Occasional Links 56

International Development:

1) Emily Oster’s TED 2007 presentation on Everything we know about AIDS in Africa is wrong.

2) Paul Collier, author of The Bottom Billion, on Poverty Reduction in Africa.

3) The Washington Post: Stop Trying To ‘Save’ Africa.

4) Harvard Business Review on Forward-Thinking Cultures.

5) The Age: James Lovelock on our sick planet.

Politics & Economics:

6) The New York Times: In Economics Departments, a Growing Will to Debate Fundamental Assumptions.

7) Michael A. Lebowitz’s 8 part video on Building It Now in Venezuela: Socialism for the 21st Century.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Boston Globe: What it means to be a Christian after George W. Bush.

9) The New York Observer: Are conservatives more authentic in their religious faith than liberals and progressives?


10) Infoshop: An Evolutionary Argument for Decentralism.