Occasional Links 26

International Development:

1) Daniel Altman’s Managing Globalization blog’s Q & A session with the pro-globalization trade economist Jagdish Bhagwati.

2) The Reality of Aid Reports analyze, comment and advocate key messages relating to the performance of aid donors from a unique perspective of civil society in both donor and recipient developing countries. Check out The Reality of Aid Reports 2006 here.

3) Can you really change the world just by buying certain foods?

4) The “Next Big Thing” for Global Business.

5) The Dark Side of Development Aid.

Politics & Economics:

6) American foreign policy will never be wholly realist or idealist – and that’s a good thing.

7) What we learn when we learn economics.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Books & Culture on Christian materialism.


9) TIME magazine’s best photos of 2006.

10) The 10 most bizarre people on earth.