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I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well. (Henry David Thoreau)

I’ve been writing about my life since around 1996. That was at a time when blogs had not yet gained prominence. It’s a good practice I’ve managed to keep up with till today and this autobiography serves as a good remainder of all that I’ve gone through.

Below are links of all the my Life entries, which can also be accessed from the drop down menus above. These entries are mostly descriptive, though with occasional reflections thrown in. The more reflective posts (about ideas, my ideals and my beliefs) can be found in the Thoughts section.

You can access my Life In One Paragraph or Favorites or any of the dated entries below:

1979 – 1994:
1) Early roots of Anglican influences and Infant Baptism

2) Touched by Pentecostalism/Charismatism

1) The making of a full-fledged Charismatic
2) Tongues and the Baptism of the Spirit?
3) Rodney Howard-Browne : Revival is here!

1) A view into the history of the Church
2) Enlightened by Reformed Theology
3) Disappointment with Charismatism

1) From a Pentecostal Church to a conservative Reformed Presbyterian Church

2) The learning continues – Reformation magazines and articles
3) Charismatic abuses and hurts
4) From a Reformed Presbyterian Church to nowhere
5) The start of Reformed-Charismatic Email Discussion List

01/01/98 – 07/11/98:
1) Settling down in a Church

2) First encounters with PDI (now Sovereign Grace Ministries)
3) The Cross and Biblical Theology
4) Don Dunkerley comes to Singapore

08/11/98 – 17/01/99:
1) Stay with the Koller family

2) 1998 PDI Small Group Leaders Conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland
3) Goodbyes and my long bus trip
4) Stay with Pastor Bob Vincent
5) Stay with Don Dunkerley
6) Short Stay at Los Angeles
7) Contiki Tour along the West Coast of the USA
8) San Francisco, Oh, San Francisco!
9) beggarsgalore@union.square
10) Bill Wilson, Beggars and being in the ‘Center of Urgency’
11) Vancouver, Seattle, Whistler and my first White Christmas!
12) A Church ministering to the homeless
13) Toronto and the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

18/01/99 – 26/02/02:
1) From one Presbyterian Church to another

2) Serving in the youth ministry and eventually leaving the Church
3) My Polytechnic Studies
4) National Slavery

27/02/02 – 04/08/03:
University Studies in Australia

05/08/03 – 05/12/03:
1) My love for Colombia and Latin America

2) General Life in Bogotá
3) Teaching English in Bogotá, Colombia (6th August – 5th September)
4) Studying Spanish
5) Street ministry with Korean pastor
6) Street encounters with the poor and the meaning of grace
7) Misíon Charismata Internacional
8) Occasional English teaching
9) Paid Spanish Conversation with a friend
10) Soccer match
11) Touristy places I visited
12) Close call with the FARC!
13) Safety on the streets
14) Decision to leave Colombia
15) Trip back to Singapore and an encounter with a gay

06/12/03 – 31/08/04:
1) Marathon in Singapore

2) Decision to stop my Spanish learning and not go back to Colombia
3) Trip to Spain (5th May – 11th June)
4) Social Entrepreneurship

01/09/04 – 18/05/05:
1) Life in Canada

2) New York City!
3) Trip back to Singapore on SIA

19/05/05 – 03/03/07:
1) Doing non-profit conferences the for-profit way
2) Social Entrepreneurship again – and financial advising
3) Visiting the Maela Karen Refugee Camp in Thailand
4) The International Development youth activism scene in Singapore grows
5) The search for a job
6) Working on a charity project
7) My friend Rama…

04/03/07 – 30/11/07:
1) Working in Perth

2) TESOL (Teaching English) and Missions
3) Taking my CELTA Certificate

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