Occasional Links 46

International Development:

1) How the partnership between policy-makers and development specialists can endanger the latter’s intellectual independence and increase the risk of bad outcomes.

2) ZNet‘s Global Warming debate between Alexander Cockburn and George Monbiot.

3) The New York Times: Carbon-Neutral is Hip, but is it Green?

4) Eventhough the World Bank is in desperate trouble, it is still the best institution to address international challenges such as climate change.

5) Gristmill: Is your little world big enough to sustain you indefinitely?

Politics & Economics:

6) The New Yorker: Where is Barack Obama coming from?

7) Dissent: Is Socialism Liberal?

Progressive Christianity:

8) The New York Times: A Candidate, His Minister and the Search for Faith.

9) Tony Campolo: The institutional church is for every believer.


10) Peter Singer on why making people happier should be part of the role of government.