Occasional Links 20

International Development:

1) On Climate Change, YaleGlobal has a two part series on Global Warming by Jim Hansen, one of the world’s foremost climate scientist: part 1 & part 2. An old climate change article of his in The New York Review of Books here and a recent one by Bill McKibben here.

2) A new film on how debt relief damns countries by its imposed conditionalities. See here also.

3) How (not) to write about Africa.

4) The Christian Science Monitor on how a coffee farm in Rwanda brings ethnic rivals together.

5) The New York Times on how concern for US jobs shapes where America spends her foreign aid money.

Politics & Economics:

6) An old article on economic fundamentalism. Still very much relevant today!

7) All the Economics You Need to Know in One Lesson by Michael D. Yates.

Progressive Christianity:

8) George G. Hunter III on Democrats and evangelicals.

9) Newsweek on the war between the religious right and believers who want to go broader. And on what impact the religious right has actually had on public policy.


10) Dove’s Evolution Commercial.