Occasional Links 33

International Development:

1) Worldpress.org on Africa’s Development in 2007: 10 Major Challenges.

2) The Walrus Magazine on Stars Above Africa and The Conspiracy against Africa.

3) Globalisation: emancipating or reinforcing?

4) Spiegel Magazine: World Social Forum looks for a business plan.

5) Owen Barder on whether Democrats or Republicans are better for the world’s poor.

Politics & Economics:

6) More reviews of Nick Cohen’s What’s Left: How the Liberals Lost Their Way here (Guardian book review), here (Guardian blog), here (The Independent) and here (spiked).

7) How rich people control politics and inequality distorts the democratic process.

Progressive Christianity:

8) The rise of America’s Christian Left.

9) The rise of Canada’s Christian Right.


10) The future of multiculturalism.

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