Occasional Links 18

International Development:

1) William Easterly debates the British Secretary of State for International Development Hilary Benn on the effectiveness of foreign aid.

2) Jeffrey Sachs argues that the Scandinavian social welfare states with high taxes and strong social safety nets trump the English-style market economics. Stationary Bandit isn’t so sure. Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution comments here.

3) More reviews of Joseph Stiglitiz’s Making Globalization Work from Financial Times, Guardian, The Independent, Open Democracy and Telegraph (which also reviews Easterly’s The White Man’s Burden).

4) A good and simple overview of the Climate Change by The Economist. The Scientific American Magazine’s September 2006 issue is dedicated to alternative technology. Its introductory article can be viewed online.

Politics & Economics:

5) Very interesting article on conversations between Left and Right.

6) Geoffrey R. Stone defines what it means to be a liberal. Responses here and here by TCS Daily.

7) How Scandanavia’s neoliberal parties came to love the welfare state.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Foreign Affairs on US evangelicals and foreign policy.

9) Are evangelicals broadening their moral agenda – moving from their twin concerns of abortion and homosexuality to include international issues like poverty, the environment and war?


10) The 10 most brilliant people in the world.