Occasional Links 37

International Development:

1) Bono & Co’s Red campaign spends up to $100 million on marketing, while reaping only $18 million, so claims Advertising Age. A response in The Independent here. If shopping is not the solution to the world’s poverty, then maybe this is: Buy (Less). Give More.

2) Who should foot the bill on Climate Change: Rich or poor countries?

3) Radar on Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.

Politics & Economics:

4) Twenty Myths about Markets.

5) The Post-Autistic Economics Review on the endogenous growth theory.

6) Responses to Paul Krugman on Milton Friedman.

Progressive Christianity:

7) In ages past, radical Christians sought to follow Christ in a whole-hearted and vividly countercultural way. Now, we have the new monasticism.

8) Jim Wallis thinks the Religious Right’s era is over.

9) Evangelical’s work in Africa criticized.


10) How to become vegetarian – and help save the environment – in six easy steps.