Occasional Links 51

International Development:

1) Los Angeles Times: Africa fooled us again.

2) The Washington Post: ONE Campaign investing US$30 million to pressure the presidential candidates to focus on the international development as a national security issue.

3) TCS Daily: Douglas North and the importance of institutions.

4) Charles Kenny: Is Africa a Failure?

5) Pascal’s Wager on the existence of human-induced Climate Change.

Politics & Economics:

6) Tony Blair on the lessons of his decade as Britain’s Prime Minister.

7) Does a stressful childhood equate to a ‘liberal’ adulthood?

Progressive Christianity:

8) The pope’s half-hearted apology to indigenous groups in the Americas shows he has a long way to go in understanding history.

9) First Things: New Theology, Old Economics.


10) Is personality a lot more malleable than previously thought?