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I’m restarting my Occasional Links series. Hopefully, with discipline, I’ll be posting one of these every week. And I’ll limit each to around 10-15 links. Please enjoy =)

International Development:

1) Kiva is an excellent microcredit lending organization with a difference! Worth checking out and supporting. It’s really microcredit lending done the child-sponsorship way – that is, you get to choose the people you lend to, communicate with them and receive feedback on their business’ progress. And best of all, you get your money back when they’ve repaid your loan – so you can loan out more money and touch more lives/businesses! Will write more about this in future and am seriously thinking of cancelling my World Vision sponsorships to support Kiva.

2) Nicholas Kristof’s June 6 Op-Ed column in the New York Times on In Praise of the Maligned Sweatshop. My thinking has changed over the past few years on Sweatshops and Child labor as I realize things are more complex. My thoughts before here but now I pretty much agree with Kristof’s article. Will write more about this issue in future.

3) Good and balanced article on Does Globalization Help or Hurt the World’s Poor in the Scientific American.

4) What do you get when you combine two great passions of mine (Development and Soccer)? Here’s a great reading list from my favorite Development Blog – the World Bank’s Private Sector Development Blog. For some of my thoughts on Soccer and Social Justice, click here.

5) It costs £49 million to sponsor the England football team and only 60p a day to sponsor a child in the developing world – this is the message of a TV advertisement, deemed “an unfair attack on football” by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre, the body responsible for approving television adverts. Check the ad out here.

6) The winning Flash videos of the Citizens for Global Solutions’ 2006 Flash Movie Contest. Lots of awesome, cool, interesting, meaningful and cute Flash Videos on global issues!

7) Creative advertising for Development causes!

Progressive Christianity:

8) What’s wrong when churches rely on business principles.


9) Thought-provoking sharing that will challenge you…

10) A website which showcases nonprofit organizations’ videos: “Once site visitors see the compelling stories of nonprofits, DoGooderTV gives them a direct way to donate to the organization, join, volunteer or simply find out more information.”

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  1. Love the new blog… especially your “about me” section. “The journey of an idealistic global citizen in search of a better world… ”

    I love that you talk about Kiva… Its people like you that keep us going strong. Please check out our “spread the word” section…
    and if you can add a banner on the right side of your page, that would be really great.

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