Occasional Links 17

International Development:

1) Most of us would already have heard that the Noble Peace Prize for 2006 went to Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank, pioneers of microcredit. Here’s a good article on the impact of microcredit. While not questioning the goodness of Yunus and the Grameen Bank, The Economist – like many others – are questioning whether anti-poverty equals peace? Peter Klein of the Organizations and Markets blog is skeptical in a different way – see here and here. Walden Bello sees macro policies, rather than microcredit, as the key to development. Meanwhile, an old article by Thomas Dichter argues that microcredit has done more harm than good.

2) Atanu Dey has some good insights on India’s recent ban on child labor. I’ve never been a big fan of the banning of child labor and here he gives some good explanations why he isn’t either.

3) Daniel Altman’s Managing Globalization blog has a lengthy Q & A session with Joseph Stiglitz.

Politics & Economics:

4) Cato Unbound has a series of articles on Should Libertarians Vote Democrat? Meanwhile, Arnold Kling from TCS Daily writes about his journey From Far Left to Libertarian.

5) Edmund Phelps, recently awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics, writes about dynamic capitalism and entrepreneurship being just.

Progressive Christianity:

6) Calvin Theological Seminary (CTS) and Western Theological Seminary sponsored a debate between Libertarian Catholic Robert Sirico and Progressive Christian Ronald Sider on the topic, “Wealth and Poverty in Light of the Gospel: How Can Christians Work Together if We Disagree?” (Video, Audio). Kerux, CTS’s student newsletter, has a review here. Kruse Kronicle responds to Kerux’s review here.

7) Jim Wallis & friends’ excellent new blog God’s Politics has a great interview (part one & two) of Moby sharing honestly about his view of Christianity, life as complicated and simple living. This is the kind of Christianity I’m attracted to!


8) A beautiful and inspiring video about Team Hoyt.

9) For Singaporeans who missed this and for foreigners who want to watch a bit of Singaporean humor, here’s Hossan Leong on the Mr Brown Show.

10) Ahh, check this out girls: slimmer photos with HP digital cameras!

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  1. I love the ideas of microcredit. Like the old saying “A fish can feed a man for a day, but teaching him how to fish can feed him for life…” Much better to inject some working capital to the poors who are keen in establishing business and work their way out of poverty, rather than feeding them with basics but keeping them poor. It was really pleasing to see a documentary show about some African people were able to start their business with microcredit program and succeed with their own skills in life.


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