Occasional Links 67

International Development:

1) Foreign Policy: Why Climate Change Can’t Be Stopped.

2) Asia Sentinel: Slum tourism is a way for travelers to taste the exotica of squalor.

3) BusinessWeek: How basic cell phones are sparking economic hope and growth in emerging – and even non-emerging – nations.

4) Campus Progress: The Top 100 Effects of Global Warming.

5) Wired: Two Environmentalists Anger Their Brethren.

Politics & Economics:

6) Prospect: In search of British values (Part One, Part Two)

7) Reset: The dilemma of the liberal State.

Progressive Christianity:

8) Books & Culture: Theology from a prog rock band.

9) Times Online: Ever heard the one about Jesus and the good news?


10) Tikkun: Neuroscience and Fundamentalism.

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