Occasional Links 29

International Development:

1) The Los Angeles Times investigative reports on contradictions at the Gates Foundation: a) Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation b) Money Clashes with mission.

2) Check out the website of the latest book linking development and business: Make Poverty Business. SocialFunds.com has a review of the book.

3) Owen Barder tackles the difficult question of whether we should buy food from poor countries, which eventhough it helps farmers, also damages the environment.

4) Trade economist Jagdish Bhagwati argues it’s technology, not globalization, which is driving wages down.

5) The Centre for Global Development blog wonders why global development is good PR for celebrities but bad PR for politicians.

Politics & Economics:

6) Are our political stances a product solely of reason? Or also of our personality, education and fear of death?

7) Democracy journal on Corporate Social Irresponsibility.

Progressive Christianity:

8) N.T. Wright on presenting the gospel in a postmodern world.

9) An advertisement for a U2Charist in Auckland.


10) Studying online at M.I.T. for free.