Occasional Links 2

International Development:

1) Tim Harford on Why Poor Countries Are Poor.

2) An article about a very important – yet neglected – issue of how we ought to prioritize the spending of our money in solving global problems. See also a similar Economist.com article here.

3) Two articles on organic food by The New Yorker and The Boston Globe.

4) A study says that HIV hits Africa’s rich hardest.

5) A compilation of webcasts and podcasts on Economics and Globalization by Truck and Barter.

Progressive Christianity:

6) Is the medium also the message as Marshall McLuhan maintained? If true, then changing the media or methods always changes the message. Churches thus need to be more discerning when using the power of electronic culture. Great articles here and here.

For Laughs:

7) Hilarious videos from Japan here and here.

8) Entertaining scripts of calls for technical support here.


9) An interesting article about the role of willpower in the success of one’s life – and about using it with care.

10) I just learnt what scambaiting is. Check out this amazing story of how successful scambaiting can be done.