Occasional Links 55

International Development:

1) Poor Bono, they’re all against him: Covering Africa Through Celebrities by Julie Hollar, What Bono doesn’t say about Africa by William Easterly and Africans to Bono: ‘For God’s sake please stop!’ by Jennifer Brea.

2) William Easterly is at it again in The Ideology of Development. Easterly’s favorite target Jeffrey Sachs, however, agrees with Easterly that ideology isn’t the answer in How I’d fix the World Bank. Dani Rodrik responds to Easterly, characterizing his arguments as “too rhetorical and counterproductive at times”, which I fully agree. Check out another good post by Rodrik here.

3) Stanford Social Innovation Review: Microfinance Misses Its Mark. See also Not Another Cure-All Pill for Poverty.

4) The Economist on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) here, here and here.

5) Times Online review of The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier.

Politics & Economics:

6) Foreign Affairs: A New Deal for Globalization.

7) Project Syndicate: The Three Swedish Models.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Reason Magazine on The Aquarians and the Evangelicals: How left-wing hippies and right-wing fundamentalists created a libertarian America.

9) Christianity Today: Africa’s rapid embrace of prosperity Pentecostalism provokes concern – and hope. See also First Church of Prosperidad.


10) The 6 myths of creativity.