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Prosperity is how much of a blessing are you to someone else. That’s the way that God evaluates it. (The Unjust Steward, Andrew Wommack, 40:38 onwards)

When you get to where the priority on your finances isn’t for you, but rather it’s to bless someone else, then God will assume the liability of taking care of you. And when God takes care of you, he will take care of you better than you would ever take care of yourself. (The Unjust Steward, Andrew Wommack, 53:44 onwards)

Go back to Ephesians 4:28. It says let him that stole steal no more. But rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing that is good, that he may have to give to him that needs. The reason for your working should be to have to give to him that needs. (The Unjust Steward, Andrew Wommack, 41:39 onwards)

I recently finished Andrew Wommack’s series on Financial Stewardship. Wommack is from the Word of Faith (aka Health and Wealth, Prosperity Gospel) movement but his views on money are amazingly refreshing. This movement has been heavily criticized (and I’d have to say most of the time probably rightly so) for focusing excessively on money and material things, and thus promoting or encouraging greed in its adherents.

I do believe strongly in God wanting to prosper Christians. Of course, there are nuances that need to be made in regards to my previous statement. I haven’t got it all figured out yet and one day maybe I’ll get down to thinking and writing more about it. But for now, I’m unsatisfied with the view of those who say that there are no promises of prosperity for Christians. On the other hand, I’m cannot agree with the lifestyle of a lot of these prosperity preachers. There have been too many documented abuses and excesses in the movement. And yet, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing we can learn from the message of these Christians.

I believe that if every Word of Faith preacher believed (and lived out) the same things regarding how money ought to be used (stewardship) as Andrew Wommack, the movement would have so much more credibility. As I’ve said a few times on this blog, I strongly believe in “Blessed to be a blessing” and “Prosperity with a purpose”. These are slogans thrown around in the Word of Faith movement. I think they are biblical slogans. It’s just that I think very few people in the movement truly live them out, eventhough they claim to believe in them. I feel that most of the time it’s just used as a justification for asking God to bless us materially.

If one day the movement is known for how much of a blessing they are to others, then I would truly salute them. Right now, I think it’s obvious that we hear a lot more about how God wants to bless us for our own sake, rather than to bless us so that we can bless others.

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  1. i don’t know who you are, or where you come from, but i want to thank you for your view points. i thank you for your balance, and for you searching things out and not taking things at face value. i recall a group of people in acts, the bereans, who searched out things in the scriptures before accepting the gospel. i recently talked with someone who did the same about everything she heard, and while she came to different conclusions about the fl outpouring, i feel in time she will come around to see that this is of God. regardless, the Word calls you “honorable”, and i do too. i also appreciate the reference to Andrew, he, in my opinion has an uncanny grasp of scripture, and a supernatural ability to teach. i was curious to hear what he thought about fl. that’s what led me to your site, (fl, and andrew were both listed on google for your site), so that question was not answered, but i’ve found someone who shares much of the same ideas i do.
    if i may comment on this particular article, tony miller once said that you are “always annointed for someone else.” (the war is over, part 2) could it be that everything that God does for us, though it may benefit us, is always for someone else. the gifts of the Spirit- for the edification of the church, blessings- to be a blessing to others, power- to be witnesses to the whole world. There is a renewed emphasis among certain believers on relationships, and i think this is timely. through these previous revivals, atleast among those whom i knew that were “into it”, everything seemed so introverted, dealing with our own “demons”. fl seems to have encountered a shift. yes, we need to deal with the things that plague us and gain victory and deliverance over those things, however, the emphasis is on going out and delivering others, to share the gospel, to take the message back in power. this has been refreshing to me. as much as it is not about us, and as it is about Him, it is also about bringing others to Him. i’ve been to fl, and it was wonderful to experience the freedom in worship and to experience the glory. i’ve got the fire as so many others have, the question is what are we going to do with it. may we never sit on it.
    well, thats the view from here. again, i thank you,

  2. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for your kind words. I would definitely also be keen to hear what Andrew thinks of Florida since he claims to have the gift of discernment. Let me know if you find anything! Cheers brother!

  3. thank you for this open discussion. I have just finshed reading AW book ‘Youve Got it ‘ which has led me to start searching out others views on this as it has challenged me after 30+ years as a christian. Not for what I might receive but for walking in the truth . the books is focussed on Eph 1 with consequences for my world view who we are in Christ and how i pray. I found his comments on fasting very convincing. It challenged me most on the intimidation of the reality of the physical rather than the reality of the unseen and the beguiling nature of the tangible, rational. May be creation is groaning and waiting for the sons of God to come into their full inheritance of their salvation. I know my comments are not very cohesive but just a littel excited to find somewhere I might be able to discuss further with as my drive is for Godly understanding but i am roused by Aw view of scripture as it seems to challenge complacency that seems so prevalent in the church even the lively ones.
    The whole concept of making spiritual reality manifested in the physical .

    I think i have to work more on this subject with the Lord as I feel a hunger to have the eyes of my heart enlightened that I may not impede anything the Lord may want me to do through unbelief or ignorance or through deceit.

    I too would be interested in AWs view on Florida


  4. i would just like to say that i believe Andrew makes God proud. He has no hypocracy in him, takes no thought to be a people pleaser, just loves people with the agape love God gave him. Refuses to be swayed or intimidated by people or circumstances if they conradict the Word.

    If only we all esteemed God and His Word more than anything, one or cicumstance we would all be walking in the will of God, the supernatural would be natural, we would be a constant source of blessing to everyone. We would lack no good thing. Is this not the will of God for all of us who believe, is this not what the blood of Christ purchased for all?

  5. i find AW to be an excellent teacher,because for a long time i only looked at things from mans point of view.now through his teaching i see how to relate to GOD(GOD to man) .
    i receive with much more knowledge of truth now.

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