Occasional Links 12

International Development:

1) Daniel Altman’s Managing Globalization blog recently featured a Q & A with one of the foremost trade economist Jagdish Bhagwati.

2) Stephen Mallaby on Migration and Development.

3) I recall how while attending a meeting in preparation for a Model United Nations Conference, the speaker told us all to buy lots of Tim Tams (Australia’s favorite chocolate biscuit) for the Conference. Why? To be used to bribe other nations to do what we want because that is reality. Here’s proof that bribery occurs frequently in the international political realm and specifically in the United Nations Security Council. Absolutely no prizes to guess which country is the biggest culprit:

On average, a non-permanent member of the council enjoys a 59 percent increase in total aid from the United States…Aid payments sharply increase in the year that a country is elected to the Security Council, remain high throughout the two-year term, and return to their earlier level almost immediately upon completion of the term.

4) Those like me who are interested in a career in International Development may find the following information useful: Working in International Development, Talk on Careers in International Development and Getting into International Development (order book, accompanying website).

5) The New York Times on Wolfowitz Corruption Drive Rattles World Bank.

Progressive Christianity:

6) Kruse Kronicle has just completed a series of blog posts on Theology and Economics which has lasted almost 7 months in total!

7) Walter Russell Mead has an interesting article on evangelicals and US foreign policy in the Foreign Affairs magazine.

8) The father holds to doctrinal certainty. The son:

Even when I speak, some of what I say is opinion and confusion and error. I’m more in a place of learning than I am in a place of certainty.

Together, both star in the story of the Father, Son and Holy Rift.

9) Emerging Church Christian Dan Kimball wonders if the Church’s recent interest in social justice is merely a passing fad. Let’s hope not.


10) May you be blessed!