Occasional Links 27 (My Top 10 Blogs of 2006)

The year’s come to an end. I’ve been blogging for 7 months. I try as much as possible to write my own thoughts in my blog entries. However, if I don’t have time decide not to make time, I do at least have a weekly list of links to articles and writings that interest me. Quite regularly too I post quotes that resonate in one way or another with my thinking. However, for those who’d like to read more of my own writings and thoughts, you can always click on my Thoughts & Life section, which contains about 10 years of my writings. For now, I’ll leave you with my top 10 favorite blogs of 2006:


  • Political Theory Daily Review – Though not really a blog, this is easily my most visited site in 2006. Incredible amounts of excellent links updated daily that deal with Politics, Economics, Development, Philosophy, etc.
  • SciAm Observations – Opinions, arguments and analyses from the editors of Scientific American
  • Crooked Timber – Great posts about everything interesting (to me, at least!).

International Development:

  • Pienso – Probably the best blog on International Development around. This person also shares an interest in Spanish and Latin America. Whoever you are, keep up the excellent work!


  • Marginal Revolution – About economics and everything else. Probably the most popular economics blog.


  • Savage Minds – Dedicated to bringing Anthropology to a wider audience. Anthropology fascinates me.


  • Jesus Creed – This is one of the most thought-provoking Christian blogs. The blogger, Scot McKnight, is a writer and theologian very sympathetic to the Emerging Church movement.


  • Houtlust – An amazing source of advertisements and campaigns related to social activism.