Occasional Links 43

International Development:

1) Foreign Affairs: How Biofuels Could Starve the Poor. See also Biofuels: Promise or Peril?

2) Jeffrey Sachs gives the Reith Lectures. Some responses: Jeffrey Sachs is wrong once again (The Independent) and Sachs sucks (Spiked).

3) Globalization: A Panacea for World Economic Development?

4) The establishment rethinks Globalization.

5) Economic development can take place before the rule of law.

Politics & Economics:

6) Time: How the Right went wrong.

7) Radical Middle: Are the best conservative thinkers becoming radical middle?

8) CounterPunch: The Billionaires and how they made it.

Progressive Christianity:

9) Christianity Today: Living with Islamists.


10) Psychology Today: Has the quest to find the perfect soul mate done more harm than good?