Occasional Links 48

International Development:

1) Peter Bauer: Blazing the Trail of Development.

2) Winners of the Development Marketplace 2007.

3) A review of Giles Bolton’s Poor Story: An Insider Uncovers How Globalization and Good Intentions Have Failed the World’s Poor.

4) A bit belated, but here’s Daniel Altman’s Managing Globalization blog’s Q & A with Jeffrey Sachs. Also check out the blog’s latest Q & A entry with Zhang Rongde, a chinese migrant worker with a “ground-level view of globalization and the side effects of China’s rapid economic growth.”

5) Diverse groups of globalization critics need to work together if they want to achieve long-term goals.

Politics & Economics:

6) Washington diary: Land of ideas.

7) The deepening of Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution: why most people don’t get it.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Shane Claiborne: Finding the Simple Way.

9) Christianity Today: Evangelical social reform is a many-splendored thing.


10) Is stripping a feminist act?