Occasional Links 54

International Development:

1) Ha-Joon Chang on infant industry protection for developing countries.

2) Lots of good stuff at Financial TimesCorporate Citizenship and Philanthropy report.

3) The American: Hernando De Soto for Chief Economist.

4) Niall Ferguson on Africa: Its Own Worst Enemy.

5) More on George Monbiot’s book on Climate Change – Heathere and here.

Politics & Economics:

6) In much of the world, conservatives clamor for subsidies while liberals fight big government. In the United States, it’s the other way round. See here also for hybrid conservatism.

7) ‘Housing first‘, a radical new approach to ending chronic homelessness, is gaining ground in Boston.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Christianity Today: Have you prayed for bin Laden today?

9) Commonweal: Homosexuality & the Church: Two Views.


10) Psychology Today: Ten politically incorrect truths about human nature.