Occasional Links 39

International Development:

1) Newsweek on famine insurance.

2) Globalization and Child Labor: The Cause Can Also be a Cure

3) John Lanchester reviews 5 books and reports on climate change in the London Review of Books.

4) Three obstacles to doing anything about climate change.

Politics & Economics:

5) Dinesh D’Souza on what’s wrong with the Right: part I, II, III & IV.

6) Corporate social responsibility works, and progressives shouldn’t abandon it.

7) The American welfare state is bigger than you think, and more unfair than you’d want.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Jars of Clay has little praise for Christian rock norms or Bush.

9) Pentecostal Church lures Latin Americans away from Catholicism – through modern marketing, prosperity and exorcisms.


10) The Seinfeld principle for advertising.