Occasional Links 62

International Development:

1) Harvard Business Review: Beware of Bad Microcredit.

2) The Wall Street Journal: A farewell to Alms. See a response to Arvind Subramanian’s article here at the Centre for Global Development’s (CGD) blog.

3) Reuters AlertNet: Are gap-year do-gooders wasting their time?

4) Dissent: Globalization’s Mad Scientist: On Joseph Stiglitz.

5) Francis Fukuyama on how big business will pacify the clash of cultures.

Politics & Economics:

6) AlterNet: There Is No Political Center, There Are No Centrists.

7) The Guardian: How the neoliberals stitched up the wealth of nations for themselves.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Into the Wild‘s top 15 spiritually enriching U2 songs.

9) Time has an excellent article on Mother Teresa’s Crisis of Faith. Also, Scriptorium Daily has a good post on Why was Mother Teresa sad?


10) Axess: A return to positivism is the only serious way of coming to grips with the major issues of our times.