Occasional Links 15

International Development:

1) Can Aid Work? Nicholas Kristof reviews some important development books that touch on this issue. The Globalisation Institute chips in with its view on the new agenda for aid effectiveness. Owen Barder gives his input. Also, an old but good article of his on what sort of conditions there should be on aid. Lastly, the BBC News view here.

2) The Financial Times writes about abuses in the Fairtrade system. The Fairtrade Foundation responds with a press statement and a briefing.

3) Check out the film Black Gold – about the 80 billion dollar global coffee industry and how coffee farmers get an unfair price.

4) When ecotourism doesn’t really work. Also: ideas on how to be an eco-savvy traveler.

Politics & Economics:

5) Why the laws of economics don’t work well with oil.

6) The New Yorker on what neuroeconomics tells us about money and the brain. More on neuroeconomics here, here and here.

Progressive Christianity:

7) Time magazine asks, “Does God Want You To Be Rich?”. Evangelical theologian Ben Witherington gives his input here.


8) Ethan Zuckerman shares how one can blog anonymously.

9) The story (YouTube, article) about Juan Mann and his free hugs campaign in Sydney, Australia.

10) How to sell sympathy.