Occasional Links 13

International Development:

1) World Bank has just released their World Development Report 2007. The title of the report is Development and the Next Generation and focuses on the future of young people (1.3 billion of them between 12 and 24) in the developing world.

2) The UK is withholding £50m it had pledged to the World Bank in protest at conditions it attaches to aid – see here and here. In response to this, Francis Fukuyama comments on Wolfowitz’s “zero-tolerance” attitude towards corruption in developing countries. See also comments from the ODI Blog here.

3) Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist, on why conservation laws can kill the animals they’re supposed to protect.

4) Jeffrey Sachs on how encouraging lower fertility rates promotes sustainability.

5) The Economist on doing business in Africa.

Politics & Economics:

6) Why Europe, unlike America, finds it so hard to love Israel.

7) Sabastian Mallaby on attacking inequality through tax reform.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Tyler Williams’ Top 12 Spiritually Significant U2 Songs. See also Caritas on U2’s Most Spiritual Album.

9) Tearfund’s interview with progressive Christian Jim Wallis.


10) Multiculturalism – the way to go? Some of my very preliminary thoughts on multiculturalism in Canada here.