Occasional Links 49

International Development:

1) NewScientist: 26 most common climate change myths and misconceptions.

2) Saving globalization from itself.

3) The mysterious case of female protectionism: gender bias in attitudes towards international trade.

4) A video debunking the documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle”.

5) How business is starting to tackle climate change, and how governments need to help. See also here.

Politics & Economics:

6) Foreign Policy: 21 solutions to save the world.

7) Zygmund Bauman proposes two defining principles for the left, and argues that these principles will always need to be battled for.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson engage in a 6-part debate on “Is Christianity Good for the World?”.

9) Is There a Historical Right to the Land of Israel?


10) What exactly is Montessori education?