Occasional Links 59

International Development:

1) Bunker Roy on how the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) actually increase rural dependence on knowledge and skills from urban areas – at the expense of community empowerment.

2) Two articles on YaleGlobal Online about the need to recognize that there are losers in the globalization process.

3) The Economist on the UN Global Compact and how it draws corporations into the development process.

4) The American Prospect‘s review of Paul Collier’s The Bottom Billion.

5) The Economist: In praise of usury.

Politics & Economics:

6) Michael Ignatieff on Getting Iraq Wrong. A response to Ignatieff’s confession here.

7) Foreign Policy: The Olympic Games are inherently political – and it’s time we admit it.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Christianity Today: True Christian mission addresses issues of power and poverty.

9) Christianity Today: Christians have better and harder things to do than transforming the world.


10) Axess: Contrarianism has a proud intellectual heritage, but in its postmodern flowering it merely became juvenile, complacently smashing up the entire interlocking crossword puzzle of human knowledge.