Occasional Links 41

International Development:

1) The New Yorker on Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank.

2) Critics put trendy poverty lenders (microcredit) to the test, and find they’re neither a real business nor a real help.

3) Aid donors have shown microfinance can work. They should now leave their successes behind.

4) Selling Walmart to liberals.

5) Time magazine’s Global Warming Survival Guide.

Politics & Economics:

6) Humiliation doesn’t explain terrorism; the spread of Political Islam does. So says Daniel Johnah Goldhagen in response to Peter Bergen’s and Michael Lind’s article.

7) Tim Harford on the Achievement Gap.

8) Why economists can’t see the economy.

Progressive Christianity:

9) Bono: Rock star as theologian.


10) Genocide Conundrum: People Sympathize With Individuals in Trouble More Than Large Groups.