Join A Mystical Christian (Christian Mystic) Community In Singapore (And Around The World Through Zoom)

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26/11/22 - WOW Life Church Cell Monthly Meetup (Singapore)

25/12/22 - WOW Life Church Cell Christmas Day Celebration (Singapore)

26/12/22 - WOW Life Church Cell Boxing Day Celebration (Singapore)

We are all true Christian Mystics. Do you not see ? Angels ? floating above each one of us in the above pictures? If not, come join us and your eyes will open! ? 

On a more serious note: If you're reading this late 2023, I have gotten to know a number of other Mystical Christian groups in Singapore that are awesome and meet Face-To-Face. Leave a Comment below or a message in the Contact Form below so we can be in touch and I'd love to introduce you to these groups if you're looking for a Mystical Christian community in Singapore.

Hi, my name is Jonathan and and if you've read my journey into Mystical Christianity / Christian Mysticism (Mystical Christianity – The Confluence Of Many Streams Of Christianity Important To Me), you'd know that I only recently got into this "stream" of Christianity through Mike Parsons and Nancy Coen early 2022. However, I quickly got myself involved in various Mystical groups online because I didn't really know any other like-minded people in Singapore.

Read More Of My Thoughts On The "Mystical Christian" Stream:

Recently I started to get involved more in WOW Life Church (Kirby and Fiona De Lanerolle are the leaders and they are from Sri Lanka). The reason is that unlike many other Mystical groups I'm (still) part of, this one is actually a church - so there's a greater sense of community. They have different groups all around the world that meet through Zoom about twice a month at different timings.

I actually decided to get involved in this church and community for two reasons:

  1. Firstly, because I'm in Singapore, there's a group of Singaporeans that actually meet twice a month on Zoom and once a month face-to-face. And I'm definitely here for the face-to-face interaction - not a great fan of Zoom as I'm on too many Zoom communities already, so it's really the face-to-face aspect that got me excited. So if you're in Singapore, do leave a Comment below or contact me through the Contact Form below this page and let's get connected and I'll invite you to check out this group if you're interested.
  2. Secondly, Kirby is a very well respected Mystical Christian leader - who is good friends with other leaders like Nancy Coen. I love learning from various leaders and they all are great in different areas. One thing I love about Kirby is that he has a Christian Mystery School that many in his church members attend. I'm going to go through the 1st year in 2023 and I'm quite excited because it seems like a very systematic, structured and challenging program.

Do note I'm relatively new to this Mystical Christian stream, but I've gotten to know a number of people from Singapore already (though it wasn't easy finding them!) - some I knew 10 years ago or so when we were interested in Street healing (through Bill Johnson and Curry Blake's teachings). These people got involved in this Mystical stream much earlier than I did. I know that over the past 5 years or so, people like Ian Clayton, Nancy Coen, Grant Mahoney, Dr. Ogbonnaya, etc., were invited to Singapore to preach to a small group. Nancy Coen, I know, has also come to Singapore and surrounding countries a few times over the past 1-2 years.

Besides this WOW Life church group I'm involved in currently, I also know there's another group of Mystical Christians in Singapore that meet regularly. So that's exciting news.

For me, I love fellowshipping with these Christians in the group I'm part of because a lot of them have very interesting spiritual journeys, having participated in many different streams of Christianity over the past few decades to finally end up here. And so we have awesome discussions and sharings of our journeys and what we've learned. We all bring different, though similar, experiences to the table. 

If you're not based in Singapore but you'd still like to be part of a WOW Life Church cell group through zoom, you can find a group that suits your timing through this WOW Life World website. Alternatively, just leave a Comment below or drop me a message at the Contact Form below and I'll help you to get in touch with some leaders of the Zoom groups.

If you're based in Singapore and would like to find out more about the WOW Life Church cell group I'm part of - and also the other group of Mystical Christians - do also leave a Comment or Message below.

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  1. I noticed some members I have met at Watchman’s conference ( Nancy, Ian Clayton etc). I would like to join the once a month zoom if it does not clash with my other zooms. I am with Ascension network ( Nancy Coen’s) facilitated through Australian group led by Yolande every Tuesday morning and am also with GCIY ( Ian Clayton’s)on Saturdays.?

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