Occasional Links 60

International Development:

1) BusinessWeek: Stuart Hart, founder of “base of the pyramid” economics, talks about terrorism, poverty and the next big corporations. See also how “base of the pyramid” economic development theory classes are proliferating at business schools around the world.

2) Economic Affairs: Entrepreneurial Responses to Poverty and Social Conflict: The Enterprise Africa! Project, Markets, Institutions and the Millennium Development Goals and Half a Cheer for Fair Trade.

3) Newsweek: Global Warming Deniers: A Well-Funded Machine.

4) Radar: Why Eco-Hypocrisy Matters.

5) The Economist: Laboring in Chinafrica.

Politics & Economics:

6) The Washington Post: Barack Obama needed more than talent and ambition to rocket from obscure state senator to presidential contender in three years. He needed serious luck.

7) Freakonomics: The Economics of Street Charity.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Christianity Today: In wake of abductions, Korean Christians take heavy criticism.

9) Opinion Journal: Evangelicals worry about the behavior of their brethren.


10) Scientific American: Is Greed Good? & The New Psychology of Leadership.