Occasional Links 61

International Development:

1) The Economist on Latin America’s economies, Latin America’s middle class and Chile: Destitute no more.

2) Newsweek: Cornflake makers and socialists alike are pointing to green fuel for high food prices. Are they right?

3) Harvard International Review: Why AIDS is Not Threatening African Governance.

4) The Situationist: The Situation of Ethical Consumption.

5) The Economist: The poor world is getting the rich world’s diseases.

Politics & Economics:

6) The Washington Post: Barack Obama needed more than talent and ambition to rocket from obscure state senator to presidential contender in three years. He needed serious luck.

7) The Economist: Is America turning left? and The American right.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Christianity Today: It’s emptiness, not fullness, that Jesus blesses and Sometimes the most loving prayers are not all that nice.

9) The Toronto Star: Is the Christian right withering?


10) Adbusters: São Paulo: A City Without Ads. More pictures of São Paulo here.