Occasional Links 14

International Development:

1) Ethics and International Affairs Journal has two articles related to Globalization and Development: 1) Is Globalization Working? 2) Western Policies on Child Labor Abroad.

2) Global Youth Fund has a This I Believe essay project open to all young people (ages 13 to 25). These short essays ought to be about their personal philosophies and the core values and beliefs that guide them day-to-day. They’re especially interested in what the young people have to say about our world’s most critical challenges.

3) Media mogul Rupert Murdoch hopes to go “absolutely carbon neutral” across News Corp’s businesses. Basically, becoming carbon neutral involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions and “offsetting” the rest by investing in projects such as windfarms or forests that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. What can I say? Environmentalism is trendy!

4) Venezuela’s capital Caracas plans to seize golf courses and use the land for homes for the city’s poor. I like that!

5) Inspecting China’s sweatshops.

Politics & Economics:

6) Economic and Political Weekly on how the continued development of the arts and humanities is essential to achieving a wider understanding of social systems, the interlinkages these have with other systems, and the role of the individual embedded in it.

Progressive Christianity:

7) The Huffington Post on Crackpot Christianity in America: Part one, two and three.

8) The Washington Post on E.O. Wilson and his hopes that Christians would care more for God’s creation. And a review of his new book The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth. Andy Crouch writes a letter to Wilson.

9) I used to be Reformed and Calvinistic in my theological convictions. That was from around 1996 till about 2001 – during my late teens and early twenties. It was lonely then as I knew very few young Singaporeans into Reformed Theology. Now, according to this Christianity Today article, Calvinism seems to be getting more and more popular.


10) From China to America, driven by love.