 2 to 3 hours together. Here are some things that we plan to do in the future:

  • Regular discussion sessions going through Joe Dispenza's books ("Becoming Supernatural", "Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself", "You Are The Placebo", etc.)
  • Events where we will watch and discuss some of his video courses (Progressive Course, Intensive Course, The Formula, etc.)
  • Half/Full/Multi - Day(s) Meditation Retreats (in Singapore or overseas)

If you're interested to be part of this group, do click the button below or leave your contact details:

Jonathan :)

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  1. How do you square Dispenza's Gnosticism with Christianity? I found what he talked about interesting, but his views that the universe is listening and living don't line up with Biblical creation.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for your comments. That's a good question. My response would be 1) I don't have all the answers 2) I probably would not agree with 100% of what anybody says or believes or teaches, but that doesn't mean I cannot benefit from them. This would apply to Joe Dispenza as well as to say my favourite Christian Mystic teacher.

      I believe in learning from different people and traditions and yes, there will be things that may seem to be contradictory. In such cases, I would need to decide what to believe for myself. As a Christian, in everything I do, I go through Jesus Christ and I pray for Wisdom. So if there are certain things I don't agree with Joe say during a guided meditation, then internally I choose what to believe for myself as I go through the meditation.

      Having been in Evangelical churches for nearly 30 years, I know the typical Christian view is that such meditation is demonic and for the most part I don't agree with that. Also I don't think what Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches is particularly unique either in that a lot of it is from ancient wisdom – yoga, etc. It's just his packaging of it all that is unique and his own.

      As of the present moment, the way I understand it is that a lot of the practices taught by Dr. Joe are natural and common to all of humanity. As in, it's not inherently godly or demonic. It's a human "technology" that can be used for both good and evil. He brings science into a lot of his practices.

      Philip St. Romain, a Roman Catholic spiritual director, has written a number of books touching on eastern forms of meditation and 2 in particular related to Kundalini (which is the energy that is often experienced during Dr. Joe Dispenza's retreats and meditation, and which many Christians would probably label as "demonic"): Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality: A Pathway to Growth and Healing and The Kundalini Process: A Christian Perspective.

      The above view is of course not common among Christians, but then again, a lot of things I believe are not very accepted in most of Evangelical Christianity :) I am much more open than most Christians and I believe there's something to learn from every tradition and I am also aware of the limitations of my understanding of the world and how things work and so I tend not to be too dogmatic or overly confident in my evaluation and judgement of things. As a Christian, most importantly, I go through Jesus Christ and I am responsible to God ultimately so I pray for Wisdom and always seek Him.

      To me, Dr. Joe Dispenza is by no means perfect (and I'm quite sure he's still learning a lot of things) but there's a lot to be thankful of with regard to his teachings and meditations. It has indeed blessed and helped many people.

  2. Have been very interested in Joe D teaching I have been following his talks
    But have been doing meditation for a long time
    So would be very happy to join ??

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