Occasional Links 6

International Development:

1) Boston Review has an excellent series of articles on Making Aid Work.

2) New York Times on Fighting Poverty with $2 a Day Jobs.

3) A UNDP report encourages infant industry protection for poor Asian countries, advising them to “do what Japan and South Korea did successfully in the 1970s and ’80s: protect key industries temporarily with tariffs before exposing them to foreign competition.”

4) Hungry Man Books has published two cartoon books satirizing aspects of development. Their latest book, There you go!, can be previewed at Survival International’s website here.

5) The Earth Institute at Columbia University (directed by Jeffrey Sachs) convened the fourth biennial State of the Planet Conference on March 28 to 29 this year. The topic was Is Sustainable Development Feasible? Sessions can be seen, listened to and downloaded here and here.


6) What does it take to quench America‚Äôs mighty thirst for gasoline? See Pulitzer Prize winning Chicago Tribune correspondent Paul Salopek’s A Tank of Gas, a World of Trouble.

Progressive Christianity:

7) I absolutely agree with this article from Christianity Today by Martin Accad. The guy’s spot on. The outrage and anger is totally justified – and indeed prophetic. My belief is that so much of Christianity (so influenced by the American Christian Right) is utterly wrong on their unconditional support for Israel and apathy towards the suffering of the Arabs and Muslims. This article was on response to David Gushee’s article here. Gushee’s follow up response here and Accad’s here.

8) A New York Times article on Pastor Gregory Boyd and how Disowning Conservative Politics is Costly for Pastor. Conservative Christian leader Chuck Colson fights back here. The issue of how much Christians should get involved in politics is no doubt a complex one. I disagree with Colson who seems to see things only from the Christian Right position. Gregory has many good things to say regarding the dangers of mixing politics and Christianity. However, Christians shouldn’t shun politics totally just because Conservative politics is not biblical. I think a Christian should not be afraid to take what’s right and biblical from both the Conservative and Liberal divide and support it. God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

9) The Southern Baptist Convention encourages abstinance. Nope, not of sex but of alcohol consumption! What can I say… Sangria, anybody?


10) Another amazing story of the power of the Net and blogging. With a bit of creativity, anything can be done, including trading one red paper clip for a house!