Occasional Links 36

International Development:

1) Fairtrade is booming – but is it still a fair deal?

2) The validity of the concept of food miles.

3) How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic?

4) Foreign Policy: Why the World Isn’t Flat.

5) Spiegal Magazine: Does Communism Work After All?

Politics & Economics:

6) Prospect Magazine asks 100 writers and thinkers the following question: Left and right defined the 20th century. What’s next? Read their pessimistic responses.

7) RenewAmerica: The rise of conservatism and the decline of liberalism.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Progressive Christians: beware of the Constantinianism of the Left.

9) Dear Bible-Thumping, Fundamentalist Hypocrite.


10) People are inspired by those who make us feel bad about ourselves! See also here.

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  1. No, communism doesn’t work. What you have in China is National Socialism. That seems to work much better than communism ever did. The Chineses are able to carry this NS thing off very well.

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