Occasional Links 53

International Development:

1) Books & Culture: Why the World Bank is vitally needed despite its flaws.

2) International Herald Tribune: The Chinese footprint growing across Africa.

3) Financial Times: Doing well or doing good, or both?

4) New Left Review: Clive Hamilton’s critical assessment of George Monbiot’s scheme for a 90 per cent cut in carbon emissions and Monbiot’s reply.

5) Financial Times: Dinner with Tim Flannery.

Politics & Economics:

6) The Nation: For Liberal Internationalism.

7) Prospect: My Brother the bomber.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Christianity Today: Seeker Unfriendly.

9) Evotional.com: 10 Thoughts on Vulnerability in Ministry.


10) The Huffington Post: Richard Rorty and the Riches of Progressive Argument.