Occasional Links 31

International Development:

1) Spiegel Magazine on the World Bank and its track record of saving the world.

2) Do carbon offsets live up to their promise?

3) Do eco-friendly and socially responsible practices actually help a company’s bottom line? See also Knowledge@Wharton on Corporate Philanthropy inspires trust: does it also prompt higher profits?

4) Is socially responsible investing a sham?

5) In keeping with the BOP principle in development, Chanel develops durable, low-cost perfume for Third World. ;)

Politics & Economics:

6) Former left-wing author (turned dunno what!) Christopher Hitchens reviews What’s Left: How the Liberals Lost Their Way, a new book by Euston Manifesto signatory Nick Cohen on the failings of the modern left. The American Spectator reviews it here. Update: Tyee Books’ review here.

Progressive Christianity:

7) Evangelical: Can the ‘E-word’ be saved?

8) The Religious Left Speaking Nonsense to Power.


9) PopMatters on homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

10) Psychology Today on Love’s Loopy Logic.